Tips for Hypertensive People
Tips for Hypertensive People

Hypertension is a condition when your blood pressure remains higher than normal. It is possible that you have high blood pressure, and it does not show any symptoms. Therefore experts refer to it as a silent killer. Sometimes you have a complaint of palpitations or headaches. Otherwise, you may not have any symptoms. If you have a complaint of high blood pressure, you must visit for more information.

 You must take your blood pressure medicines as your doctor prescribes. But along with that, certain lifestyle changes can help you keep it under control. Blood pressure, if left uncontrolled, can lead to life-threatening complications. Therefore you must monitor it frequently and keep it under control. In this article, we will discuss how you can keep your blood pressure well under control with lifestyle tips.

 No salty food

 Salt contains sodium, which can raise blood pressure. Therefore you should avoid eating salty products as they can raise it. Even if you are healthy, you must not consume more than 2300 mg of sodium or one teaspoon of salt.

 You must also limit the salt you use in cooking food. People having heart diseases or hypertension should not consume more than 1500 mg per day. When you buy something from outside, you must check the label on the product. You must know how much sodium you are consuming.

 Limit Alcohol 

Drinking too much alcohol can cause your blood pressure to shoot up. Therefore you must cut down on it. A man should not consume more than two alcoholic drinks a day, and a woman should not consume more than one drink per day.

 Keep Yourself Active

 Keeping yourself active can help in maintaining heart health. Even if you do not have any heart disease, you must keep yourself moving. If you have heart disease, you must do light exercises that keep you healthy.

Before incorporating any exercise into your routine, you must consult a doctor first. They can tell better how intense exercise you can do considering your heart health. You can start with a ten minutes workout and then increase it gradually.


 You must monitor your weight to ensure your heart health. Check your weight frequently and calculate your body mass index. Being obese and overweight can adversely affect your health. If your weight is more than desired, you must shed those extra pounds.

 Count your calories

 To maintain your weight at a healthy body mass index, you must count your calories. Do not overeat. Instead, have small frequent meals. Incorporate fruits and vegetables in your diet that are rich in antioxidants. If you go out for dining, you can get the food packed instead of finishing the whole platter.

 Quit smoking

 Smoking is injurious for heart health. It can cause the hardening of blood vessels, which can, in turn, promote cholesterol deposits. The deposit of cholesterol and plaque can cause narrowing of blood vessels leading to increased blood pressure. Therefore you must quit smoking. If you find it hard to quit smoking, you can seek professional help.

 No stress

 Stress can cause your blood pressure to go up. Therefore you must try to get rid of all those negative thoughts that lead to stress. You can also incorporate stress-relieving exercises and tips such as;

  •   Read a book
  •   Listen to calm music
  •   Do yoga and meditation

Overview of Internal Medicine Specialists

 It is frightening when something unusual is created in your body, such as a lump or rash, or when you start to feel sick for no apparent reason. Most people value their health above all else (especially if you have ever been sick before) which is why internal medicine is an important medical field that can help you prevent a developing disease or diagnose an existing condition. Getting treatment early and having regular checkups is important for your overall health and physical condition.

There are different branches of internal medicine that deal with different problems. Doctors have to go through many years (sometimes more than a decade) of specialized training to become experts on a narrowly focused subject. Many internal medicine doctors are also competent and actively practice general care, but some have become so specialized and valuable in their chosen specialty that they fly around the world to treat patients. Here are some sub-specialties and when you should see an internal medicine specialist.


You should not wait for a heart attack to go to a specialist. It is best to see a cardiologist if you experience chest pain, shortness of breath, or abnormal heartbeat. They can help find ways to prevent and fight heart disease (which is the number one killer in the United States). Another good reason to see this internal medicine specialist is if your family has a history of heart disease or similar problems. The sooner you identify a potential problem and start treatment, the more likely you are to lose your adversity.

Sleeping pills

A fairly recent branch of internal medicine, sleep medicine aims to help people get better rest and resolve disorders such as insomnia, apnea, and narcolepsy. If your sleep habits have become irregular recently (or maybe you have struggled all your life) or something very unusual is suddenly happening, such as a sleep spell, you should see a specialist. Many people try to self-medicate through drugs, both legal and illegal, which can create addiction and many other problems. It is best to meet with a professional to help you find a more stable and secure solution.


Many of us have had stomach or bowel problems before, which can be normal and go away on their own after a few days or after adjusting to a bad diet. Specialist intervention is needed if you have chronic problems, such as regular heartburn, nausea, or difficulty eating. A doctor can help you prescribe medication to reduce or completely eliminate the uncomfortable symptoms of the disease or other health problems to help you live more naturally and with higher satisfaction.

There are many more types of internal medicine specialists

Your general practitioner can give you referrals if you think you have a specific problem that can only be solved by an expert. It is important to see a professional if you are experiencing chronic or sudden. Anxious medical problems.

The term “internal medicine” is sometimes misinterpreted as referring to a physician who is an intern. They deal with some of the most difficult cases where multiple symptoms, illnesses, or diseases co-exist. Their training was aimed at the simultaneous management and treatment of various diseases. This is a difficult task and these professionals should never go wrong with a new graduate from medical school who has not completed an internship – which is called residency in medicine.


 High blood pressure, if left untreated, can lead to life-threatening complications. Therefore you must monitor it frequently and take medications on time. If your medications fail to keep it under-controlled. You must consult with your doctor and if you have hypertension, you must visit Best Internal Medicine Specialist in Islamabad.   

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