Diwali Gifting

Diwali Gifts 2022

Diwali in India is a feeling in itself. It is celebrated with great grandeur and full of happiness across the country. Diwali is a ‘festival of lights’ when everyone gathers with friends and family to celebrate, worship Goddess Lakshmi and have fun. During this festival, lighting diyas and setting off fireworks is a part of the celebration to mark the triumph of ‘good over evil’. This is that time of the year when individuals spend hours finding the best gifts for their loved ones and gift them personally or by sending them through mail as a ritual. Giving gifts is a symbol of spreading love and a way to make the receiver feel special.


This annual religious festival marks the start of the Hindu New Year. The celebration of this festival aims at bringing prosperity, peace, and wealth to people’s homes for the coming year. Gifts or presents exchanged during Diwali are the most special of all as they don’t wait for any one person’s birthday and have become a  customary tradition which is celebrated by all with everyone. Diwali Gifts symbolize the excitement that starts with unwrapping them full of happiness. In such a scenario, such gifts shouldn’t be old-boring types of presents like some coffee mug, or an equally disappointing dry fruit set. Though there is nothing wrong with these gifts either they don’t mark the level of excitement that the person had before opening those Diwali gifts. The presents for your loved ones need to be special, useful and definitely Smart! 


Such articles/ items that are served as gifts need to be thoughtful and unique and should be thoroughly appreciated by the receiver.


Smart gifting ideas

Well, Diwali is almost here, and shopping for the same has already begun. All markets are full of lights, decorative items, diyas, new clothes, sweets, firecrackers, and a lot of excitement. With markets, shopping centers have launched the best of offers to their customers to boost their sales and bring the festival to the next level!

According to Drik Pnachang, Diwali, the festival of light, begins every year from Krishna Paksha Trayodashi, i.e. 28th day of Ashwin month of the Hindu calendar. It ends on Shukla Paksha Dwitiya, i.e 2nd day of Kartik month.

Diwali Gifts should be something thoroughly decided and should be useful, it should be bringing not just joy to one’s face but should also bring comfort to one’s house. Here are some amazing gifting ideas for this Diwali-

Smart speakers:

What are Smart Speakers? Smart speakers are internet-enabled speakers that can not only play music but also can work according to voice commands. It is ideal when the receiver prefers songs over all other sources of fun. They need music and amazing songs to sleep, to work, and for their daily chores. These people are fond of podcasts and are big story lovers.

Picking the best ones can be a tedious task. There are some points that one needs to keep in mind while deciding on the best of those speakers-

  1. Look for features: it depends upon your need if you want a touch screen or music quality as your top concern.
  2. Voice assistant preference: There are three worth using—Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri.


Smart portable projector:

Projecting a phone screen to the projector is bliss and has never been easier before. 

What are smart projectors? Smart portable projectors are high-quality and high-performance multi-functional projectors that offer high clarity, theatre quality sound, and have voice command features that are portable i.e, they can be carried easily anywhere and everywhere. These can be very usable and portable gifting options for those who love movies.

With these smart portable projectors, you can say goodbye to cable cutters and external devices. The built-in app center caters to all entertainment needs.


What to look for?

Video projectors have long been used as a presentation tool in business and commercial entertainment, as well as in some high-end home theatre systems. However, video projectors are becoming more affordable, portable, and smart as Diwali Gifts. Those are available for most people. Check out some valuable tips before buying a smart portable video projector:

  1. Cost
  2. Pixel density
  3. Portability and voice command features 
  4. Colour reproduction 
  5. Inputs, etc
Smart water bottle:

What is a smart water bottle? It is a water bottle that self-cleans the bottle and purifies the water inside. These bottles are integrated with some software that allows your bottle to connect to a phone application. At the basic level, a phone app can usually track the amount of water you have consumed, what your ounce goals are for the day, and how many ounces you have left to drink.

In a world where clean water is a big problem, smart bottles are a blessing and the industry for smart water bottles is booming. The industries tend to cater to customer needs and different lifestyles. They aim not just to hydrate people, but also, these tech equipment are designed to boost simplicity and ease of use while promoting health and quality of life.


Some great features of Smart water bottles:

– Water-tracking app: these bottles keep a track of your water intake and constantly sends alerts to remind you to stay hydrated through the app

– Sleekness and high-tech performance: bottles are usually sleek to fit into any bag and guarantee the best performance 


Pocket photo printer-

What is a Pocket photo printer? It is a pocket printer that allows you to print photos whenever you want. You can carry the same to your desired location without any hustle due to its compactness.

These printers are great gifts for every occasion from a party, a wedding, or any social event to professional use. It offers an ability to share physical experiences shot through a phone or other gadget. Mini prints, in contrast, are priceless souvenirs that people will keep and treasure.

Look for the following while choosing a photo printer for you-

– ink types and printing quality 

– Speed

– Running cost

– Paper range

– Colour accuracy 


Wireless charger-

What is a wireless charger? The wireless charger is a portable charging device that helps you charge your phone from anywhere and at any time. Such gifts are suitable for all ages. It is a wonderful companion for all travel needs and can be customized as something stylish, beautiful, and cute.

What to look for?



-Battery pack and capacity

-Design and body-quality 


The ultimate gift- Smi-Fi as a Diwali Gift


EpVi’s IoT device, SmiFi is a proven solution that targets to avoid energy-related problems and thereby, avoid the horrors of short circuits and life-threatening electrical shocks. EpVi has also been recognized to reduce the severe impact on the environment caused by coal-generated electricity and harmful carbon emissions. As a result, SmiFi caters to solving real-life electrical problems that are not just relevant to each household, but also have become an essential need for each family.

Smi-Fi is the most ideal gifting item for each home. Smi-Fi caters all electrical needs of a house. It boosts money savings on electricity bills by up to 30% . How? It does so by reducing electricity wastage and by regular alerts available on Cosmos app. It is also aimed at accelerating environmental savings as it puts no pressure on natural resources. More than essentiality, Smi-Fi becomes a security guard where it protects the entire home like a guard from all electrical faults, fire- risks, and fluctuations that can be counted as a boon for a family consisting of children and senior citizens.

This budget-friendly gift item comes with a smartphone app subscription that offers 24*7 energy tracking and monitoring. It comes with voice assistant command features like Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant that enable you to take charge of electrical gadgets using your powerful voice. Along with its many benefits, one can find that it keeps a check on your home appliances, maintains their health, and boosts the health, life, and performance of the appliance.

This Diwali season, EpVi is offering a coupon code-SMART50 that gives huge discounts linked to app download on Smi-Fi .



Thus Diwali can bring a large smile to your loved one’s faces if you give them things that they appreciate and want, according to their age and preferences. With so many online shopping possibilities, you can now look for various gift items from the comfort of your own home and select the greatest Diwali gift for loved ones that they deserve.


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