Green Herbal Tea

The sedentary, on-the-toes lifestyle we are living these days is surely not good for us both at the mental and physical levels. What makes it worse is an unhealthy diet and our favorite Indian beverage chai. Normal tea might feel cozy at once but it contains caffeine that affects our body from the inside out. It is where Herbal Tea comes in. This traditional form of tea is considered of prime importance in Ayurvedic clinic. It consists of different types of ayurvedic tea such as Kapha tea, Vatha Tea, and Pitha Tea. All of them include natural elements and herbs that are meant to give your body a much-needed purification. Adding Ayurvedic herbal tea to your daily routine could be your first step towards health and wellness. Wondering which options should be tried out? Keep scrolling the page and walk through 7 healthy options you shouldn’t give a miss.

1. Jasmine Tea

This Ayurvedic herbal tea is best for those who have a hectic schedule at the office. It consists of green tea in which Jasmine blossoms are infused. Since Jasmine smells amazing, drinking this tea could give you the experience of the fragrant floral scent that is all loaded up with antioxidants that your body needs. Furthermore, it can help to lessen heart issues and cancer risks as well. If you sip this tea in the evening after a hectic day, you can feel way better as it helps in reducing anxiety and stress. What’s more, Jasmine Tea has also been linked with weight loss benefits and can slim down your waistline, if consumed regularly.

2. Chamomile Tea

This is another amazing option you should give a try. This herbal tea with Chamomile does not just taste good but its soothing effect is what calms our body after a long, tiring day. Even studies have shown that extract of Chamomile and its inclusion in the tea can give you much peaceful sleep at night. Since it improves sleeping patterns, it is definitely the best choice for patients with insomnia. Besides, this tea also helps reduce depression and stomach ulcers problems to a great extent.

3. Rose Hip Tea

If you want to skip caffeine but want to get the same boost as it does, Rosehip tea might be the best bet. It is created from a rosehip, a part of a rose flower just below the petal. It is freshly brewed and is all loaded with vitamin C. This tea promotes the overall health of the body’s immune system while making you ready to fight common health concerns like cold and flu. So if you have been feeling sick for a while or maybe cold and flu has often been troubling you, drink this anti-inflammatory property-rich Ayurvedic herbal tea for lasting and positive effects.

4. Ginger Tea

This tea may taste a little spicy but it is a punch pack loaded with minerals and vitamins that your body needs to fight against illness. Ginger Team is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and aids in the overall digestion process too. Females in early pregnancy are often advised to drink this Ayurvedic herbal tea to get relief from nausea.

5. Lemon Balm Tea

Lemon Balm Tea is often compared with peppermint tea but the only difference is its little extra minty flavor. It is highly recommended for people facing issues of digestion, anxiety, and insomnia. This herbal tea is safe to consume and can relax your mind. Add Lemon Balm Tea to your routine if you are suffering from sleepless nights and stress issues.

6. Rooibos Tea

The next on the list is Rooibos Tea. You’ll be amazed to know that this Ayurvedic herbal tea plant is grown in South Africa and is known for its antioxidants and stress-reducing properties. People who often have stomach issues are highly recommended to drink this tea on a regular basis for the positive effect. It tastes a little sweet with a nutty blend and the tea proves a lifesaver in many ways.

7. Peppermint Tea

The option you shouldn’t give a miss while creating a list of the best Ayurvedic Herbal Tea is the one infused with the goodness of Peppermint. This tea has many positive health benefits and is ideal for people with irritable bowel syndrome. The leaves used for making this tea are taken from the spearmint plant which is later infused in the hot water. It has a fruity and spicy flavor that leaves you with the desire for more.

Start drinking Herbal tea Now

Whether you are aiming to maintain a good weight or want to get rid of digestion issues, green herbal tea can solve all your problems. The above-listed options are just some of the traditional herbal teas you can add to your routine. But make sure you consume them on a regular basis for a better and lasting effect. Also, you should follow a good diet plan to improve their overall effect. After all, you don’t want to face all that stress and anxiety again for which you specifically have started drinking this magic potion.


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