Chatting with locals on Liberty Island

Here are Top 3 Places Diligently Suppresses by American Travelers

Chatting with locals on Liberty Island

Cuba is a very calm and friendly country in Latin America.

Tourists are loved and respected here, there are enough police officers at every step.

You are not in danger of entering the station as a prisoner, so we will tell you how not to get there as a victim.

Despite the fact that all contacts of local residents with foreigners are diligently suppressed by the Cuban police, on the streets of this colorful country you can always find a large number of various pesters.

Reasons for communication can be different, but they are all aimed at enriching Cubans at the expense of your wallet. The most typical ones are:

  • become your guide and demand money for your work, regardless of whether you are satisfied with the service;
  • offer intimate services to a pretty (or not so) girl;
  • sell fake cigars allegedly stolen from the factory on the cheap;
  • offer you cocaine (by the way, in this case, the likelihood of problems with the police increases significantly);
  • offer to exchange currency at the best rate, as a result of which you will be left with a bundle of cut paper in your hands;

Without any extra fantasies, ask for money for food for children or for treatment of a dying mother.

There are also advertising agents for food outlets who pull you by the sleeves to the nearest restaurant or cafe.

Look closely:

if a person is standing right at the entrance to the establishment, then you can go in and look around, maybe the place is worth it. But if you need to go somewhere around the corner and a little more, then one of the above points is too likely.

Flights to Cuba are quite expensive, so do not expose yourself to unnecessary risks and try not to spoil your trip with banal negligence.

The most appropriate reaction will be your “but commendo” to barkers or complete disregard of any suggestions and appeals.

After all, once you pay attention to them and try to explain something, it will be much more difficult to leave without consequences.

Nature of Mexico Places and Things to Do

To the north of the Amazon lies the largest region of rainforest. In it, near the city of Escuintla (Chiapas state), the El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve is located, where you can see the most beautiful quetzal bird in the world. Here, Top 3 Places you can take a boat tour of the state of Chiapas, in the state of Tabasco, admire the surroundings of the cities of Tenosike and Palenque. This is the south of Mexico.

Do you want a different experience? Then visit the Copper Gorge. Hire a limo service or A train from Los Mochis to Chihuahua will take you to it. The Copper Gorge is impressive in its dimensions. It is 4 times longer and 1.5 times deeper than Colorado Canyon.

Do you want to see whales? Please. Head to Mar de Cortes, as the Mexicans call the Gulf of California, and you will see these seabirds nesting on the many islands.

But in order to see sea turtles that choose the beaches of Mexico for laying eggs, you will have to obtain permission from the Ministry of Fisheries or to be accompanied by professional guides. You can book city tour by Boston car service if you are arrival at Logan.

Vicinity of the City

Only in winter in one of the reserves, located in the vicinity of the city of Sitacuaro (Michoacan state), you can admire the royal butterflies. They come here to save themselves from the cold of the north.

Don’t forget about the Yucatan Peninsula. After all, this is the very miracle of nature! By visiting the Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve (Quintana Roo State) located here, you will breathe in the air of the rainforest, see the coral reef, the second largest in the world, walk through the pastures that descend directly to the Caribbean Sea.

The Popocatepetl volcano is also worthy of attention. There are always many mountain adventure lovers near it. The village of Tlamakas – the beginning of the ascent. Good luck!

If you love nature and want to retire, go to Mexico. A mosaic country of ecosystems, one of the first places in the world for biological diversity. The country has 58 biosphere reserves and national parks.

Many of the places described above protected by the state. In many, access closed or restricted. You can find out the rules for visiting such places at the tour desk of the capital of the state where you are currently located.

The University of Mexico is the largest university in the country

The National Autonomous University of Mexico City (UN AM) is the largest university in the country (135 thousand students, 20 faculties, 13 research institutes). The university itself was founded in 1551 by order of King Philip II, closed at the end of the 19th century and was restored only after the revolution in 1929. And in 1950-53, a new campus was built for him, which now occupies a huge area between the outskirts of San Angel and Coyoacan.

The architectural mega hit of the campus is the library (1953, designer Juan Otorman).

It is an ordinary 12-storey box in shape. However, it painted from top to bottom with a colorful mosaic dedicated to the eternal song – the history of Mexico. The mosaic is continuous, and it seems that the myths and legends of ancient Greece have come to life and the heroes are looking right at you.

However, they are there, only disguised as the eyes and mouths of the mosaic characters. Many believe, by the way, that with this creation Otorman surpassed all the “great three” in one fell swoop.

The second place in terms of aesthetic impact is occupied by the administration building. There, Siqueiros tried, constructing a bas-relief with strange human figures, furiously pulling their hands forward (probably to knowledge). In addition, at the level of the fifth floor, a kind of blotch attached to the building on one side, which depicts birds with colorful beaks – a favorite Aztec motif.

Corresponding Faculty

The rest of the university buildings a also one of the Top 3 Places painted with murals – all on different topics, corresponding to one or another faculty. The center of the university campus decorated with a pond and sculptures exhibited around it (all the enlighteners of mankind, starting with Dante).

There is also a botanical garden, a greenhouse, a concert hall Netzahualcoyotl and, finally, the Olympic Stadium (100,000 seats, built entirely of volcanic lava in the shape of a sombrero). The facade of the stadium painted by Rivera in 1955-56, but he did not have time to finish, because he died.

Here the great muralist passed the topic of human physical abilities through himself. The stadium was the main arena of the ’68 Olympics, and now the football club “UN AM” (nicknamed “university students” or “pumas”) plays here at home.

You can get to the university by bus or minibus along Insurgentes (you will get to the very center of the town, since the Avandia goes through it like a knife in butter) or along the 3rd metro line to the Universidad station (there is the main entrance to the campus).


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