Progressive Web Apps

The IT sector’s most recent effort to enhance cross-platform performance across web and mobile is PWAs.

Both serve web pages in the browser and offer the typical mobile app user experience, which are characteristics of progressive web applications.

According to a study, compared to the prior mobile site, a site employing Progressive Web App can boost speed performance by 63 percent on average. Before we get into why progressive web applications are essential, let us first define what progressive web apps are.

What Are Progressive Web Apps?

A progressive web app is an online program that performs like a native mobile program. And has features including an app icon for the home screen, responsive design, quick load times, offline capabilities, and more.

To manage requests, caching, and storing of the app shell data in a cache, progressive web apps use service workers, which operate in a distinct browser thread. This enables the app to function offline or on poor networks, as one might assume. One may also authorize users, provide push alerts, and make money with progressive web app development services.

Companies usually approach progressive web app development service providers or hire developers to do the same. Of course, one can do the website conversion to a web app alone, but it is a rather tedious task.

However, companies like AppIncubator provide progressive web app development services like a conversion from a regular website to a progressive web app by considering both companies and consumers’ needs. 

This post delves into what progressive web applications are, the benefits and drawbacks of utilising them, and solutions to help you create the best progressive web app possible.

Benefits Of Progressive Web Apps

Building progressive web applications has several advantages. It’s no secret that people are increasingly choosing mobile as their preferred method of communication with their favourite businesses.

According to Statista, more than 52 percent of online traffic in 2018 came from mobile devices, compared to 48 percent from desktops.

Additionally, there is a significantly skewed usage pattern when comparing the use of mobile applications vs. mobile browsers. Progressive web app development services offer a smooth transition between an utterly native application and a web or mobile browser.

Other advantages include quick loading, compatibility with different internet connections, consistent user experiences, integrations with app stores, and more. 

Reasons Why you Must use Progressive Web Apps

If you still believe that progressive web apps are unimportant for business success, then consider the following reasons:

  • Increase in Loading Speeds

Google reports that 53% of visitors leave websites that take more than three seconds to load. Now consider that 8.66 seconds is the perceived average page load time across various businesses and nations.

PWAs leverage local caching for static assets and service workers to request data, so even without an internet connection, the app shell loads quickly. Before any fresh information, like the most recent Tweet on Twitter Lite, is accessible & the user must establish an internet connection.

  • Flexible with Varied Speed Internet Connections

According to Atlas & Boots, although many nations have developed their internet infrastructure, the average internet speed worldwide is still 9.1 Mbps.

Consider the context of this internet speed. Yemen has the slowest internet, with a speed of 0.31 Mbps, where it would take 36 hours to download a 5GB file, as opposed to Singapore, with a speed of 60.39 Mbps, where it would take just 11 minutes.

Slower internet connections greatly benefit progressive web apps since they preload without the need for time-consuming computations that increase load times. Leading companies to opt for progressive web app development services.

  • A Reliable User Experience

The user interface and experience are the same when you use a progressive web app in the browser and the installed app on your device.

Because of this uniformity, users need to get familiar with one user interface’s features and capabilities. However, when a company’s online and mobile applications are very distinct, it might not be very pleasant when one does not operate as intended.

  • No Involvement of Middleman

Uninterrupted digital journey with poor or non-existent connectivity without a middleman engaged in the app download and installation process, independence in the app updating process. No mediator like play store or application store is involved, thus cutting costs on fees to the company.

The update is automatically done when the website is updated and when the mobile device is connected to the internet, thus making PWA development services an apt solution.

  • Maximised ROI

Seamless integration from social media gives a maximum return of investment as there is a reduced barrier between the social media and the progressive web app of the company in the discussion.

  • Less Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

As the return on investment (ROI) is seemingly high in PWAs, it is natural that the customer acquisition rate reduces. 

It is mainly owing to the seamless marketing strategy that integrates social media with the web app, leading to one more reason why companies opt for progressive web app development services.

  • Increased Flexibility 

One can work cross-platform as well, leading to more consumer traffic on the website.

PWAs make websites accessible from various devices; companies need inter-platform features on websites.  Leading to them opting for progressive web app development services.


The future of online internet browsing lies in progressive web applications. But, more than that, they could shape how customers are treated in the future of e-commerce.

Consequently, one must invest in progressive web app development services to build PWAs for their companies.

Investing in a PWA may be worthwhile given its numerous benefits, which include simplicity in development, enhanced SEO, and the creation of excellent user experiences.

If your company is looking for progressive web app development services, AppIncubator is the company to leave it to. We analyse every sort of need elicited by the client. Consumers’ and companies’ needs are considered. we come up with the best possible and viable solution for the company to maximise revenue generation.


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