Fashion illustration is the art of communicating your fashion ideas onto paper. The visualization of ideas is what a designer does to explain the fashion design he or she has in their head. This is an essential skill if you wish to be a Fashion Designer.

A fashion model is used to show the dress illustration that the designer has created. Fashion illustration is a key component of fashion design templates. Fashion illustration is the foundation of fashion design, so every fashion designer must be aware of it. Draw a fashion model, and then add your design and any other details.

Fashion Illustration can be studied and you can start your career. These are the types of fashion illustrations every fashion designer should know:

Pencil Illustrations

Pencil Illustration is an old technique that has been used in illustration for centuries. This allows you to draw precise lines and create soft shadows and transitions. An illustrator can draw a rough draft using a pencil, and then add another material to complete the design. You will need to be familiar with the different types of pencils available and their purpose. To create stunning and unique illustrations, you can use colored pencils or graphite pencils.

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Charcoal Illustrations

The charcoal allows the illustrator to create a variety of textures. The soft material can be blended with the fingers of artists to create smooth sketches. Charcoal can be used to create beautiful shadows and effects. It blends well.

Learn Fashion Illustration with VecFashion from the comfort of home. These prints are soft and airy, with a lot of depth. Water colour is a great way to show the details and depth of the clothing design. 

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Gouache Illustrations

This can be used to create richer, darker, and more intense shades than watercolors. It can also be modified years later. It is very similar to watercolor illustrations, but it is opaque. Gouache is popular because it is fast drying and easy to use.

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Fashion Illustration can seem difficult, but this is false. Although it can seem overwhelming for beginners, this skill is easy to master if you practice enough. VecFashion offers an online Fashion Illustration Course that allows you to use your creativity and create various types of clothes designs. Our Online Fashion Illustration Courses are available to you. You can access the videos at any time, and learn anywhere you like. Your faculty support is available 24/7 to answer any questions.

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