If your TikTok “for you” page is brimming with various makeup hacks (like mine) and you’re likely to be itchy to try them. To make it easier for you to learn I’ve sifted through them to discover the techniques I (speaking as makeup artists) would employ. I’ll guide you through all the things you’ll need to master every makeup look, and also some helpful tips to apply it!

The method is to start with an appropriate shade that is pretty similar to the color of your foundation (you do not want to choose one that is too bright – it’s coming later). In the world of beauty this concealer is said as one of the top performing concealers you can purchase for a reasonable price since it provides the most coverage, without drying your skin. It simply means that you can cover any shade easily and avoid the cakey, heavy appearance.


Prepare yourself for the most sleek appearance of the moment.

Let’s face it, TikTok cosmetic hacks and tricks are raising the standard in the world of glamour. These hacks are very appealing and encourage us to be more adventurous with ideas for makeup. One of the hacks that are making waves in the beauty world storm is the concealer for the face that lifts. Yes the makeup product you’ve been using for years will do more than awakening your skin and smoothing dark circles, and concealing the mistakes you make with your mascara.

There are no more traditional upside-down triangles for fixing your eye issues because this placement of the concealer to raise the face is all you require to achieve a natural “facelift” appearance.

Dear concealer I really love you. Like many would consider concealer to be my go-to beauty product for desert islands because whether you’re looking for something that can instantly erase dark circles or have a spot that you wish to get rid of (thanks maskne) concealer is the ultimate in concealing your skin. It takes just 2 seconds to put the concealer onto your face, and the results are immediate and amazing.

It’s a hit! TikTok beauty tutorial of Megha Singh is exploding in the popular social network platform after the beauty expert demonstrated how to make an “face-lift” look applying concealer.

Pretty damn impressive.

The video was viewed millions of times over by fans who have copied the trick to recreate a facelift at home. Look at how effective it can be.

Are you looking for an innovative concealer? From products that glow and color-correcting, to ones that are made of industrial strength and lightweight There’s a concealer to suit your needs, each one designed with particular skin issues in mind. In the present, when many people are avoiding foundations that cover all of our skin for application, a good concealer could be just what you require to look and feel confident and fresh.

Social media has changed the makeup industry. We all learned to love makeup because of videos on product hauls as well as tutorials available on YouTube and, now Instagram tricks, contests, and trends are sweeping our lives. It’s all about the fox-eye trend and the emoji challenge as well as the cheek hack that’s been all over the internet. There’s a new trend that’s going about the city and it’s called the concealer hack that can give your face a more lifted appearance.

What’s this New Technique for concealing?

The whole thing started on Tik Tok. Megha Singh was a viral sensation for sharing a video in which she was applying concealer to give her an edgy appearance. Many are now using it onto specific areas on their faces- the outside corner of the eyes as well as along the curve that runs through the middle of your mouth as well as at the inside of their eyes. This causes a lifting effect.

If you’re looking test this method, then to put it to the test, we suggest you apply concealer, and then try this technique for one area of your face. Also, we suggest you apply the rest of your makeup in an upward angle, just as your blush and contour, as you’ll appear like an extremely chiselled diva just like you are at home!

Concealers To Purchase to test this hack

The concealer you choose must have a doe-foot applicator to allow you to create an exact line at every spot. This one is perfect for this. It’s lightweight , yet full coverage, and it actually aids in removing puffiness from your eyes.

It’s impossible to go wrong with this product as it helps reduce your pores’ appearance. It is suitable for all types of skin. It’s also available in more than 30 different shades . That’s always a plus. Make sure to apply it to the inner and outer corner of your eyes , and you’ll notice an improvement.

This is a must-have concealer, and with the reason that it’s affordable and performs like any high-end product. It’s light and easy blend, so it won’t feel heavy or cakey on the skin.

Another concealer that’s creamy and pigmented will give you an even, smooth appearance. Choose just a couple of shades lighter than your natural color and you’ll have the ability to make your face appear more youthful by using only a few simple makeup items.

If you prefer to blend concealer using an exact makeup brush this product from Lakme is an excellent choice. It is able to blend the concealer underneath your eyes as well as on any blemishes. It also helps blend your eyeshadow primer to create smoother and more natural-looking finish.


What exactly is a “Face-Lifting” Concealer Hack?

The concealer you love has always been a lifesaver but even when you think things could not get any better, the viral TikTok concealer hack in 2021 proved that. It was created by texas-based TikToker Megha Singh, this technique is simply placing the concealer over particular areas of the face, including the corner of the eyes and the an angle of the mouth to create a the appearance of a lifted look. It’s suitable for all face shape and skin tone.

However it is essential to select the correct concealer that has the right formula, and an appropriate shade for the effect of a brightened look. You can achieve a smooth, wrinkle-free finish with a long-lasting and lightweight Magic Wand waterproof concealer. Avoid emphasising dark and fine lines. under-eyes.

Steps to Do The Concealer Hack To Get An instant lifted look

Step 1: Begin by selecting the concealer just a little more light in comparison to your complexion. Apply the concealer the outer edges of your eyes with a slight upwards direction, and then drag it toward your temple.

Step 2: Apply the concealer to the outer part of your lips with the same direction as for the eyes.

3. To conceal under-eye bags, apply some of the formula on the inside of your eyes, beneath the middle and on the side your nose.

Step 4: Lastly take a swipe of concealer and place it under your cheekbones.

Step 5: After the concealer has been applied on your face, grab your makeup brush or cosmetic blender to blend the concealer into an upward direction. Your face will appear immediately lifted.

Step 6: Last but not least apply a dab on the concealer with banana powder so that your concealer isn’t moving.

We did not realize that this essential makeup product can create a more tense face. Make your look glamorous by adding some blush, bold red lips and a couple of coats of Double Date Extreme Volume Mascara Duo. Voila hello, gorgeous!



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