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IKONIC is a web and software development firm that has an in-house development team of more than 50 individuals. This team exists for the sole purpose of achieving one aim, which is to achieve greatness by using the most innovative and cutting-edge development methods. Even though IKONIC is seven years old, the developers that are fueling the development team are all seasoned pros.

Web development with PHP development and Laravel development are two of their specialties in the development field. Even though the majority of their work focuses on the greatest webmasters headquartered in the United States, the development of their geographic reach is one of their primary goals.

In addition, IKONIC has assembled a team of engineers that specialize in WordPress, Shopify, and Node.js in order to guarantee full-stack web and software development. Additionally, the full-stack creation of apps and software solutions for corporations and businesses is one of their key areas of concentration.

2- Belitsoft:

Belitsoft was founded in 2004, giving it a solid candidate for a spot among the top ten Laravel development companies. Customers in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and Israel may rely on the company. This clientele varies in size from small businesses to large multinationals with thousands of employees.

Since being one of the top 10 Laravel Development Companies, Belitsoft has been providing full-cycle PHP web development (planning, designing, building, testing, and administering user-friendly web applications) as well as Laravel web application development. Their professional team has mastered the Laravel Framework, allowing them to create high-performance and secure web applications customized to your company’s goals, as well as multi-functional websites.

This premier Laravel Development Company can uncover the most efficient strategies to reduce the amount of time required to program in Laravel for your project and supply you with the most cost-effective solution. Belitsoft’s services include web design, front-end, and back-end services, Laravel programmers, and Laravel framework web development.


Resourcifi has established itself as a premier Laravel development business for 2020–2021, with a Clutch score of 4.7 out of 5. Resourcifi has continually given its clients high-quality web apps via its design, development, and delivery processes since its founding in 2009. Resourcifi’s workforce is diverse, and its developers have expertise in designing web applications for a variety of industries, including banking, education, healthcare, and the automotive industry.

Resourcifi has aided hundreds of clients with their one-of-a-kind needs for the construction of bespoke Laravel web apps during the course of its existence, and they have more than two hundred and twenty talented in-house developers with expertise ranging from six to eight years. When you engage with Resourcifi, one of the top ten organizations that specializes in the building of apps using the Laravel framework, you have the choice of hiring Laravel developers on a full-time or part-time basis.

Resourcifi’s Laravel development team is constantly one step ahead of the competition, fully capable of using the most current features and functionalities of the Laravel framework to the benefit of the company’s clients.

4- Light it:

Light-it, a renowned Laravel development studio, has been in business for over five years and specializes in Laravel. This Laravel development company constantly stands out and is willing to give choices for customized web app development to brands and enterprises. They are always eager to provide these services, regardless of the size of their firm.

They have previously given specific Laravel web applications that they created for their clients, and some of their most noteworthy customers include Best Buy, Dlocal, and the World Trade Center.

Light-it, one of the top 10 Laravel development firms, has a web development staff that is well-versed in the Laravel framework. Furthermore, Light-web it’s development team has hands-on knowledge and competence in the process of developing unique business solutions for their clients.


STRV’s designers and developers understand that cooperation is the most vital part of any project. If you’re looking for the top Laravel developers, STRV could be the only place to look. STRV, one of the top ten Laravel development companies, has a dedicated staff of Laravel web developers and a vision for the company’s technical future.

STRV has been in business for over 16 years, during which time they have created a wide range of products and extended their operations to many locations. Because STRV has a vast series of noteworthy clients, their position in our list of the top 10 Laravel development businesses is undoubtedly warranted. STRV is a full-service development partner for emerging enterprises such as Startups. They use the “partner-partner” business model, in which they value each product depending on how useful it is to their clients.

6- Indefinite:

Perpetual is one of the most prolific and successful of the top ten Laravel development companies. The corporation’s headquarters are in the city of New York. They have been in this business for about seven years, and some of their clients include Elle and Unpakt.

Perpetual’s People-First philosophy allows the organization to successfully design solutions for its clients while keeping the end-user in mind. This is one of the top ten Laravel development firms. Perpetual’s services are always under pressure to use the most cutting-edge Laravel web development approaches the industry has to offer.

Perpetual, one of the top ten organizations specializing in Laravel development, has a Laravel web development team comprised of skilled employees committed to offering dependable IT solutions. They are also heavily engaged in the development of the Laravel framework and are skilled at converting models into products.

7- Gorilla Logic:

Gorilla Logic, headquartered in Broomfield, is an industry-leading web development business. The organization is well-known for offering timely, trustworthy, and efficient web application development services to consumers on several continents.

They have created a large number of products using Laravel over the years, and it is reasonable to presume that their Laravel development team is capable of creating robust web applications for its clients. Gorilla Logic’s Laravel development team is extremely skilled and experienced in creating high-quality web solutions for its clients.

8- Hans Christian Andersen:

Andersen is a truly worldwide end-to-end software development company with operations in a variety of locations, including the United States of America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and Australia. Although it serves a wide range of industries, its core concentration is on the development of software for the medical industry. In addition, the organization offers a number of quality assurance services.

At Andersen, a vast team of professionals from many sectors has built and modified over 950 projects, and they are now working on over 250 projects. Among the company’s primary competencies is the development of mobile and internet applications, as well as IT solutions for businesses.

The most notable component is Andersen’s skill in both establishing teams from their pool of experts and in-house staff augmentation, with the client hiring the professionals and a 6-month guarantee on the code they offer. Andersen also gives a guarantee on their code.

9- Caxy Interactive:

Caxy Interactive is a very successful yet small Laravel development company with a workforce of 10-50 people. It is a web design and development firm that focuses on user experience and agile-driven technologies, as well as software development.

Caxy Interactive’s key talents are CMS, e-commerce, database, custom online, and mobile application development, with each project including a user-centered design. According to the company, the future of human-computer interaction will be influenced by UX, relevant user feedback, and machine learning rather than technology. And they’ve done all they can to make it happen.

10- KDG:

KDG differs from other Laravel development companies in that it mostly works with educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and small to mid-sized businesses. KDG is a market leader in the development of custom software and mobile apps, as well as their design, as well as CRM consulting, IT management, and sales intelligence services.

As the company’s logo suggests, KDG seeks to make things happen rather than just working toward that objective. Furthermore, the firm does a good job of controlling its customers’ online presence via different media marketing campaigns, online reputation management, social media monitoring, and website audits.

Bonus Entry | Woodridge Software:

Woodridge Software has extensive experience designing customized mobile and online apps for enterprises ranging in size from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. The firm also provides UX and UI design services.

Woodridge Software’s mobile and web apps for companies are differentiated by the fact that they integrate a variety of different third-party systems, have the potential to easily scale up to millions of users, and are, despite this, both secure and dependable. Woodridge Software, another company on the Inc. 5000 list, has a small team of just twenty engineers, designers, and analysts.



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