TP Link Deco App

For larger area coverage, TP Link offers mesh extenders. Therefore, if you have a big house, a TP Link mesh WiFi extender should be installed in your house. For that, the TP Link Deco app should be accessible to you. However, as first-time users, you can get easily overwhelmed with the TP Link Deco app features and dashboard.

So, to ensure users get easy access to the app, we have structured this easy guide. Let’s roll further and learn more about it. Read on.

TP Link Deco App: Welcome Screen

When you open the TP Link Deco app for the first time, the home screen has the following options. Have a quick read before getting to know about them.

  • Email Address
  • Password
  • Sign Up
  • Forgot Password
  • Log In

So, if you already have an account, you should enter the email and password in the spaces given. After that, hit Log In button. However, in case you don’t have an account, use Sign Up to create a new account.

Furthermore, you should use the Forgot Password if you have lost the password to your TP Link mesh WiFi extender account. After logging into the app, you get multiple tabs. To know more about them, let’s follow through.

Dashboard Features of TP Link Deco App


The Menu icon is located in the top left corner of the app. If tapping on the icon doesn’t open it, try sliding towards the right side. When you do so, the top icon helps you change account information. You get to log in and log out of the app using this icon.

Further, you get to update HomeShield to the pro version. If you love to experiment with your network, you can access the Deco Lab feature of your TP Link extender app. Do you have Google Assistant or Alexa? Well, they can easily access the internet via the Friends of Deco feature.

To get assistance with troubleshooting guides, you have the Help option.

Deco Info

The globe icon on the main dashboard of your app offers you Deco info. It helps you reboot or delete all the Decos installed in your house. On the top right corner, there are three horizontal dots. Those will help you get access to all the Deco options.

You get Set Main Deco, Delete, Reboot All, and Cancel options. To know more about a particular Deco, tap on its name. It will offer tools to add more units, change its name, keep an eye on upload and download speed, and much more.

Client Info

To further know more about clients having access to the TP Link Deco network, tap the client name and tap the top right corner of the app. It opens the following options before you.

  • Device name
  • Detailed device information – IP address, Mac Address, Connection Type
  • Device type
  • Mesh technology switch – to shift between deco and mesh systems
  • Belongs to – to add a unique profile


Below the Belongs to option, you have a location indicator. It tells about different places within your home. Moreover, you can even see which device has access to the deco network using the TP Link Deco app.

If you want to include more locations, tap on the top right corner plus the sign and enter the information. That will inculcate a new location inside your house.

Additional Features

The More tab on the bottom of the TP Link Deco app gives you access to additional features. These include:

  • Blacklist
  • Update Deco
  • WPS
  • Managers
  • Reports
  • Parental Controls
  • Antivirus
  • QoS, and many more.

You have router settings and homecare options when you open the More tab.

Wrap Up

We hope the TP Link Deco app guide has cleared doubts and confusion from your head. You can use this app to tplinkrepeater setup, manage and modify your home mesh network. Hence, you can get worry-free about fluctuations in the WiFi network. With so many features at your disposal, you get to experience the best home WiFi network.

Just in case the given information falls short and you face an issue, don’t worry. Just contact our technical experts and they will handle the matter. With an instant solution, you also won’t have to wait to enjoy a seamless internet connection throughout your house.


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