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How to Use Web Push Notification to Increase Conversion Rates

Web Push Notification (WPN) technology is an emerging way to reach consumers with ads. Internet browsers and fixed equipment equipped with this technology send information and advertisements to Internet users who have opted-in. Outpush is an advertising platform that uses WPN to connect advertisers and e-commerce websites. It uses WPN technology to deliver relevant ads to users who have given consent to receive these messages. To create your own WPN campaign, follow these steps:

XML content

What is the XML content of web push notifications? These are notifications that are sent to users of a website. In order for the user to receive the notification, the XML must be in an understandable format. If a user wants to receive a specific notification, he or she must set the appropriate headers. The XML content of a web push notification is typically a small text file with a set of headers. The message must be sent as soon as possible.

The XML content of a web push notification can be static or dynamic. You can create a Web push notification using either a Dynamic Web Push or a Rich web push. You will need to know which one your website is using. A Web push notification containing emoticons is an example of a dynamic web notification. You can customize the XML content to include these emoticons.

Character limits

The question of character limits for web push notifications has been a raging one for marketers. Character limits are different on various browsers and devices. If you want to send a compelling and personalized message to your subscribers, you must ensure that your messages are within the character limit. Below are some tips to help you write your notifications within the character limit. Keep in mind that the character limit for web push notifications can be different than that for app push notifications.

Depending on the browser, web push notifications can reach the lock screen of Android devices or the left or right corner of the desktop. When sending a web push notification, consumers must opt-in and accept it. However, the character limit for Chrome is 50 characters. The best messages are under 100 characters. If you want to make the most of your messages, the character limit for web push notifications is much lower.

Native opt-in

A native opt-in for web push notification can be an effective tool to boost engagement with website visitors. It reminds users of incomplete profiles, abandoned carts, and exciting opportunities. In addition, it can be timed to appear when visitors enter a website or after a specific amount of time. It is perfect for websites that cater to users with active lifestyles, like fitness enthusiasts, job portals, educational portals, and nutrition sites.

Web push notification is a permission-based marketing channel, and users must opt-in to receive notifications from a brand. An opt-in prompt appears in a web browser, called a browser-based prompt. Each brand can handle this opt-in process differently. Most providers will let you control the timing and method for your opt-in process. Once subscribers have consented to receive notifications, they will be taken to your brand’s website to see the notification.


Retargeting your audience with web push notifications wpn has many benefits. Not only are these notifications browser based, they don’t fall victim to spam filters and inbox inertia. And, because they are segmented by customer profile, you can target them anywhere on the internet. This method can increase conversion rates by as much as 40%. Below are some tips for implementing a successful retargeting campaign.

Segment your audience to create multiple retargeting campaigns. You can target your audience by setting additional criteria such as the device they are using. Then, use a parent message with multiple app platforms, or disable targeting on specific platforms. You can also create separate child messages tied to specific channels. This way, you can send different messages to different segments based on their behavior. You can target the same audiences with different messages, each with a different focus.

Action buttons

If you want your notifications to do more than just let users know what’s on their desktop, you can use action buttons. These buttons are available on notifications that have been expanded – this can be done by long pressing, sliding, or clicking the “View” button. When a user clicks on an action button, he or she will be directed to a URL that allows them to do more. You can use webhooks to implement custom actions when users click on these buttons, too.

When designing your notification, make sure to consider the platform limitations. Without considering the platform of your subscribers, you may end up with a generic, unattractive notification. For this reason, catering for platform differences is essential for providing a good user experience and creating clean, professional notifications. Pushcrew also found that web push notifications with rich media were more likely to receive click-throughs. It is important to understand the limitations of each platform to ensure that you are using the right features.


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