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We all have seen and experienced the impact of Instagram, not to mention how we spend hours scrolling through the engaging Instagram feed. Today, a brand needs to have a good Instagram presence and visibility if it wants to become successful.

Not just that, brands and event organizers have started leveraging the power of Instagram engagement by making it a part of their events. Brands organize hashtag campaigns, create event-exclusive filters, post stories, go live and even collaborate with Instagram influencers.

While every brand is cashing upon this new trend, how can you harness the power of Instagram engagement in your events? Well, allow us to introduce you to the Instagram wall that will help you to offer unforgettable event experiences to your event attendees.

But what is an Instagram Wall? Let’s find out!

What is an Instagram Wall?

Instagram Wall is a tool that enables users to collect their preferred Instagram content through hashtags, handles, stories, Reels, etc., and curate them into a feed. Once the feed gets curated, they can remove the irrelevant or unwanted content from it and create an Instagram wall display with several customization options that blend well with the event’s themes.

The Instagram wall works like the perfect event engagement tool. That’s because of the impact Instagram has had on the masses lately. With an Instagram wall for your event, you can bring that impact to your event. You get to improve your Instagram presence, boost visibility, create social proof, and boost event engagement rate like never before.

Why use an Instagram Wall?

An event, virtual, hybrid, or in-person, is an environment where people come together to socialize and network. Now, the Instagram wall help event organizers bring the element of ‘social’ to the event. It helps the event organizers to boost the engagement rate.

When attendees see a real-time Instagram wall running during the event, it entices them and instills social proof in them. It encourages the attendees to create user-generated content for your event, which helps you reach more users and boost the visibility of your event. This generates more buzz, attracts more prospects, and ensures a boost in your event ticket sales for your next event.

Not just that, you also get to highlight your event sponsors’ content and boost their visibility. You are making it a win-win in every situation.

Best tools to display Live Instagram Wall for events

Here are some of the most amazing Instagram wall tools that will help you to create unforgettable event experiences for your event audience.

1. Idukki

Idukki has to be the best Instagram Wall tool. It is a DIY platform. Brands can collect content from Instagram using a hashtag, handle, mentions, tags, stories, Reels, etc. The platform offers a 14-day free trial. Users get the moderation feature from the dashboard to filter out irrelevant or unwanted content.

They then come across the customization feature that enables brands to create an Instagram that blends well with their event’s theme, with various themes, colors, fonts, templates, and other customization options. Once you have successfully created your Instagram wall, you get to generate an easy embed code that you can use to display the Instagram wall on any event platform or format.

2. Sprinklr

Suppose you want to showcase your Instagram wall on large jumbotrons or billboards. In that case, Sprinklr Display has to be the best option  Sprinklers enable event organizers to manage content like stock prices, social media posts, etc.

3. Tintup

Tintup allows event organizers to create a custom Instagram wall for their event using the DIY Instagram wall. They offer a fully customizable Instagram wall with pricing suitable for every individual’s needs. Multiple custom feeds and branding themes enable event organizers to create their own Instagram wall that fits any event format.


Juicer is another Instagram wall provider that can seamlessly create, curate, and display an engaging Instagram wall at your even. Share your best posts with your event audience via a captivating Instagram Wall that grabs the attention of all passersby, making the Instagram wall the main attraction at your event.

Let’s call it a wrap!

The goal of this blog is to give you a better understanding of some of the tools to display live Instagram walls. We just offered you some fantastic tools to help you show the Instagram wall effortlessly at your even. While Instagram has been a gamechanger for many brands, let Instagram wall also help you create unforgettable event experiences for your event attendees.


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