Seat Ibiza Bocanegra Tuning

Cars are supposed to be safe on the road for your and others’ safety. You must have it tuned to ensure the car is working fine and safe to land on the road. No matter if you have a classic or modern car, the main reason for car tuning is the same. Tuning is to improve car performance. A car tuning or upgrading regularly can improve its performance and lifetime. Some of the tunings can be done in your home garage by yourself. Whether it is to improve the engine, refill the engine oil or a better look, tuning is the best step you can follow.

Some cars are so delicate, and some are so rare. Before you spend money on cars like Seat Ibiza Bocanegra tuning or hire a tuning company for tuning, you should have some knowledge about car tuning. Otherwise, you can be frauded or can fix the wrong parts. 

Below are some of the important factors that need to be considered for car tuning:

Inhaling parts:

Just as humans, when we use some energy and force, we start to breathe more heavily so we can intake more oxygen and gain more energy to perform better. But what if our nostrils are blocked, and we cannot intake proper oxygen? You will suffocate and will sit down until you can catch your breath.

The same way is with cars; they need air to perform properly. In stock air filters, use super hybrid filters. By doing this, the air intake will be open, and the engine can use the air as much as required.

Exhaling parts:

Just as you intake oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, cars intake air and its oxygen to perform the ignitions in the engine and exhale the smoke. Emission of this smoke is very important, and else the engine may break down. This is done by the exhaust system. It is not always true that the least resistance is better and more efficient. If you change the car muffler, it is true that it will reduce the resistance, but it will also reduce the torque. Less torque means less acceleration. So minimum resistance is not necessary but just the right amount of resistance. This also affects the sound of the car, so choose this carefully. Keep the exhaust system smooth, so the emission gets easy. The more bends will affect the flow. 

Fuel Adjustment:

Fuel adjustment refers to the amount of fuel in the engine depending upon the air pressure. Both fuel amount and air pressure should be matched properly. This is done with the help of a computerised system and is often known as engine management, ECU Tuning or mapping.


When there is air inflow and the fuel, we just need an ignition to burn the fuel and make the engine run. The spark should be strong for good ignition and complete combustion. The first thing that you need to remember for ignition improvement is to have a good quality spark plug. During power, the temperature rises; therefore, it is very important that the heat capacity of the plug should be increased. They could resist high temperatures. The timing of the spark is very important. This is controlled by a computerised system, just like the fuel adjustment process. If the ignition timing and the mixture of air and fuel do not match, then it can affect the power and response of the car.


When you are driving a car, you should not only focus on the power and speed of the car. But also the brakes. Nowadays, it is easier to maintain the break. If brakes are not up to date, then you may smash into the car or a wall. Have good quality brake pads and change the brake oil on time. If you do not clean the brake dust, then this may cause noise when you apply brakes. Race pads are good for working at high temperatures.

Rims & tyres:

You can spend tens of pounds on brakes, fuel adjustments, ECU, Car mapping, exhausts, mufflers, filters, brake oil, and hence anything of the car, but if the tyres are not in good health, then all amount you spend can be wasted. This also wastes overall car performance. Make sure your car tyre has enough tread. If you want to have brand new tyres for your car, first list down the preferences. Larger wheels have a better life and have more traction compared to smaller ones. 

But if you like to ride fast, then you can go for smaller wheels as they are light in weight and can accelerate faster than the big and heavy wheels. 

Choosing the rims totally depends upon the size of the wheel. Larger wheels will need larger rims. One notable thing is that larger rims cost some extra pounds and can negatively affect the suspension. Smaller rims make the ride more smooth and more controlled.



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