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Women’s headscarf is often seen as a rescue accessory. It helps us work with a bad hair day, to keep the hair out of our face and tuck in those annoying flyaways which just won’t settle. But headscarves are more than that. They are also an interesting way to elevate your style. Headscarves for women are generally pocket friendly and go a long way. The fascinating designs and patterns on these headscarves can sometimes even qualify for a statement piece. You can expect the headscarves to bring all the vibrancy and exclusiveness to your outfit, even if it’s just a basic tee shirt and some jeans you are wearing.

The fashion world is seeing a lot of the old trends kick back, and headscarves are just one of the many. Headscarves are not just considered a fashion accessory. For many religious women, particularly Muslim women, it is worn as a symbol of modesty and respect. They do, however, also use it to create a personalized style. These women face many consequences for this choice. However, when headscarves are worn as a fashion accessory, they are mostly met with compliments and goodwill. Since the comeback of the accessory, we thought there should also be a comeback blog post for how to style it as well. So let’s jump into it and look for some head scarf styles, so next time you are going out, you have a few ideas ready to go. 

1. Headband 

Wearing a headscarf as a headband is one of the easiest and most stylish ways to add some freshness and vibrancy to your outfits. Simply wrap it around your head and tie it at the nape of your neck. You don’t always have to be contrasting the headscarf with the colours of your outfit. You can also style it as part of a monotone outfit.

2. Bandana

A bandana is one of the very popular ways to style a headscarf, particularly silk ones. You can either wear it with your hair down or in a low ponytail. Simply fold the scarf into a triangle and set it over the top of your head. Bring the end down under your hair and tie a knot there. 

3. Babushka 

Wearing your headband babushka style is great for a lot of reasons. A major portion of the cloth is visible, which means you get to show off the appealing designs on your headscarf. In case you are having a bad hair day, or a bad day for that matter, you can wear your scarf this way to help with a put-together look. If you are someone who is deeply invested in haircare and goes an extra mile to take care of your hair, wearing your scarf in this way will help you protect them from the wind and the dirt. Fold your headscarf in half and wrap it around your face. Bring the end down under your chin and tie them. Alternatively, you can also make a knot on your neck at the back. 

4. Ponytail style 

A headscarf can also do the job of a ponytail. Whether you like your ponytail low or high, the headscarf will add some funk to your attire. Make a triangle out of a headscarf, and roll the third side in until you have a long even band-like shape. Tie it in place of your regular ponytail. If you are someone who is particularly into this kind of style, there are ponytails that look like a makeshift scarf. You can count on them anytime to help you make the most out of your outfit. 

5. Turban 

Almost like a bandana, a turban tends to cover your head completely. Sit it on your head and take the loose ends to the back, tying a knot there. Some turban-specific scarves even have a fake knot on them, giving the illusion of a specific tie knot at the back. 

6. Add it to the braid 

If you have long hair and you are looking to add some color to your outfit, throwing in a headscarf in your braid is a really easy way to achieve the look. Section your hair into three parts and fold a headscarf to tie around the middle section. Then braid your hair as usual and let the headscarf follow down with the middle section. 

7. Put it in a bun 

Just like you can add a touch to your ponytail, you can also do that with a bun. Wear your bun however you like. Then wrap your scarf around it once or twice and tie it at the bottom. Let the loose ends flow, or you can tuck them in if you want. 

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