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I am a dealer, therefore I interact with collectors whose skill levels span from complete novices to full-fledged experts. Because of this, I have a very decent sense of what distinguishes true experts from those who only want to be like them. It goes without saying that experience plays a role in the equation; nevertheless, some of the finest Old Coin Buyer I’ve ever seen are very new to the game, and the majority of their expertise is based on intuition. In the interest of helping you become a better collector, I’d want to share with you some advice and thoughts that I’ve had over the years.

Take Care Not to Scattered Your Attentions

I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen this phenomenon: a novice coin collector becomes severely infected with the coin collecting bug and progresses to collecting everything in sight. You can’t criticise an eager coin collector for being excessively enthusiastic; but, this will undoubtedly be a financial drain, and it is likely to result in a collection that is a confused jumble. You can’t fault an enthusiastic coin collector for being overly enthusiastic. It is possible that your initial choice (or choices) of what you gather may alter over time; nonetheless, you should make an effort to rein in any feelings of “I must have it all” and replace them with feelings of a bit more control. Choose an affordable secondary collection (paper money, tokens, circulating Liberty Seated silver) in order to satisfy your need to make a purchase if you are unable to withstand the period of time between purchases.

Learn Everything You Can About Your Series

Those coin collectors who have chosen to concentrate in a certain series and have researched that series to the point where they know as much as they possibly can about it are the ones who have the most ability to amaze me as a viewer. This research may be carried out in a variety of ways. While some coin collectors are more interested in the history of the Old Coin Sell Whatsapp Number, others are more concerned with the availability and rarity of the coins they have in their collections. A coin collector may decide to write a book or create a website-based guide after selecting a series of coins to specialise on for which there is little existing information. In my opinion, the best way to approach the study of a series is to see the time invested as an investment that will pay out many times over.

Create a fruitful working relationship with at least one and preferably two different dealers

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a truly amazing collection that wasn’t the product of a collaborative effort between a coin collector and a dealer. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s because I haven’t seen one. If you collect Dahlonega half eagles in crusty About Uncirculated grades or varieties of Type One Liberty Head double eagles, you just aren’t going to have access to enough good coins unless you have a solid relationship with a dealer. This is especially the case if you collect Type One Liberty Head double eagles. You may certainly obtain the majority of the coins that you want on eBay or by placing blind bids at a Heritage auction; but, if I had to guess, I would say that after you are through, you would have a collection of coins that contains more flawed pieces than it does excellent ones.

Think Like a Coin Collector If You Want To Succeed As An Investor

One of the more dated platitudes attributed to Doug Winter is the following: a numismatic investor virtually never earns money, while a competent collector often does so in spite of themselves. Consider for a moment that coin investors always make the mistake of purchasing the incorrect coins at the wrong time from the incorrect individuals. Typically, they will acquire at a high price and sell at a cheap price. Collectors, on the other hand, purchase coins because they like them, keep them for an extended length of time, and often experience a satisfactory return on their “investment,” despite the fact that they did not purchase the coins with the intention of making a profit.


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