What are the best Iranian toothpastes from the consumers' point of view

Are you looking to buy Iranian products for your monthly shopping cart? It is more economical for families to buy Iranian products. But provided that the quality of products and services is as good as their foreign samples. There are some advanced options for buying the best Iranian toothpaste, which we will explain more about in the following.

What are the best Iranian toothpastes from the consumers’ point of view?

Among different brands of toothpaste, there are high-quality Iranian samples. Toothpaste that has a better price than foreign toothpaste, but also has good quality. The important thing to consider is that toothpaste is one of the main and most important health products for every person. Therefore, you should be careful in buying it.

If you do not buy the right toothpaste and do not care about the quality and health of the product, in the long run, you will have to spend more on your diseased and damaged teeth. In the following, the best Iranian toothpaste from the point of view of consumers of a website such as Digikala is discussed. Stay with us:

Merident toothpaste; Internal quality product

Maybe you are one of those people who, hearing the name Meridant, think they are dealing with a foreign product. But it is not. Meridian is a good Iranian toothpaste. The cleansing power of your meridian teeth is desirable. Its various products, which are marketed in the form of regular whitening toothpaste, also have a pleasant aroma.

Elite, according to in-house store websites such as Digikala, can also be found among consumers of Meriden whitening toothpaste. The reason for this dissatisfaction is the strength of this type of toothpaste for sensitive teeth. In fact, the use of Merident toothpaste bleach has caused some people irritation and sensitivity to sensitive gums and teeth. In general, those with sensitive teeth should be careful in choosing the right toothpaste and cautiously go for teeth whitening products.

The price of Meriden toothpaste is also very reasonable and affordable compared to foreign samples. Various types of products of this brand can be purchased at reasonable prices.

2. Enough toothpaste; Catch the pulse of the customer in hand

Bass toothpaste is also one of the Iranian toothpaste on the market. But one of the reasons it is more popular than other products is to support the current trends of the day. You must have seen charcoal toothpaste in stores. Foreign versions of these toothpaste are widely marketed; No matter what the long-term consequences of using them, they are very much in the spotlight these days.

The Bass brand has also launched a sample of charcoal toothpaste. According to the opinions of users on websites such as Digikala. Ordinary toothpaste and jelly brands for children are also of better quality than other Iranian products and they are more welcomed.

Mint toothpaste; Products from an old brand

You may also remember this business message: Paxan; thinks about the health of the family. Paxon Production Group, which is active in the production of various health products, has also launched mint toothpaste. Peppermint toothpaste is an old brand and has a good quality among Iranian products.

The brand has tried to meet the diverse needs of consumers by diversifying its product lines.

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Examples of different types include vitamin toothpaste, toothpaste for sensitive teeth, silica toothpaste, and so on. Creating diversity in the production of different products gives consumers a relatively good choice. The price of mint toothpaste is very reasonable.

Nasim is one of the best Iranian toothpaste among domestic brands. The breeze is of good quality but not so much that it can compete with foreign models. In fact, it is better to clean this toothpaste. But other tasks, such as dramatic whitening or eliminating bad breath with it, are not possible as much as their foreign counterparts. Nasim toothpaste is also very reasonably priced and with a few thousand tomans you can add an 80 to 130-gram toothpaste to your shopping cart.

the final conclusion

Remember that buying the right toothpaste is essential to keeping your mouth and teeth healthy. If you want to go to the dentist only for check-ups and examinations and avoid various surgeries and dental operations, you must brush at least twice a day. The number of times you brush, how to use it, and flossing are some of the things that you should consider in addition to choosing the right toothpaste. So do not rely only on toothpaste for teeth whitening and health.

Some Iranian toothpaste, like foreign samples, is of good quality. Before you pay attention to the price or whether the products are Iranian or foreign, think about their compatibility with your teeth and their quality. In any case, if you want to consider an Iranian brand for your toothpaste, the above options are the most popular, according to consumers.

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