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Needless to say: E-commerce has completely morphed the previous business scenario with sellers showcasing their products preferring to sell them online over the traditional methods of employing brick-and-mortar stores. Thus, the imperative need of the hour for business owners is to develop e-commerce stores that cover both aesthetics and functionality. Whilst there are plenty of such platforms up for grabs, the one that has gained a lot of fame is none other than the fairest and square Shopify.

Over the last few years, the amazing medium has become a preferred choice of so many sellers. Wondering why? This is because it offers quality and efficiency with so many other rich features.

Additionally, this post unveils some of the most intriguing benefits of Shopify that are surely gonna amaze you. The ultimate aim is to enlighten you with them. But at the same time, it is paramount to mention here that to gain these benefits, it is crucial to hire Shopify developer of a great calibre. In simpler words: investing in professional services ensure that your business ranks at the top.

What are the advantages of ploughing money in Shopify?

Whilst there is a long list of the benefits of embracing a Shopify platform, below we shall throw light on the most compelling ones.

  • Quick and easy to set up

One of the greatest features of Shopify that has made it the talk of the town is its quick and easy set-up. The admin interface is user friendly ensuring that any sort of hassles is unlikely to pop up. And if you are a novice to it, you still don’t have to remain perturbed. There is the easy availability of divergent videos online that will guide you about the inside deets of this platform.

  • Completely Secure And Reliable

If you own an e-commerce store then must be aware that you are dealing with sensitive customer data which includes credit and debit card details along with impatient millennials. So, your store needs to be fast, secure, reliable, and always available online. With Shopify, all your mandatory pre-requisite will be taken care i.e. server maintenance and upgrades. This will ensure your store is available online 24/7 and all the pages are loading swiftly without any delay.

Not to mention, integrating SSL will enable the store data to be encrypted and always pass a secure connection. Besides this, PCI compliance which is needed in credit cards will also be managed by Shopify.

  • Mobile Friendly

Another astounding advantage of opting for Shopify is your store will always be mobile-ready. In this era of technology, we cannot imagine our life without smartphones. These smart devices have become an integral part of our lives even more important than any other gadget. So, it’s no more an option instead it’s mandated to have an e-commerce store that is mobile optimized. Fortunately, with Shopify, everything is done in a few clicks. All the themes, platforms, and other built-in options available on Shopify are completely mobile optimized and friendly. Additionally, once you set up your store with Shopify it will look the same on all the devices proffering your customers to buy from your store on any device – mobile, laptop, and desktop freely.

Not only this, there are varied apps available on both the leading operating systems Apple store (iPhone) and Google Play (Androids) to easily manage your store.

  • Round The Clock Support

Shopify is available 365 days i.e. 27 hours a day and 7 days a week with quick response time. You can get contact the customer support via different mediums phone, emails, chats, and web chats also. Besides this, Shopify has a huge support community that is available with copious data, documentation, and information all the time in the Shopify help centre.

  • SEO! 

Setting up an exquisite shop with all the advanced features is all good, but having no visits may feel not so good. What does make Shopify different from other platforms is its strong SEO (search engine optimization) feature. With SEO your website will rank higher on leading search engines helping the right customer connect with your website at the right time. Additionally, there are advanced analytical tools that help you procure data such as from where your customers are shopping, which pages they are visiting the most on your website, and so on.

Plus the app provides access to myriads of marketing tools like social media integration features (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest), review products, and most importantly email marketing. Plus, discount counts and gift vouchers are also available. To add, social media icons are used in every theme. On top of that, the Shopify kit is designed to succour in setting up the store. It’s more like a virtual assistance work on the task according to products, customers, and performance of the store.

And if you scout for the best Seo services in India to gain any sort of assistance, our elite label gets you covered.

  • Own payment gateway

This feature of Shopify will further persuade you in investing in this elite platform. It offers its own gateway that doesn’t require any merchant account also. Alongside, Shopify is already integrated with dozens of payment gateways making it the favourite choice of so many users out there.

  • Abandoned cart recovery

Perhaps you would have experienced this in some part of your life. Some customers may add the requisite product for which they came online to their shopping basket. However, instead of buying, they leave the products. Shopify offers a best-fitted resolution for the same, it’s called abandoned checkout cart recovery service. Which not only automatically tracks the potential customers but emails them to complete the purchase. It is a simple and effective way to generate higher revenue.

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