Use TheOneSpy to Track Location Remotely

Do you want to track phone location remotely and secretly using the target cellphone? Nowadays, phone tracking technology is available at the commercial level. Gone are the days when government law enforcement agencies track mobile locations by tracking cellphone devices connected to cyberspace.

In this post, you will learn how to track location without them knowing using TheOneSpy. It works on both android and iOS devices, but you need to jailbreak iOS phones to the fullest.

Do I require an application to track location secretly?

It is the dependent way, and there is no way out to track a cellphone location without the target device knowledge without a tracking solution or software. You can have a cell phone location tracker that needs to have built-in tracking tools.

You need to choose the best solution to monitor and track cell phone devices using an online dashboard. It keeps you updated all the time about the activities of the target person. It empowers you to track live location, call logs, messages, IM’s chat, emails, and browsing activities. It means you do need an application to monitor the mobile phone secretly.

Most of the hidden and undetectable location tracking apps are not worth buying except a few. The application that unable to stay invisible on the target cellphone does not make a difference, so you need to get your hands on the best one in the business.

Track cellphone location in real-time

TheOneSpy application can track any mobile device connected to the internet secretly. The secret location tracker is worth buying and reliable to know about any cellphone loss or theft within no time. It will show the exact and current location of the target device.

How TheOneSpy works to track location secretly & remotely?

It can monitor and track any cellphone device secretly. It supports cellphones running with android and iOS operating systems.

If you are trying to know about the live and secret location of an android phone, you need to have the TheOneSpy android tracker app. It does not require rooting because it has non-rooted features.

iPhone location tracking is not possible unless you jailbreak your target device. Further, you can install an iPhone monitoring solution on the target cellphone. Moreover, you can use its powerful features to get the job done remotely and secretly.

Steps to install TheOneSpy location tracking app

Step1: Subscribe to secret location tracking software

You need to go to the webpage of TheOneSpy tracking software and get the subscription online. Users will receive an email and get a passcode and ID.

Step2: Get physical access on the target mobile device

You need to have physical access to the target phone to install a cell phone tracker on the target device. Moreover, activate the secret location tracker on the target device.

Step3: Activate the online dashboard on the target phone

Users need to access the web control panel, and further get their hands on the top features of TOS location tracking software for mobile that enable you to get accurate location of a device with accuracy.

Use TheOneSpy app features that track location secretly & remotely

It is a million dollar application and it is pack with the dozens of monitoring tools that enable users to trace any phone location without them knowing. Let’s get to know about the features given below.

Real–time tracking

End-users can use the best tracker app for cellphone and further access its online web control panel and activate the live location monitoring tool. It unveils the target person’s location secretly and remotely and displays it on the online dashboard using an electronic Map.


Parents and employers are at the top that wants to do surveillance on kid’s and employee’s location all the time. Parents don’t want to let their children go outside with anyone. They want to know where their kids have been and where they are at the moment in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Employers want to know the pinpoint location of business professionals when they are working in the field or from home. The best Spy app GPS tracker enables users to get the live location of employees using the web portal.

Location history tracker

It is one of the most functional features of cell phone tracking applications these days. It keeps users updated all the time and you can get to know about the real-time location, weekly, and daily location history that you can watch on the Google Map.


Parents are worried about the safety of the children and nowadays, date rape, online hookups; sexual hookups are trendy among teens. Parents can get to know about all the places teen has visited virtually on the map to protect teens from stalkers and sexual predators.

Location tracking without GPS

Do you know it is tough to track location of cellphone without using GPS, but TheOneSpy can send messages and track live phone calls on the target device to locate teen’s hidden whereabouts even when they turned off cellphone GPS?

Employers always have reservations about their suppliers, and they have to face sheer embarrassment from clients. So, they can use TheOneSpy tracking software that can track without using GPS of a cellphone to catch the employees that waste time here and there in their personal affairs.

Location tracking via SMS

Users can willingly send messages on the target cellphone device, and when the message receives the target phone, it sends the current and accurate location of the target mobile device.


It is a helpful tool for parents because teenagers don’t respond to parents while having parties and drug abuse. Parents can send a bug via SMS on the phone, and when it gets received, the user will track real-time location.


It is a kind of tool that enables users to create an electronic fence to prevent kids from surrounding neighborhoods. Users can get instant alerts via email and get to know whether the target person has entered the fence or left it.


Parents and employers need to use TheOneSpy to track the location of kids and employees secretly and remotely.


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