A dog in a car on his way to one of the top-rated cities in Tennessee for dog owners.

We have listed for you some of the top-rated cities in Tennessee for dog owners. We can also show you some of the best parks there and how to move with your furry friend there. Moving alone can be hard. It’s even harder with your pet that doesn’t understand what is going on. Luckily there are people who can make things much easier, but we will talk more about that later. Before you relocate you need to find a city and then a place so let’s see that first.

A list of the best cities in Tennessee for dog owners

  1. Murfreesboro
  2. Clarksville
  3. Knoxville
  4. Nashville
  5. Memphis

These are our top five picks for you. We considered some important factors for your dog like dog parks, other dog owners, vets, and such. We also considered factors that are relevant for you like job opportunities, places that are pet-friendly, costs, and many other things. This is what we came up with and now we will show you why.

Two dogs running in a park in one of the top-rated cities in Tennessee for dog owners.
Now, let’s find an amazing place for you and your dog to have fun.

Murfreesboro is our top pick among the top-rated cities in Tennessee for dog owners

Before you start your research, make sure to check out what Time Magazine has to say about the best American cities to live in. If you do that, you will see Murfreesboro ranked very high – 19th place! In fact, this is the fastest-growing city in the country and that means a lot of job opportunities for you. You will easily find a lot of dog-friendly places in this city and even some great walking tours for the two of you. There are plenty of dog parks where you can talk to other dog owners while your pet is socializing, which is a win-win.

Clarksville can also be a great choice

Another great place to live in the state of Tennessee and many magazines claimed it like Money Magazine. Many people also saw great potential in this city and that’s why in the last couple of years many young families relocated here. A lot of those families have dogs because dogs and kids go along so well. That fact alone shows you that this can be a great place for you and your dog as well. You will have a lot of great places to visit together, dog parks to walk, restaurants to try out and the most important of all is that this city is considered to be safe and affordable which is important for you as a dog owner. You will easily find a reliable vet here so this is a good place to research and maybe even relocate if after serious research you decide that this is the right place for you. Big Heart Moving can help you with relocation, you just need to make a decision which is very hard sometimes.

Knoxville is also pet-friendly

We can tell you that this is also a very nice place and how you should research it and even though it is true we can try a different approach. You will easily find everything that you want to know about this place for you but here are some things that your dog should know about. The best three dog parks in Knoxville are Concord Dog Park, Petsafe Downtown Dog Park, and Dogwood Park. If anything happens you can rely on Knoxville Pet Emergency Clinic, they will take great care of your dog. It’s easy to find a restaurant that will take both you and your dog but you need to have at hand the ones that will take you if something goes wrong.

Tennessee neon sign
This city also has some amazing nightlife.

Nashville is another one of the great cities in Tennessee for dog owners

This is the capital and naturally, some of the best job opportunities are here. As well as the best vet clinics, real estate agencies and anything you might need. Like many other capitals, this too is a very great pet-friendly place and your dog will surely love it. Just as much as your new home. Maybe your dog will even like the famous Nashville country music. Music is not the only great thing about this place. So are the honky-tonks and the food!

This city can be great for you and your dog.

Memphis – last but not least

This place has several great pet-friendly green spaces that can be perfect for your dog. In most restaurants and coffee shops dogs are allowed. In Mud Island, Dog Park all dogs can play off-leash. This park is located in Downtown Memphis and it is the most popular place amongst dog owners. In fact, in only a few locations you won’t be allowed to bring your dog, like a Zoo for obvious reasons. This too can be a great place for you, and it is really affordable so make sure to research it well before you make a decision.

Moving to one of the top-rated cities in Tennessee for dog owners

Picking a city for you and your dog will be hard and you will need to do some serious research but after that comes the hard part. The next step is obviously relocation but we have a way to make that much easier. The way to do it is by hiring professional movers. They can make every relocation much easier and stress-free even. That’s because they can assist you every step of the way when it comes to your upcoming relocation. For example, they can help you with your dog and make his transition much easier. They can also pack all your household belongings and even unpack you. Whatever you need in fact and that’s why people hire movers. Another thing that can make your organization and relocation much easier is your phone. Download a couple of moving and packing apps because they can help you and you can even find movers through them.


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