Time to shrug off the dark circles

Time to shrug off the dark circles
Time to shrug off the dark circles

You might have a case of dark circles due to sleepless nights, the stress from the exams or you just had a baby, and the exhaustion is manifesting in the form of dark crescents underneath your eyes.

Essentially, when you are sleep-deprived, your skin turns dull, which is why the blood vessels underneath the skin show in the form of dark circles.

Moreover, digital eye strain can also increase the risk of dark circles; the blood vessels enlarge in response to the strain on the eyes, thereby causing dark circles. Age also increases the risk for these pesky circles.

At times, the dark circles are due to genetic predisposition towards them. Some diseases like thyroid disease can also increase this problem. Thus, if you have been battling dark circles for far too long, despite getting enough sleep, you should seek the help of a Skin specialist in Lahore

Getting rid of the dark circles

While dark circles are not a danger to the health per se, however, they do gravely impact our appearance. Vanity is not the only reason for getting rid of the dark circles; for many of us, our livelihoods depend on looking sharp, something not possible with the dark circles hanging under our eyes.

Avoid sunlight

Sunlight is necessary for life, but it also contains radiation that damages the skin. UV Radiation also contributes towards the appearance of dark circles, as it causes hyperpigmentation.

So, make sure you apply sunscreen. Also, be sure to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from sun damage.

Cold compress

As dilated blood vessels contribute towards the appearance of dark circles, using a cold compress is helpful in this regard. The chill from the compress helps in the constriction of the blood vessels, and thus reduces the intensity of the dark color.


Your dark circles are not going anywhere unless you rest a little and catch on some much-needed sleep. Fatigue and sleeplessness will perpetuate the problem of these dark circles, and if not for the sake of your health, then at least relax to look good.

Moreover, pay attention to the way you sleep. Elevate your head so that blood does not pool underneath the eyes, making them puffy.

Some tea bags, please

Drinking tea is a good idea, but you also can benefit from the topical application of the tea bags. Green tea is rich in antioxidants that protect the skin. Moreover, tea also stimulates blood circulation around the eyes.

If you have puffy eyes as well as dark circles, a tea bag compress should be your go-to strategy. Simply soak the tea bags in water, and then allow them to cool. Then, apply to each eye for around 5 minutes. Rinse your face afterward with cold water.


Part of many spa treatments, and generally considered as something soothing and luxurious, cucumbers on the eyes are also helpful for treating dark circles.

Chilly cucumber slices help in abating the eye bags and reducing the dilation of the blood vessels. Cucumbers also contain vitamin C that is beneficial for the skin. It also helps in skin brightening. 

Moreover, cucumbers also contain silica, a compound that is required by the body for building healthy tissue.

Stop the rubbing

The impulse to rub your eyes might be great, especially when you have an allergy or flu, but you need to refrain from it. The skin around the eyes is very delicate, and the harsh act of rubbing leads to damage to the blood vessels, and consequently leads to the formation of dark circles.

Thus, try to use eye drops that you can get prescribed by a physician from oladoc.com, rather than viciously rubbing at your eyes.

 The importance of a skin care specialist

None of this is necessary, as there are treatments available for these and for any skin condition.

All you need to see is a skin care specialist and/or a plastic surgeon. Skincare specialists and plastic surgeons are trained to treat serious skin conditions such as:






Stains etc.

Even if you have already visited one or more doctors and do not see any positive results, do not give up. See more dermatologists until you get the results you are looking for. If you really want to change your look, the key is to think positively about how you want to look, appreciate what you have, and don’t give up. If your desire is big enough and you keep trying, you will finally see results.

Isn’t skincare specialist expensive?

It may cost you some money to go to a skin care specialist, but if a specialist or plastic surgeon can get those wounds or scars on your body, isn’t it worth some money? Feeling better about yourself is worth the money.

How to find the right specialist

Finding the right skincare specialist is very important, but there are many things to choose from. If you are looking for a good doctor, do not bother to turn the yellow leaves. The phonebook literally lists hundreds of dermatologists and you can’t really be sure which one is better than the next.

Once you have enough referrals go to the doctor’s website and try to get an overall feel for their practice. Find a number to call. 

How many patients has he treated for the same disease? What were the results? Once you have an idea of the specialist (s) you are interested in, you should set up a consultation where doctors will be able to evaluate your specific condition and make their recommendations for treatment.

What can a dermatologist do for you?

Your skin never stops growing, changing, or adapting. The largest organ in your body is an amazing thing, but still, it needs help. Although your skin is under constant threat both internally and externally, with a personalized home care method you can stay beautiful for life.

Just as your skin is constantly rediscovering itself, so is your field of skincare. As your world and the demands placed on you continue to change, skincare has grown to address these new challenges. Today’s experts are equipped to handle a wide range of needs including aging skin, acne, sun damage, rosacea, brown spots, unwanted hair, and leg veins.

Specialists offer a wide range of services, and often offer free advice to help you better understand what services might be most appropriate for you and what the benefits might be. To get the best treatment possible, be sure to choose a specialist who has a highly trained medical staff, state-of-the-art medical equipment, and positive feedback and experience in the community.

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