Purchasing tractors is not an easy decision, it takes accurate research and 100% assurance about the quality and performance of the tractors and having the top 10 tractors in the option bucket, simplifies the task. This blog list of the top 10 Swaraj tractors in India in 2022 which might help you in choosing the best tractor for purchase.

Swaraj tractors in India are popular amongst the Indian farmers, they have wide popularity because of their exceptional performance and mind-blowing productivity on the field. Swaraj tractors were founded in 1974 with the aim of being self-sufficient and self-reliant, the brand has been renowned in the space of manufacturing the first indigenous tractor. Swaraj tractors are good for agricultural and haulage purposes. These tractors are easy to use and drive. The Swaraj tractor price in India is easy to afford and cost-effective for the farmers as well as the tractor company. In this blog,, we have covered up top Swaraj tractors in India in 2022, which you must pen down.

The detailed list of top 10 Swaraj tractors in India in 2022

Swaraj tractor models are superior and high in efficiency and quality, their applications are technologically advanced and explicit in quality and effectivity. The customer touchpoints of this tractor brand are wide and much strong with 800 touchpoints and 11 lakhs + satisfied and profitable customers, who are happy with the experience of having outstanding and unbeatable power-packed tractors.

  1. Swaraj 744 FE:

Swaraj is the brand that has benefited many farmers with its amazing and unique model base of tractors. The brand is trusted most in terms of having exceptional and advanced tractors in India in 2022. The tractor comes with an advanced feature and outstanding specifications that are effective at work. The engine capacity of the tractor is 3136cc and the engine efficiency is 48 HP. The price for Swaraj 744 FE is worth Rs 6.25-6.60 Lakhs*.

  1. Swaraj 744 XM:

This tractor has huge demand in the Indian market, as the tractor has all that which a farmer needs and expects to have for better field results. The tractor is much in demand in the market and has the feature of 8 forward and 2 reverse constant mesh gearboxes with an option of the single or dual-clutch. The tractor is different from other competitive ones, because of its easy to manage and operate gears and furling power. The engine capacity of this tractor is 48 HP. The tractor consists of 3 cylinders and the price for Swaraj 744 XM is 6.30-6.70 Lakhs*.

  1. Swaraj 855 FE:

This tractor is a 50-55 HP category tractor having 3 cylinders with a water-cooled engine. The tractor has multi-speed and technology-driven functionality with a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1500 kg weight. Moreover, the tractors have flexible and easy to adjust front or rear gear. It is also fuel-efficient and operative in function. IT is best suited and most preferred by the farmers. The price of Swaraj 855 FE is Rs 7.10-7.40 Lakhs*.

  1. Swaraj 735 FE:

This tractor is reasonable to afford and has a bundle of advanced features and functions, the tractor is cheap and easy to afford. Drawbar, hitch, tools, bumper and ballat weight are some of the necessary equipment. Further, the tractor manufactures 1000 kg of lifting capacity The tractor is much in use by various farmers and has a price of Rs 5.50-5.85 Lakhs*. The engine capacity of this tractor also ranges between 35-40 HP. The efficiency of Swaraj 735 FE tractors never let it go out of fashion.

  1. Swaraj 717:

The tractor is most in-demand and is a popular mini tractor in India. It is one of the fully organised and well-equipped tractors that has all those advanced features which a farmer desires to have in an ideal tractor. The price of Swaraj 717 tractor is Rs 2.60-2.85 Lakhs*. The tractor is the most economical of the whole lot and easy to afford by all class farmers. The engine capacity of this tractor is 15 HP.

  1. Swaraj 963 FE:

Amongst all the 60 HP tractors found in the market, the Swaraj 963 FE is the most powerful and advanced tractor, with exceptional fuel efficiency that is found nowhere else. The tractor consists of 12 exceptional forward gears and a couple of reverse gears with a powerful dual-clutch. The tractor body and functionality is made under keen research and accuracy, which helps in launching a wonderful product in the market which satisfies every farmer in the way they desire. Additionally, it has a 2200 kg hydraulic lifting capacity that breaks up the complex task into simplified activities. The price of this Swaraj tractor is Rs 7.90 – 8.40 Lakhs*.

  1. Swaraj 742 FE:

The tractors provide great perfection and effectiveness in carrying out rugged and complex agricultural tasks. The tractors have a stylish and modern look with intricate designs and colours. With 8 forward and 3 reverse gears with a single clutch and engine capacity of 42 HP. The oil-immersed brakes which supply powerful work with perfection. The price of Swaraj 742 FE tractor is Rs 5.75-6.00 Lakhs*.

  1. Swaraj 735 XT:

This tractor is superb;y manufactured and produced according to need and demands of the farmers and other customers or resellers in the market. The tractors come with all the essential specifications and features that are required for nurturing productivity on the farm. The price of Swaraj 735 XT tractor is Rs 5.30-5.70 Lakhs* with an engine capacity of 38 HP.

  1. Swaraj 724 XM Orchard:

Orchard farming in India is a very popular practice and this farming cannot be carried out without the help of an excellent tractor. The tractor has an engine capacity of 25 HP and is best suited for orchard farming lands. Swaraj 724 XM Onchard comes with 60 litres of fuel tank capacity and has a price of Rs 3.95 Lakhs*.

  1. Swaraj 834 XM:

Swaraj 834 XM is best and most suited for a perfect tractor that is used in every season of farming. The tractor has great features and functionalities to do efficient work in the field. The tractor has a powerful engine and economic mileage which saves a lot of money for the farmers who is unnecessarily invested in tractor maintenance. The engine capacity of this tractor is 35 HP and the price of Swaraj tractor in India in 2022 is Rs 4.90 Lakhs.

Swaraj tractor is the potent brand having launched all exquisite and exceptional tractors that makes it as the farmer’s most preferred and in dem, and tractor. The fact about Swaraj tractors is that they have the best in use and economic tractors that are available in an easy to afford range and involve high-quality tools and power equipment. The engine capacity and fuel efficiency of these tractors is outstanding and never let the farmer’s expectation go in vain. The prices of Swaraj tractors in India are very cost-effective and worthy in terms of utility, which attracts various farmers towards it. To know more about the top and popular tractors of Swaraj tractor brands, keep visiting Tractorgyan, every time.


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