Weddings are a feast to the eyes and the souls. Moreover, when we talk about summer wedding trends, we can’t stop gushing over the endless list of inspirations for an attire that will enhance the warmth of the summer season. Unquestionably, there is an ideal outfit that will match the wedding trends for the summer of 2021. All you have to do is find it. 

Wedding festivities mean dressing up more than usual and having more fun than usual. However, the coronavirus has changed how weddings should take place drastically. This monumental impact has been worse than our anticipation. People are no longer fretting over the top summer wedding trends in 2021. They have better things to worry over in this scenario. 

One bitter truth is that bridal masks are the new sass because this accessory has more advantages than strategies for bridal beauty on the biggest day of the bride’s life. 

Now we have had a glimpse of how the latest summer wedding trends revolve around people’s safety. So, let us have an elaborate discussion on the same topic. 

A list of top 7 wedding fashion trends for this summer season – 

Since it is time for you to ring in your wedding this summer, we have prepared a list of the seven latest wedding outfit trends that are a part of a complete guide for your intimate lockdown wedding. This list will make your face shine and glow instantly. 

1. Lehenga with light, soft pastel shades – 

Summers mean humidity and sweat. So, all brides and bridesmaids need a soothing summer wedding dress color to turn all heads and yet not be overdressed. The craze for pastel hues has been in the fashion industry for a long time. It is a safe option as it doesn’t add too much color to the eyes of the crowd. 

You can add a bit of gleaming beadwork or mirrorwork on the pastel shade lehenga to give your look a ‘WOW’ factor. 

Picture Courtesy- Pinterest

2. A lehenga with floral print – 

Floral prints on lehengas are preferred in all seasons, be it summer or be it spring. Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor Khan is also in love with it. Her head-over-heels love is justified because this lehenga with flowers all over the body is vibrant and spunky even without any jewel work. 

You can also skip wearing any ornaments with this top summer wedding trend outfit. 

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3. Traditional lehenga with contemporary magic in it – 

All traditional lehengas are supposedly very heavy in embroidery work and beadwork. However, if you want to switch from a vintage lehenga into a contemporary chic lehenga, try choosing a monochromatic lehenga.

For example – you can take inspiration from Kiara Advani’s photoshoot for summer wedding dress trends. The lehenga worn by her had a deep neckline, a sleeveless blouse with shimmer and glitter, and a long skirt-like lehenga with heavy embellishment work throughout. 

Picture Courtesy – Vougue

4. Lehenga with ruffled sleeves – 

Weddings mean numerous rituals, numerous occasions where you need to dress up and look like you belong there. One such occasion trending in this summer wedding season is a cocktail party. You can’t wear an old-school lehenga without any tinge of uniqueness in it to a cocktail party. 

So, we suggest you wear any light colors lehenga with ruffled sleeves. This ivory-colored embellished lehenga is surely going to grab more eyeballs than you can count. 

Picture Courtesy – Pinterest

5. Lehenga with delicate sequin work – 

One of the fanciest wedding reception trends for summer is a shimmering, glowing lehenga. Your wedding ensemble is incomplete unless you walk into your wedding reception party with an added flavor of dramatic glamour in your outfit and make-up. 

The crowds will be gasping for breath if you take outfit inspiration from Jhanvi Kapoor’s gorgeous sequinned lehenga. To add a contrast to the outfit, you can choose a red-colored dupatta with a gold lehenga. You won’t require any over-the-top makeup or stunning jewelry pieces to go with this attire. 

Picture Courtesy – Pinterest

7. Classic zardosi lehenga – 

Whenever in doubt, go for an outfit that has been praised and approved by all for years now. By this, we mean wearing a timeless, heavily embellished lehenga. This lehenga has intricate pearl work and minutely done hand embroidery. People are surely going to stare at you in awe when you walk into your own wedding. 

If you want a graceful and equally elegant outfit, you can’t help but splurge on this trending summer wedding outfit. 

Picture Courtesy – Pinterest

7. Fairy-like lehenga with feathers – 

For every bride, her wedding is like an excerpt from a fairy tale. This means the bride considers herself to be the fairy or the queen. So, why not look like a fairy descending from the stairs of heaven to the mandap of her wedding? Falguni Shane Peacock has created a look that epitomizes this fairy tale wedding agenda. 

The lehenga has a fish-like structure along with sleeves that have feathers and furs attached to it. Katrina Kaif has nailed this look. If you want to look similar to this icon of the Bollywood industry, try purchasing a similarly designed lehenga. 

Picture Courtesy – Riwaaya

A few ‘new normal’ wedding trends everyone should follow this summer of 2021 – 

  • A destination wedding has always been a craze amongst all brides and grooms. However, this has ceased to exist in this pandemic. Having said that, in the summer of 2021, a destination wedding has resurfaced with a plot twist. 

What is the twist which has made destination wedding possible again? 

Brides and grooms have now begun looking for wedding venues that are close to the city in which they live. Also, since the guest count is low, a destination wedding has become affordable. 

You don’t need to travel to another city or another country to host your wedding. It is practically impossible. Instead, you can prefer local yet not-so-local venues. 

  • Another topmost summer wedding trend is the concept of lighting which is an important wedding decor idea. This has gained momentum in the summer of 2021 because pandemic has given way to garden or backyard wedding. 

Since the norm of a wedding has changed, you might need to use loads of strings of lights to make canopies out of them. You can also use spotlights and light bulbs. These lighting ideas will enhance the beauty of the wedding venue. 

  • Using technology to ensure all relatives and loved ones who couldn’t be present at the wedding physically have a sense of the wedding has become a trend. How so? 

This has happened through live streams via Zoom or Skype or Google Meet. 

  • Since a small, intimate wedding is the new normal, wedding planners have made it a point to use decor items that can be recycled and reused after the wedding is over. Going minimalist in weddings has become the new summer wedding trend of 2021. 

An ending note on the wedding trends for the summer of 2021 – 

Previously, the planning and designing of summer weddings had one standard way. That has changed tremendously since 2020. Initially, weddings got postponed. 

However, people decided to change their minds and host indoor weddings with a handful of guests when they realized that this crisis is a long-term crisis. The lockdown has made wedding shopping everything but convenient. Hence, there are a lot of new summer wedding trends noticed in 2021. 

We have discussed all possible new trends that made their way into intimate weddings, be it wedding fashion, wedding guests, or wedding food. We hope you have gotten some takeaways for your wedding during the pandemic, be it the summer of next year if this pandemic lasts longer than we want. 

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