Canada Work Permit Eligibility

Canada is one of the most technically advanced and competitive countries with a high demand for corporate workers. Owing to its booming business and start-up life, managerial positions are always in demand. Our today’s article features all you need to know to start working as a sales manager in Canada, also known by its code name NOC60010 or 0601. Sales is a rewarding and high-paying career with numerous job openings annually.

As sales is a skilled job affair, we see quite a few options of visas that we can resort to with salaries going up to 75000 CAD a year. Could the Canada employment visa be your ticket to a better life? We shall take up that question. Also, we will be delving into the topic of Canada work permit which will tell you about the courses and the nitty-gritty of the process before applying for the job. Thus, without further ado, let us jump right into our discussion of taking your career overseas.

First of all, congratulations on taking this initiative of taking your career over to one of the fastest growing tech countries, Canada. Did you know that as of e2020, a total of 25,125 Canada Work Permits have been issued? Employment in Canada is easy to get to with a longer period of stay. But, our today’s article will focus primarily on the sales manager career.

Primary Requirements

Before knowing what is needed, let us first go over the prerequisites for applying for a sales job. First things first, you have to have a bachelor’s or equivalent degree in business management or a similar field. Further, it is appreciated that the candidate has prior work experience.


Canada offers multiple programs for immigrants to secure a job on their soil. Now we shall be going over a few of those.

The Canadian Provincial Nominee Program

Under this particular program or scheme, semi-skilled or skilled workers can find a residence in some province of Canada where they are working. This program is structured in such a way that every area of Canada has its list of available jobs. To avail benefits of the PNP, one has to launch an inquiry. If immigration is granted under this, one must always be sure to stay in that province only.

Atlantic Immigration Program by Canada

Similar to our previous program, it is more province specific from the applicant’s end. This is also exclusive to skilled and semi-skilled workers. The worker must be sure about the province they want to find occupation in. But there is a catch, this program is only designed to look into the labor shortage of four provinces of Canada, namely, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador. Under this scheme, you can not only apply for a work visa for the permit of permanent residence in the country.

Canada Express Entry program

Under this program, the interested workers will first be divided into 3 groups based on their skills namely level 0, level A or level B. This program is exclusive for corporate sales workers who wish to seek a permanent address in Canada. To simplify, the express entry program is run online for the inflow of eligible candidates in Canada.

The online program is hooked to the CRS or Comprehensive ranking system. The applicants are required to fill out their details as per their age and the system awards the points in return. To increase your score, it is always advised to appear for IELTS, pursue education in Canada, apply for the PNP program, etc. A minimum of 450 in the CRA is required.

Although these are the few direct ways to attain entry, do not be discouraged. In sales-related jobs, exposure pays a long way, and taking up a job in a Canadian MNC can help you put it in your application, giving you brownie points. Another important tip is to run your background check. Nothing beats thorough research, so never skimp on it. Know where and under whom you aspire to work. For this step, you can get the help of consultant firms.

This essentially concludes our word for the immigration process in Canada. Although it can be quite daunting for the average person to travel and settle in a new country, its perks are worth considering. Hence, it is best to follow rules and take the plunge. Here is to hoping our article helped you.


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