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Top 10 Tips To Grow Your YouTube Channel

Video marketing is on the rise. It’s easy to see why. Although popular websites like Instagram, Facebook, and Instagram are great places to invest and your website is a good place to start, a YouTube channel could be the best place for your brand to be promoted as people spend over 1.2 billion hours per day viewing videos on this platform.

It can quickly find your content and drive engagement through YouTube, which is often referred to as the “second-largest search engine in the world.” However, it’s important that you have a few tricks and a basic understanding of how to make creative videos. With the use of the youtube earnings calculator, you can get the estimation of your earnings.

These are the top 10 tips to help you grow your YouTube channel.

How to grow your YouTube channel?

1. Make your videos around a single keyword/topic

A single keyword or topic is the best way for you to increase your YouTube traffic. Marketers who don’t understand Youtube SEO may miss this step in ranking videos. However, it is crucial to include it if your videos are to reach the most viewers. is a YouTube-specific keyword tool that searches for keywords relevant to your niche.

This will help you to create the most relevant information about that topic. This will help you to remember to include your keyword naturally in the content, so YouTube can pick it up when closed captions have been added. After you have chosen a keyword, you can check the current video ranking for the topic to ensure you are on the right track. Also, optimize your title/descriptions. This will help you to generate more YouTube search traffic through SEO.

2. Use top-performing content already in use

The best way to increase your YouTube channel’s reach is to create and share great content. 

YouTube is a popular place for people to search for answers and tutorials. 

3. Engage with your Audience

Remember that YouTube is a social media platform. If you just post videos without encouraging discussion or comments, you’re missing the point.

YouTube rewards channels that have high engagement. This includes overall time spent on the channel and watching time. But most importantly, comments. Encourage users to use audio/visual prompts.

You can also visit other channels to engage. This could be a brand that is similar to yours or just one you like. You don’t have to wait for your audience to take initiative.

4. Get Branded

Your content is great but how appealing is your channel? You must look professional if you want viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Users will recognize your content if you improve your social branding. If you already have a website or blog, it is likely that you have a look and feel that helps you stand out from other people and companies. It makes sense to transfer that branding to your YouTube channel. With 8.12 million subscribers, Nintendo is a great example of a gaming giant. They provide great content about consoles and games that includes gameplay videos and behind-the-scenes clips.

5. Promote Your YouTube Videos on Other Social Media Channels

With social media, you can cross-promote content from different channels. You can increase your audience by promoting your YouTube videos via other social media channels.

Digital 2021: Global Overview Report shows that there is a large overlap of users across social media platforms, with YouTube seeing the highest engagement rate of any top channel. It’s a channel that is highly valued for its marketing and engagement activities.

  • Social Media User Overlaps

Think about the channels that you use. Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, TikTok? There are so many options and great ideas for social media videos. Your blog is another option. You can also post your videos there. A podcast can be integrated with your YouTube channel very easily.

6. Get out there and make a statement

Participating in videos can make YouTube more personal, whether you run it by yourself or with a small team. Your audience will be more likely to connect with you if you are able to put a face on a brand. This is particularly important for solopreneurs, vloggers, and fitness, life, or business coaches.

Your face is not required to be featured in every video, but it’s a good idea to do so regularly to keep your viewers engaged. If you’re this type of YouTuber, you should include a photo of you on your channel, not your logo.

7. Post-Great Thumbnails & Leverage Youtube Cards

Thumbnails may seem small, but they have a huge impact.

YouTube searches are the same. A catchy title and an appealing thumbnail rank higher than videos with less valuable content. 

YouTube is known for rewarding channels that keep its viewers engaged with its content longer. People are more engaged with your content if they have a longer average watch time. YouTube cards allow you to add links to other videos and relevant content right at the point users stop watching. You can choose from a number of card types, including a poll, donation, playlist, and poll. 5 cards per video are allowed. They appear in the right-hand corner as a rectangular box, teaser, or teaser. 

8. Get Subscriptions

Subscribers will be able to view any new videos posted on your channel. This is one way you can tell if viewers are interested in your channel. In each video you upload, ask viewers to subscribe and to keep in touch with their existing subscribers. You can view your subscriber list here.

  • YouTube Subscribe

Subscribers should never be paid. This will reduce your engagement and harm the authenticity of your account over the long term. You may lose out on many potential followers if your viewers don’t subscribe to you. You have a better chance of increasing your YouTube watch time if you have more subscribers.

9. Increase your uploading frequency

You can grow your audience by posting at least one video per week, even if this seems daunting at first. You don’t have to hire a large advertising agency or design company to do this. Smartphones today offer great video recording capabilities, and tools like Animoto make it easy to edit videos on a tight budget. It is important to be consistent. You should post at the same time every day, or every week depending on how often you do it. Stick to your schedule.

10. Be a social video (and YouTube) expert

Video continues to grow in popularity as a content format. According to “The State of Video Marketing”, 86% of businesses use it as a marketing tool. 87% of marketers also report positive ROI. Marketers need to understand the role of video in marketing and how to effectively use it across all social media channels as audiences become more visual.

DMI’s Social Media and Marketing certification course will teach you how to set up and manage YouTube channels and create strategies to make your channel stand out from the rest. Additionally, you will learn how video fits into your content mix across platforms and how to build your online audience. You’ll also learn how to use analytics and advertising for successful visual campaigns.

Launching a video advertising campaign is an exciting step, there are some things that you need to do before you start paying for views.


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