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Whether it be an essay or a research paper, a very important factor that judges the credibility of an assignment is its sword counter. Every type of assignment has a particular word limit. It is expected that the students will hook or by crook abide by the word limit.

Now abiding by the word count does not imply that the assignment writing service has to be of the exact number of words. It is usually instructed that the assignment should be of a certain number of words close to the instructed number. Preferably not less also, it should not be way more than the given count.

Usually, a range is given in the instruction set rather than a specific number. For example, without directly mentioning that ‘write an essay of 500 words, it is said that ‘write an essay from 450 – 500 words’. In such cases, it is preferable to not write below the lower range and not very much above the upper range. It might seem all very difficult. But not anymore.All thanks to technology these days, websites and apps are available that work as word count and help you abide by the instructed word limit.

It is okay to have confusion about using such word counters. To help you with the same, below are a few tips regarding using them.

  • Finish your writing – The first thing you must do is finish all you have to write. Do not even try to count words part by part. It increases confusion. Hence it is always better to first finish writing the entire document and then check the word count via any word counter tool.
  • Include the entire document –Do not plan on skipping the heading or other introductory parts that might be insignificant. Remember that however insignificant it might be, if it is a part of the core writing, it must be included while counting the number of words.
  • Do the corrections before –Before you upload your document for word counting in any online tools, it is better that you complete the entire formatting process. It often happens that after proofreading and formatting, the word count changes. Most often, it decreases, but at times it increases as well. So, it is advisable that you first proofread and check the document and then go for word counting.
  • Take the suggestions –The word counting tools give the total number of words and give suggestions on a better choice of words. It is better if you take and accept these suggestions and implement them. It might need a few adjustments as well to fit the word count. Whichever the situation may be, taking the suggestions will undoubtedly be fruitful.
  • Follow the report –Most word counters provide you with a report stating how many words and characters you have used in the document. Also, it gives you an idea about the repeated words, the rare words or the kind of language. It will be wise to follow the report and make changes if required. This might require some adjustments in the word count later, but it will enhance the quality. Need not worry; you can make the required adjustments in the word count while using the tool itself.

These tips will help you use the word counter. It tries to give you an idea about the different features you can get hold of once you use a word counter. Most of these features come for free of cost, but certain features are only for paid users on some platforms. It is as per your convenience which among them you want to use. Never think that the free services lack in quality. There is no such thing. Certain services are kept entirely free, keeping in mind students’ affordability. Some of the paid features are for professional writers, which usually students do not need while writing academic content. You must visit numerous platforms, compare them and then choose one.

For your reference, below are mentioned few of the word counters that can be helpful for you.

5 Best Word Counters in 2022 –

  1. Word counter tool is one of the most popular word counting tools you will find online. Also, it comes for free. Not only does it count words, but it also counts for characters in a paragraph. Additionally, it provides you with benefits like calculating the writing speed and readability of the content.
  2. Translators base – It also allows you to customize what you want to count. What you have to do is just tap the button, and results will be displayed as – characters, lines, spaces, word count, etc. Though the tool is not for free, it is entirely budget-friendly.
  3. Scribendi – It is easy to use and is entirely budget-friendly. It provides additional benefits like business proofreading, academic proofreading, resume editing.
  4. Count words free – It is one of the top word count instruments that can be utilized at next to no cost. It has a few interesting features that are connected with the text counters. Without much of a stretch, you can transfer any text document in any configuration or simply reorder it to get the word count.
  5. CountOfwords – It is another best word count device that can be utilized by students, creators, educators, interpreters, etc. It is liberated from cost and can likewise be utilized for different purposes, such as linguistic exploration, making word references, separating interpretations, etc.

Summary – By now, hopefully, it is very clear that abiding by the word count is very crucial. If you fail to do so, it might affect your academic scores. Hence it is advisable to use the tools to maintain the word count. Furthermore, because the word counting tools also benefit you with certain additional features, it also helps you boost the quality of your content.

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