Top 6 Reasons to Choose UPDF for Your PDF Editor
Top 6 Reasons to Choose UPDF for Your PDF Editor

PDF files are the easiest means of information mobility in today’s times. The format has extensive compatibility with a host of devices. You are hence, free from the hassle of improper data access and conversion across different platforms. PDFs are also a secure means of information storage. These files leave an electronic footprint on being modified to ensure information security.

That being said, some scenarios often make it difficult to work with PDF files. The non-editable characteristic of these documents hampers workflow and efficiency. This is where; PDF editor programs like UPDF come into play. Such software is dedicated to simplifying PDF-related concerns in a diversity of aspects.

Top 6 Reasons to Choose UPDF to Do PDF Tasks

The UPDF program is affordably the best solution for the widest needs concerning PDF files. The software is a recent entry into the IT market for addressing the modern-day tasks of working with and managing PDF documents. The program lets you quickly access, edit and convert PDF files, anytime, and from anywhere. The software is compatible with Windows and Mac-supported devices. The tool’s smartphone versions for Android and iOS devices are also available.

Discussed below are the major reasons that make UPDF the best PDF editor program for almost any professional environment:

Reason 1: Excellent PDF Editor

UPDF is a program for editing PDF documents and images. There are features to add and delete text in a PDF file. You can also modify the existing text through the options to cut, copy, and paste text elements. Ahead of this, UPDF also grants users enough flexibility to format text in PDF documents. You can change the font, style, size, color, and typeface properties of the text elements. The program further simplifies the addition and removal of images in PDF files.

You can easily add locally saved images to these documents, or delete the unnecessary ones. The program supports object and image editing with a diversity of functions. You can crop, rotate, extract, replace, and delete content from PDF images. The edited images are rich in quality and conveniently portable. You can rest assured with the hassle of pixelated results.

Reason 2: Convenient PDF Viewer and Annotator

The UPDF program is an excellent tool to view and annotate PDF documents. A host of PDF reading and markup features are supported by the utility to simplify the aforesaid tasks. The seamless navigation of the software interface in a tabbed format allows you to simultaneously access and read multiple PDF files. There are options for adjusting page layouts to fit different screen sizes for conveniently viewing the documents.

The program facilitates easy navigation with a PDF file through the functionality to add bookmarks. The quick search options allow easy location of specific text while viewing PDF documents. The smart annotation features of UPDF allow users to add comments, highlight, strikethrough, and underline text, etc. You can also add callouts, sticky notes, and text boxes for enhanced presentation of PDF content. There are features to add shapes like lines, ovals, rectangles, and arrows. You can modify the shape properties by adjusting the borders, thickness, fill colors, opacity, and style.

Choose UPDF for Your PDF Editor
Choose UPDF for Your PDF Editor

Reason 3: Reliable PDF Converter

The UPDF program supports OCR functionality for the convenient conversion of PDF files into various editable and searchable formats. The flexibility enables users to modify the converted documents in their native applications. The common conversion formats include MS Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CSV, etc. The software also supports the conversion of PDF files into all popular image formats. You can transform PDFs into PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, and TIFF formats.

Users can further, edit PDF content on text editor platforms by converting the documents into plain and rich text formats. UPDF also promotes web interface creation through the conversion of PDFs into fully editable XML and HTML documents. You can also export PDF files in PDF/A ISO Standard compliant documents for quickly retrieving and archiving stored data.

Choose UPDF for Your PDF Editor
Choose UPDF for Your PDF Editor

Reason 4: Quick PDF Organizer

The UPDF program is dedicated to arranging the pages of PDF documents in line with your needs. You can insert new pages or delete the unwanted ones by quick selection and deletion. The software furnishes a tidy appearance of PDF documents with the flexibility to rotate and flip pages. There are features to reorder pages within a PDF. You just need to select the page’s thumbnail and drag it to the desired position.

You can also split a large PDF document into many smaller PDF files by specifying the page number. The program allows users to extract single or multiple pages from PDFs, along with replacing the existing pages with new ones. It only takes a few clicks to organize PDFs in the desired sequence with the UPDF program. The efficiency reduces much of your effort and time. You can use UPDF to split, crop, extract, replace, remove, and insert pages in PDF documents easily.

Choose UPDF for Your PDF Editor
Choose UPDF for Your PDF Editor

Reason 5: OCR Feature to Turn Scanned PDFs into Editable and Searchable Texts

UPDF now supports the OCR feature, which is one of its advanced features of it. The OCR technology can turn scanned documents into searchable and editable PDFs. When you receive a scanned PDF document, you can use UPDF to perform OCR and make all the documents in an editable format.

UPDF OCR feature supports 108 languages, and no matter what language your PDF document is, you can scan it. You don’t need to worry about the quality and result, UPDF will provide the best output result.

Choose UPDF for Your PDF Editor
Choose UPDF for Your PDF Editor

Reason 6: Best PDF Protector

Ahead of the flexibilities to edit, convert, organize and annotate PDF files, the UPDF program takes enough care of their protection. You can secure your work in the software with access restrictions and password protections. There are features to encrypt documents with double password locking. You can hence, rest assured of unwanted access to your work. These high-end security features make UPDF a remarkable PDF tool for addressing personal and professional concerns.

Besides all the features listed above, UPDF also provide a delightful reading experience. You can change the page layout easily according to your needs, and you can change it to single page view, two-page view, scrolling, two-page scrolling, full screen, etc. You can also display your PDF as a slideshow using this software. It is very easy to share your PDF with UPDF, as you can share your PDF document via a link. Your receivers will open the link to view your document without downloading any software and it is really easy for collaboration. With all these amazing features, you can deal with your PDF documents with ease.


Working with PDF files often requires modifying them in a series of aspects. The limitation of these documents being non-editable, however, considerably interrupts the seamless workflow. Thanks to the technically progressive software market, a host of PDF editor programs are ready to ward off this inconvenience. Looking at feasible alternatives, the UPDF program leads the user preferences. It is really easy for collaboration. The extensive variety of PDF functionalities in the tool promotes a seamless workflow, while significantly reducing your time and effort. You can work with the program to quickly edit, annotate, convert, organize, and protect PDF documents.

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