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Covid19 in 2020 has clearly established the power of audio communications since social distancing and ordering online demanded clear communications over other formats like texting, SMS, messaging. There is an intangible clarity and nuance in an audio conversation, called “emphatic accuracy” that text or messaging do not convey to listeners (University of Austin, Texas). Businesses are leveraging these vital human behavioral patterns with  Voice call API to deliver the needed services.

In-app audio call functionality is inexpensive technology available as voice call SDK for businesses to build an entire voice experience for their users. 

The following sections discuss in detail the benefits of using in-app voice API:

Why have In-App Audio Calls Become Popular  

In-app voice chat services are tools that developers can offer their customers to engage communities over voice and video. Partners can empower the community within the apps. This addresses the current demand for social networking experience within the app itself and not losing out customers to third parties.

Hence, it makes for great business intelligence since academics have found that voice-only communication drives empathic  accuracy.

In-App audio calls : Benefits

In-app voice calling api are commonly used by businesses since it is easy to launch from the browser, is an affordable technology that ties-down users’ to remain on the app itself and interact. 

1. Clear and Effective

Researches and analysis identified that audio communication offers maximum communication. It minimizes the risk of misinterpretation by the listener and eliminates complicated steps to communicate between stakeholders.

2. Cost-Effective

In-app voice calling feature lowers the costs involved in overseas calls and automates calls in traditional formats. Voice chats are more advanced than regular phone calls solutions because they eliminate the need for expensive infrastructure equipment and their maintenance. 

3. Convenient to use

By incorporating an in app audio calling feature connecting multiple users is easy and simplified. For contacts it is easy to  identify the people they want to connect with within the contact list. Or  initiate a call at the touch of a screen icon or a button, without any interruption in the processes involved, since communications are over the internet. It is also so easy to use across devices regardless of the operating system or device type.

4. Audio Conferencing

One of the major advantages of using in-app calls is the ability to create audio conferencing platforms. As organizations deal with multiple clients virtually audio conferencing solutions allow employees and businesses to engage directly with the end user. Typically 4 to 12 users can confer on a call and share the ideal strength of members to complete a business meeting.  A one to one conversation or consultation between a doctor and patient or employee interview can be conducted using in call in-app audio feature.

5. Advanced Features 

The use of voice call API will enable several enhanced communication processes in comparison  to a simple phone call. The functions are varied and address different requirements of business Communications. Use of voice chat platforms within the website will engage the end user in  instant messaging providing the necessary information the user is seeking. The APIs stress user satisfaction and businesses are able to operate in a secure environment. Using the id that is validated, or end-user is allowed multiple access to the contact list and the the use of setting up group calls and including additional users on a given call.  

Hence voice AP eyes are very flexible and support voice chat services like customizing and allowing unique business needs to be met.

6. Superior Quality Voice Chat Apps

Maturing app ecosystem allows the continued delivery of quality benefits to end users in comparison to traditional phone calls. By use of chat apps communication becomes clear in what the speaker intends to convey and there is no latency, nor call drop issues and interference either.

7. Call Recording Service

The advantage with using voice call apps is that calls can be recorded and saved. These are ideal when data provided during the call needs to be referenced for the business development or critical messages that need to be reviewed by doctors in the consultation process. The audio conferencing factor has additional quality of order additional quality to conferencing purposes. Using the call recording service auditing of meetings and conversations are completed and this further enhances the virtual services delivery and conduct. In each of these cases the use of voice chat app only allows more detailed persuasive client engagement, since call logs can be reviewed and the documentation for references are easily accessible. 

8. Secure

The use of in-app audio calling feature will protect the use of data in terms of encryption as compared to the traditional conventional phone call in AP solutions are more advanced voice chat solutions because of the encryption protocols as well as security protection of all these are available on such platforms.

Why MirrorFly Voice Calling API Integration is your Solution?

Mirrorfly offers developers an ecosystem that supports the entire in-app voice functionality life cycle. Leveraging artificial intelligence in real-time, the api’s it offers allows developers to incorporate audio feed and video feed. Customization of the API for the specific business needs is where they are the differentiator. 

Developers need to look no further than Mirrorfly audio solutions to integrate into the business app. With basic and minimum code, these voice calling Apps will enrich and enhance the capabilities of the company. As a developer when embedding is the API that allows receipt and monitor a program. 

Mirrofly Voice APIs are effective at two levels – one at the basic business level where it enhances the experience and offers easy scaling. Secondly, it provides a competitive edge allowing businesses to build and thrive within the market competition.

When businesses begin to build a customized voice calling app it ensures they have the technology to access the target audience, provide the information they demand and facilitate delivery of services across platforms. 

  • Customize voice calling features in-app include functionalities like-online conferencing facility, IVR Technology, call forwarding facility and encrypted voice calling. 
  • Personalization of conversations with experience you achieve with voice chat apps


In embedding the Mirrofly In-app audio API on your website you are assured of quality communications voice calling functionality on customer mobiles and other devices. The conversations remain completely safe and secure. In-app calls are easy to record and add a dynamic to business conversations such that the details remain easy to access for all parties involved in the conversations.

In the case of voice calling and voice chat features include customer agent and customer engagement such that the conversations are on track. Financial outcome of integrating in-app voice calling features is in building chat apps that are cost effective. It takes a very short time to be implemented within the website ecosystem.

They are able to include features such as making calls, receiving calls and monitoring calls from anywhere in the world. Mirrorfly provides the best online experience with their voice and audio call API. The possibilities of these are unlimited and intelligent next generation conversations will have greater scope.


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