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If you’re new to the world of budget airlines, you might be tempted to pick Spirit Airlines because they’re affordable and convenient—after all, it’s super easy to fly out of their hub in Fort Lauderdale. But before making the decision to book your next flight with them, there are some things you should know about how Spirit operates, as well as what their fees and policies are regarding flying with them… Here are a few tips you should know before flying with Spirit Airlines Flight Booking.

1) Know your Options
Deciding between flying on Spirit or another airline can be a tough choice. While I’ve flown both, I will say that knowing your options for booking on other airlines is crucial. For example, in some cases it might be cheaper to book directly through an Spirit Airline Web Site and pay baggage fees at check-in than it would be to purchase from a third party online travel agency (OTA). So take some time and do some research; you might just find yourself flying for less!

2) How to Buy Spirit Airlines Tickets
If you’re looking for Spirit flights, start by checking out our Fare Details page, which will give you an overview of important information about every flight we have on sale. In addition to information about your flight time and destination, you can find a link that leads to detailed baggage information, as well as our latest Contract of Carriage. We also provide important links at all times in our Airline Schedule and fare pages that connect straight through to your booking section. For more detailed information about how to buy a ticket online or over the phone, read more here. Airport Check-in: Your boarding pass is your most important travel document, so make sure it’s up-to-date and accurate before arriving at airport check-in. To print a copy of your boarding pass ahead of time, log into Manage My Booking (logging in is required) using your email address and password.

3) What time of day should I book my flight?
The typical Spirit flight is filled to capacity, so there’s no doubt that you’ll be packed in like sardines. But, when booking your trip it may be in your best interest to fly during off-peak hours. Not only will you save money on flights, but you won’t have to deal with long lines and delayed planes. Additionally, since flights are cheaper than peak times of day, you can splurge on a larger seat or some extra leg room. If price is your top priority make sure that you book early morning or late evening flights; most of their cheap tickets are released during these time slots.

4) How do I get the best deal on Spirit Airline flights?
To get a great deal on your next flight, start planning as early as possible. Booking your flights well in advance will help you score discounts, and if you plan it right, you could snag a low-priced flight without having to travel during expensive times of year. Many airlines offer senior discounts, as well as student and military discounts that can save money on airfare. If you are traveling abroad with Spirit Airlines then be sure to check out their baggage policy; when flying domestically, it’s free for carry-on bags up to 50 lbs. Check for international policies for carry-on bags since some may have weight restrictions or add fees when flying internationally.

5) What are their Fees?
No matter what you pack, no matter how carefully you put it away in your luggage, there’s always a chance that something can get broken or stolen. To avoid being stuck without any of your necessities, take precautionary measures. For example, make sure you have at least one copy of each critical document: print out a copy of your passport and credit cards (front and back) for easy reference. The worst thing that could happen on an international flight is having your documents taken from you (that’s happened to me!). In addition, if you know you need a certain item onboard during travel—medication for instance—double check TSA regulations to ensure those items are allowed past security check-points.

6) What if I have an Emergency?
The last thing you want when traveling is an emergency situation, but these things happen. In fact, about 37 million people experience a flight delay every year. Regardless of why your plane is delayed, know that airlines and airports have mechanisms in place for helping passengers in need. Talk to a gate agent and ask what options are available in case of an emergency; they’ll give you information on how to contact medical and security personnel on site.

7) Should I buy travel insurance from Spirit Airlines?
If you’re worried about losing your travel money or possessions, a travel insurance policy may be worth it. Think of it as insurance against lost luggage or canceled flights—you’re paying for peace of mind. But there’s not much difference between policies; in general, you can expect coverage for medical expenses, stolen items and trip cancellation if your flight is delayed or canceled. Some policies also cover rental car collision and theft or even reimburse you for trip delays due to weather. Policies vary by price, length of trip and level of coverage so make sure to read over what each policy offers carefully. Generally, it makes sense to buy a policy that covers more things and has higher limits since they’re relatively cheap when compared with other travelers’ insurance options.

8) How can I keep my carry-on bag safe on board?
Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires all carry-on bags to be in a zippered or otherwise secured closed bag and not just stacked on top of each other. This is so that security can more easily search and see what is inside your bag. Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number allows one carry-on bag only, which must be no larger than 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches and have a maximum weight of 20 pounds. The same items permitted onboard but prohibited in checked bags are also prohibited for carry-ons, meaning you can’t bring them onboard in your personal bag.


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