US Depenedent Visa
US Depenedent Visa

US Depenedent Visa from India

Subordinate visas are given by the US Department of State to companions and unmarried kids (under 21 years) of legal Permanent Residents (LPR) or Green Card holders. The Dependent visa is otherwise called a Derivative visa, as it gets from a worker visa which is conceded to the companion or kid based on their relationship with a LPR. A US Dependent Visa manages the cost of candidates a few advantages that non-migrants hate, like business approval at times.

The application interaction for the US Dependent Visa

The application cycle for the US Dependent Visa is a two-step process:

In the first place, you really want to apply for a visa. This is finished through your closest U.S. Government office or Consulate. This can require some investment, so beginning this cycle however ahead of schedule as possible may be ideal. You should give confirmation of relationship (a marriage endorsement or birth testament) with somebody who has been conceded characterization as a close relative of a U.S resident (your better half/spouse), and evidence of pay from that individual’s work in the States (solicitations and so forth). On the off chance that your application is effective, you will be given with a report known as an E2 visa stamp which permits passage into the US on numerous occasions until its termination date (normally around three years).

Whenever you have gotten back in the wake of visiting America on this visa, you really want to apply for another if you have any desire to go again inside those three years; in any case, this underlying period closes and should not be broadened except if there are outstanding conditions, for example, ailment or demise in the family coming about because of which travel back home was unthinkable due just these reasons alone!

Qualification Criteria for USA Dependent Visa

To be qualified for a US-subordinate visa, you should meet the accompanying measures:

  •     You are the mate, kid or parent of a US resident.
  •     You should be a resident of a country that has a deal with the US.

To guarantee your qualification, it is essential to check whether your nation has such a concurrence with the United States and its necessities are met. This should be possible by reaching US Visa Consultants in Delhi Sorts Of US Dependent Visas

The US Dependent Visa is accessible in two classes:

  •     US Dependent visa for offspring of US residents
  •     US Dependent visa for mates of US residents
  •     UK traveller visa

Records Required For A US Dependent Visa

The accompanying records will be required on the off chance that you wish to apply for a US-subordinate visa:

  •     A visa legitimate for no less than a half year from the date of utilisation. This must likewise have no less than 2 clear pages in it with the goal that the visa can be fastened subsequently. The identification ought to have been given before the date of your application; except if you are applying under extraordinary conditions and have made an interest for a waiver of this standard, which is very intriguing. You might check with your neighbourhood government office or department assuming you trust that this concerns you, however by and large, it doesn’t help you out.
  •     A Visa Application Form was finished up precisely and honestly (this incorporates having responded to all questions sincerely). As well as utilising dark ink just on white paper, guarantee that all data is decipherable and conveniently recorded as mentioned by guidelines given by every candidate’s particular department or consulate website.


Advantages Of A US Dependent Visa

You ought to apply for a US subordinate visa in the event that you are a companion, minor kid or grown-up unmarried offspring of an American resident. The visa is not difficult to get and it is likewise simple to restore. You can work while you have the visa and travel outside the US like some other vacationer. You can carry your family with you as well as stay in the US however long wanted.


A US subordinate visa is a pivotal report for the modification of status from F2 to F1 or M2 to M1. It likewise permits you to alter your direction from Post-Graduation or Masters to a Doctorate program in the USA.

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