Websites To Promote YouTube Channel & Get Real YouTube Views
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In actuality, the vast majority of YouTube videos typically only receive a few views. This is why you, as a YouTuber, need the websites to promote YouTube channel.

It is now simpler than ever to make high-quality films using smartphones and instantly submit them to YouTube thanks to technological advancements.

However, there is no assurance that anyone will watch them given the over 300 hours of video that are uploaded to YouTube every single minute.

Nothing is more upsetting than producing top-notch videos, uploading them, and then failing to receive any feedback.

How therefore can I expand my channel and profit from the huge traffic that appears to be exclusive to those major brands?

1. Expand Your YouTube Channel by Using Facebook Groups

Currently, Facebook has more than 2 billion active, internationally registered users who log in at least everyday and spend at least 30 minutes on the site. 32% of these consumers regularly interact on social media with their preferred brands.

Considering that YouTube has a second-place user base of over 1.5 billion, combining the two can help you generate a lot of traffic.

But how can you use the websites to promote YouTube channel?

Joining the Facebook groups where your audience hangs out and posting your videos is one of the most effective ways to market your YouTube channel.

Repurposing a significant portion of your recordings and uploading them as native videos on Facebook is an additional, less well-known strategy.

2. Use Twitter hashtags to promote your YouTube channel

Twitter is perhaps one of the most popular social networking sites, with more than 336 million international monthly active users. It is therefore one of the best ways to advertise your YouTube channel.

When you utilise hashtags to promote your YouTube channel on Twitter, it’s easy to attract subscribers who might be interested in watching your videos.

Additionally, it will make it simple for you to contact and interact with other content producers.

The easiest strategy to achieve some traction in the beginning is to start following as many relevant individuals as you can.

3. Upload YouTube videos to Reddit

Another website with a significant increase in subscribers over the past few years is

Because of this, it is still a useful tool for people who want to drive traffic to their YouTube channels. To perfect it, you must have some patience, though.

Reddit hosts a wide range of forums and sub-reddits that are dedicated to particular TV shows, musicians, artists, games, and more.

To succeed with it, all you need to do is identify pertinent sub-reddits to publish your YouTube videos on and engage in these groups.

4. Tumblr for marketing your YouTube channel

Despite having a massive user base and currently being one of the most undervalued social networks, Tumblr is one of the finest places to advertise your YouTube channel.

In order to ensure that their YouTube videos are seen by the proper people, the website provides users with a tagging system that Vloggers can use in conjunction with posting them.

The platform’s re-blogging feature makes it so that videos shared there are frequently viral.

5. Promote Your Channel to Family and Friends

One of the finest and free methods to promote YouTube videos is through friends and family.

Your relatives, acquaintances, and coworkers almost certainly spend the majority of their time online in this digital age.

Because of this, utilising them to advertise your YouTube channel is an excellent idea.

To accomplish this, send them links to your YouTube videos via social media or another channel they use, and urge them to view, like, and share them with their friends.

6. Grow Your YouTube Channel’s Email List

Video material may be promoted using email marketing just like any other type of content.

Make sure your audience is aware of your new content postings once you release fresh, high-quality films.

Email marketing can help with this. You can utilise it as a YouTube creator to directly contact your devoted viewers through their inboxes.

You shouldn’t be hesitant to inform your email subscribers about your YouTube channel if you already have one.

Create some excellent video material, promote it widely on your channel, and ask for an email address from everyone who wants to download it if you want to get new leads.

7. Share brief YouTube videos on Vine, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Posting any brief but memorable segments from your YouTube video on short-video platforms is one of the finest strategies to advertise your channel there.

Your video will probably be seen there if you do this, and people will want to watch the entire thing.

Just be sure to include something that will pique your audience’s interest. For instance, at the conclusion of the clip, you may advise viewers to read your profile to get the YouTube channel link, which will take them to the complete video.

Before deciding how to promote your YouTube channel, keep these things in mind

The best method to increase the popularity of your YouTube channel is to learn how to market it.

The first step is to produce very high quality videos and optimise them so that everyone can access them via search engines and potential viewers.

Then, using as many internet venues as you can, you may start promoting your YouTube channel.

But keep in mind to concentrate more on the approaches that best suit your audience.

However, there is a more potent YouTube paid advertising technique that you may utilise if you are one of those Vloggers who uses your YouTube channel to promote your company, product, or services.

This is Promozle, a well-known website for video marketing that promotes video discovery.

You can market your YouTube videos and make the most money by hiring experts from Promozle. Additionally, you will receive marketing strategies that can help your YouTube channel succeed even more.

Using YouTube to Promote Your Music

  1. Create a brand
  2. Small Images in Spotlight
  3. Provide a Variety of Video Content
  4. Promote Your Videos Across Different Platforms
  5. Working with Other Musicians
  6. Last Words

If you play music, whether solo or in a band, you should surely work on growing your fan base. In the past, artists had to work with specialised PR firms to do this. Nowadays, anyone who is a musician may start a self-promotion campaign thanks to the internet and social media. Although there are clear benefits, the biggest disadvantage is that there are many independent musicians, including yourself, who wish to take use of online platforms, which increases competition in the market.

Therefore, you must effectively advertise your musical art if you want your marketing approach to be really effective. Naturally, not every artist feels like learning marketing strategies and organising a publicity campaign for their bands or themselves. However, if you truly want to become successful in the future, you must do this.

There are many digital platforms where you can promote yourself, but YouTube is the best due to its enormous popularity and huge user base. What can you actually do to advertise your music on YouTube, then?

Create a brand

Sadly, even if you are extremely gifted, having wonderful songs with impactful lyrics alone won’t help you expand your fan base. You must build your personal brand in order to address this issue. Simply said, a brand is an amalgamation of your musical output and the unique background behind that output. When people hear your name, they will immediately recognise you if your brand is effective. This will eventually lead to the development of a devoted following.

Small Images in Spotlight

Unexpectedly, there are other aspects of YouTube fame other than music. You make your videos accessible to users when you publish them to the site. You want people to select your products over those of your rivals. And at that point, a thumbnail is quite helpful. A strong thumbnail may grab viewers’ attention right away and encourage them to learn more about you, your company, and your music videos. Use of vibrant, excellent-quality, and expert photographs is the fundamental guideline. Always remember to snap images when filming a video for your channel. Later, you’ll be able to quickly alter them or make new ones from scratch using a youtube thumbnail maker.

Offer a Variety of Video Material Since YouTube is a video-based platform, videos are the main kind of content you should produce. Video is a powerful tool for engaging your audience and promoting your work. Your YouTube channel serves primarily as a platform for posting and promoting your music videos as an artist. There are several issues with this, though. In order to keep your subscribers engaged and interested, you won’t be able to generate as many high-quality, unique music videos professionally. Second, even if your music is excellent, your listeners could become tired of it if you don’t provide them with any other options. On YouTube, there are many different ways to promote your music.You could, for instance, include vlogs, artist covers, Q&A sessions, behind-the-scenes footage, etc. You’ll be able to create a true musical community as a result. The additional material indicated above significantly adds to your brand’s storytelling, which is beneficial for keeping subscribers and boosting your visibility.

Promote Your Videos Across Different Platforms

Let’s face it, YouTube is filled with fantastic music from many excellent musicians, but not every one of them succeeds in becoming well-known. The problem is that there is so much competition that even channels that are designed professionally can quickly get missed. You must look for different means of making your channel very prominent in order to prevent this circumstance. Using additional internet platforms and tools to invite people to your channel is another of the most effective strategies. For instance, consider sharing the movie on your Facebook page or Instagram stories. You could also try incorporating it within a monthly newsletter.

Working with Other Musicians

Another effective method is to collaborate with musicians who are part of your same genre or who have similar audience segments. It’s important to note that there are numerous ways to collaborate with coworkers. You may collaborate on a song or appear on each other’s CD, for instance. As an alternative, you may start a music competition or battle, or even a combined Q&A session. Additionally, recommendations are a powerful tool for expanding your audience and fan base.

Last Words

It goes without saying that you want to go quickly and succeed. It will, however, be more likely to result in the creation of a well-known YouTube channel with thousands of active followers if you do it gently but steadily, step by step. Spend some time building an authentic and consistent brand before you start marketing yourself online.


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