ziyarat place in makkah and madina
ziyarat place in makkah and madina

Madinah is the other holiest megacity on the planet and is genuine to a great extent respected in Islam. It’s found 400 km north of Mecca, in the west of Saudi Arabia. Individuals from all over the world stay with it each time during the Holy Hajj and Umrah section. On their excursion, they wish to cover every one of the significant spots to visit in Madinah.

The megacity isn’t just embellished with hypnotizing sights yet in addition houses bright exacting spots that the pioneers can visit during their section trip or on vacation. Before the ascent of Islam, this megacity was known as Yathrib, right off the bat, and was renamed Madinat an-Nabi ( the Prophet’s City or megacity of the Prophet) after Prophet Mohammad’s demise and recently as al-Madinah al-Munawwarah ( The Enlightened City). In addition to the fact that it is a megacity with the fourth loftiest populace is the capital of Madinah Province of Saudi Arabia.

Abdul Malik Fareed is a notable name on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. His videos featuring different places in Arabia and Pakistan have been receiving lots of love from viewers globally. Also, his videos showing Hajj and Umrah journeys are very informative as well as interesting. In This blog we will let you know some religious and ziyarat places to visit in Madina.

Religious Places to Visit in Madina

Al-Masjid An-NABWAI 

The Prophet’s Mosque or Al-Masjid An-NABWAI was the substitute point raised by the Holy Prophet in the initial season of Hijra when he emigrated from Makkah to Madina. The temple possesses the grave of Prophet Muhammad, which can be perceived by a dazzling green hued pate in the southeast corner of the gathering place . This is the most visited Islamic point after Masjid-e-Haram in Mecca. A great many individuals visit the gathering place during their Umrah and Hajj outing and deal with their requests. It’s for the most part open in any case of time or date.

Abu Huraira( one of the partners of Prophet Muhammad) detailed Prophet Muhammad saying ” Prayer in my place of worship is more brilliant than 1,000 petitions to heaven saw in different kirks but the Masjid al-Haram. “

QUBA Mosque

Located 6 km down from Madina, the QUBA Mosque was raised in the vill of QUBA. It’s accepted that this may be the primary gathering place on the planet that is in reality from the hour of the Holy Prophet in the seventh century CE. Prophet Muhammad visited this place of worship when he was emigrating from Makkah to Madinah. He burned through 14 days in the place of worship while remaining for Ali( his child in-regulation) to show up in Madinah. This is the other biggest temple in Madinah after the Prophet’s Mosque. One can notice huge get-togethers in the gathering place in the mornings as a ton of guests and admirers visit the temple over the course of the time.

Masjid al-Qiblatayn

The Mosque of the Two Qiblas or Masjid al-Qiblatayn is where the Holy Prophet entered the guidelines to redirect the petition( Qibla) from Jerusalem to Makkah. Sawad receptacle Ghanam canister Kaab raised this gathering place in 623 CE, and it’s among the numerous kirks to have two mihrabs( specialty showing the qibla).

Historical Places in Madinah


The Garden of Heaven or Jannat-al-Baqi, is among the primary graveyards of Madinah. This is the dozing spot of brilliant researchers, friends and the Prophet’s family, including Hazrat Imam Hasan Ibn Ali( his grandson) and Hazrat Fatima-al-Zehra( his child). It’s accepted that the Prophet himself picked this spot to be a graveyard. Al-Baqi ( an Ansari buddy) was the primary individual to be covered then. He flopped not long after the Prophet moved to Madinah. The graveyard is opened after Fajur and Asr supplications, and the polished method for entering it’s through gateno.

Wonderful Places to Visit close to Madinah

The Desert of Saleh

This desert is one of the most lovely tourist lodestones in Madinah. With colossal sepultures and graves, it has a few depictions and tributes on its walls. This is a must-visit tourist magnet in the megacity as it’s likewise viewed as an UNESCO World’s Heritage point with the best-saved stays of the lost Nabataean Kingdom. It’s found south of Al Nafud and is an unfathomable sight in the whole Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It’s prescribed to leave your inn in advance so you can drive up to the spot in time and totally investigate the point.

Wadi e Jinn – Al Baida 

Only 41 km down from the megacity, the vale is supernatural and projects a puzzling impact on the transports , permitting them to move with next to no difficulty from the driver. Local people accept that the spot has the force of Jinn, and many have professed to hear sounds that have a place with them. all things considered, geologists call it a wonder of back seriousness.

Family Places In And Around Madinah

Yanbu Beach

In the harbor megacity of Yanbu-al-Bahr, 120 extended periods down from Madinah, this hypnotizing sand is famous for realistic perspectives, magnificent water games and blue topographies. Sightseers can appreciate spray skiing, scuba plunging and cruising or love the hints of fishermen’s houses that were raised customarily. It’s a significant harborage and an optimal retreat from the bustling megacity life.

Al-Madinah Museum

 This is the authentically first display that was raised in the megacity of Madinah. It depicts the historical backdrop of Islam and furthermore holds vivid archeological assortments, intriguing pictures of the megacity and visual displays. There are something like 2000 antiquities portraying the rich and lively Islamic legacy in the display. It’s situated on King Abdul Road in the Madinah Knowledge Economic City. It’s the most established display in the megacity and presents the rich Islamic legacy alongside the subtleties of Prophet Muhammad’s life.

Madinah exhibition timings are from 11 am to 7 pm. It’s open from Saturday to Thursday, and is shut on Friday. Section figure us SR25($6.70).

Al Noor Mall

This promenade validates around,000 guests consistently. One can find everything from Armani suits to conventional Arabic dresses. This footpath houses a mix of cafes , transnational retail and Spark’s Family Entertainment region. The footpath is open from 10 AM to 11 PM from Monday to Thursday and Saturday to Sunday. On Fridays, it’s open from 130 AM to 11 PM.



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