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If you are thinking of buying vape wholesale and retail by starting an online store, then you are spot on because you are jumping into a booming market. The vape market is seeing a significant boom with more smokers kicking their tobacco cravings to the curb and turning to e-cigarettes and vaping to help them soothe their desire. 

The reason for this massive jump seems to stem from research in some quarters that vaping helps people quit smoking and it is healthier than tobacco because it exposes users to none of the cancer-causing toxins and other chemical ingredients that are harmful to the body.

So, if you want to start a vape business online and run it successfully, then you are in the right place. In this article, you will learn the most important tip that the success of your online vape store will depend on. 

Before we jump into the tips for running a successful online vaping store, where you buy vapes wholesale and retail, let’s give you a crash course on vaping devices.

Understanding Vape Products and E-liquid

There are a thousand and one vaping devices available on the market today, and while that is the reason the profit margin is so huge, it is the same reason most retailers are confused because of the vaping lingua and other terminologies. So, let’s back up to the top

E-juice and E-liquid

A vaping device works by the internal battery heating up the juice tank which contains both wick and flavored e-liquid (also called e-juice – e-juice and e-liquid mean the same thing) to produce clouds or vapes for vapers to inhale. Every e-liquid is made up of four components;

  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Nicotine
  • Flavoring

The exact ratio of each of the components is totally up to the manufacturers, but the type of flavoring used and the nicotine level of the customer also play an important role. 

Coils and Heating

The component of the vaping device that heats up the juice tank when activated is known as the atomizer or coil. The coil is simply a metal-heating metal and wick that absorbs flavored e-liquid from the juice tank. Most disposables either have a button to activate the heating or come with an automatic-firing mechanism that kicks in every time users inhale the device.

Vape Pens and Disposables

The configuration of a disposable vape is largely dependent on the manufacturer. That being said, most disposable vape pens come ready-to-vape, meaning the e-juice tank is already filled with e-liquid and the battery is already fully charged. As the name suggests, a disposable vape pen requires no setup or refilling and recharging when both the battery and the e-juice tank are empty. At this point, you have to dispose of it and get a new one.

however, there are two types of disposable devices. Rechargeable devices and non-rechargeable dispososables. A rechargeable disposable is one that users can recharge with a micro-USB cable when the battery is almost empty and the juice intensity has waned. Charging for 30 to 40 minutes brings it back to life. On the other hand, non-rechargeable disposables can’t be recharged.

Furthermore, irrespective of the type of disposable, whether rechargeable or non-rechargeable, both can not be refilled with e-juice if the tank is empty.

Vape Tanks and Mods

The more advanced vaping devices are called mods. These consist of the main unit, and a fire button which is connected to a tank that users fill up manually. The tanks can be detached allowing users to replace the coils. Mods and vape tanks are for serious cloud chasers who want to have a good time.

What are the Products You Can Sell as an Online Vape Retailer?

There is an endless line of vaping products that you can sell and never run out of customers.. most vaping devices are designed to encourage repeat purchases, so the lifetime value of one customer is quite high. For example, the coils will burn out after a while and needs to be replaced. The e-juice tank will dry out and the battery will run down because of consistent use.

Also, vaping device chargers and cords will be needed because let’s face it, they get missing almost all the time. So, here is a quick list of some of the vaping devices and accessories you can add to your inventory;

  • E-liquids
  • Mods
  • Mod batteries
  • Battery cords and chargers
  • Coils
  • Vape tank
  • Replacement tank o-ring
  • Cotton
  • Wire
  • Disposable vapes

The Number 1 Tip for Starting an Online Vaping Store

The difference between failure and success when running your online vape store is finding the right vape wholesale supplier. Irrespective of whether you want to dropship or you want to buy vape wholesale, the right supplier is the key to your business succeeding.

Here are 7 things to look out for when choosing the right wholesale vape supplier;

  • Location
  • Product Range
  • Price
  • Product Authenticity
  • Shipping and Delivery
  • Product Warranty and Return
  • Regulation Compliance

Finding Vape Wholesale Suppliers in China vs American Vape Suppliers – Which is Better?

Pros of Chinese Vape Suppliers 

If there is anything that a Chinese supplier guarantees you is lower prices and a wide product range. This is because the vaping device was invented in China. Using a Chinese supplier opens you up to a wide array of products at the best prices. They are a good fit if you have the capital to stock up your warehouse (who does that any more?)

Cons of Chinese Vape Suppliers

Using a Chinese vape supplier can be the death of your online store. This is because shipping from China can take weeks and your customer wants to vape now. Also, there is the challenge of return and warranty, coupled with the different time zones and language barrier. So, what you are getting in low prices, you are going to lose in delayed fulfillment and loss of business. 

Pros of US-based Vape Supplier

US-based supplier offers you fast shipping and customer support. Since they operate in the same time zone and no language barrier meaning you have a business partner to help you run your online store smoothly. Faster shipping means your customers can get their vape devices on time. Also, e-cigarettes in the US have a higher manufacturing requirement which is why they are trusted. This means customers get quality vapes and premium e-liquids

Cons of US-based Vape Supplier

They offer a limited range of products and the prices are higher.

Chinese Vape Suppliers US-Based Suppliers
Wide product range Limited product range
Lower prices Higher prices
Access to so many manufacturers Fast shipping and delivery
Poor business support Better customer support
Delayed shipping
Different time zone

Vaperboss – The Right Vape Wholesale Supplier

Vaperboss is the solution to the Chinese and US-based supplier conundrum. Vaper Boss offers a wide range of vaping devices. If you can’t find the product you are looking for on Vaperboss, then be rest assured that you can’t find it anywhere else.

Vaperboss is the number one name in the mouth of most vape store owners because they tick the 7 boxes listed above. Not only does Vaperboss stock the latest vape devices and provide different options for you, but more than anything, they offer the best prices so you can have a profitable business.

In addition, Vaperboss provides relevant information that you need as a store owner, whether the best-selling vape devices to stock or the e=juice that is fast-selling. This is because Vaperboss cares about your business and wants you to succeed. 

Finally, Vaperboss has an extensive delivery system that guarantees super-fast deliveries and customer support. With Vaperboss, you have a partner to grow your business. Visit Vaperboss today to get started. 


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