IELTS coaching in Mohali

IELTS has become a popular trend rapidly. People find it very difficult to clear the IELTS exam without proper training and preparation. Thus, IELTS Institute in Mohali serves as a good guide for people who want to beat their IELTS exam by getting desired bands.

Moreover, with the help of advanced tips and tricks for all the modules and under the guidance of experienced mentors, the masses can improve their English, achieve their band scores, and fulfill their dream to migrate to foreign countries. The IELTS coaching in Mohali gives you feathers of constant preparation and guidance that help you to fly in the sky.

Different modules of IELTS:

  • Listening: In this module, people have to listen to the audio of English-speaking people or Britishers and solve the questions. It is a 40 minutes test in which students have to resolve 40 different types of questions such as fill-ups, match the column, multiple-choice questions, maps of any park or building, headings, etc. The maximum requirement is to score six bands for academic IELTS students, which is achieved by correcting 26 questions. However, in general training, students have to convert 35 questions out of 40 to get eight bands and fulfill their requirements.

  • Reading: Many pupils say it is the most challenging module in which they have to solve 40 questions within one hour and transfer their answers on the answer sheet. There is no extra time given for sharing the answers during the exam. There are three passages with different types of questions: match the column, multiple-choice questions, fill-ups, maps of any park or building or area, headings, etc.

  • Writing: Some pupils also find it difficult because it requires covering many parameters such as grammar, lexical resources, vocabulary, etc. It is also a one-hour test. There are two sections for academic and GT students, with a slight difference in task one. In the first task, academic learners have to solve any chart, graph, and map in 20 minutes maximum of 150 words, while GT students have to write formal or informal, or semi-formal letters within 20 minutes and 1560 words. Test two is an essay writing with 250 words for both academic and GT learners. This is also a full bands module in which academic students have to achieve six bands, and GT students get seven-band scores to qualify for the exam.

  • Speaking: This is the same for both GT and academic students. It is a 10-15 minutes test divided into three parts to check the language relevance level of the student with English. In the first section of the talk, some general questions related to routine life are asked. Then, in the second round of the interview, there is a cue card or general topic on which the pupils have to speak for 2 minutes without having any pause and have to cover all the questions that are asked in the cue card. After that, in the last part of the talk, the masses have to answer some follow-up questions related to the cue card. It is also a nine-band test, and students have to score a maximum of 6 for academic learners and 7 for GT students to qualify for the exam.

Let’s LEAD Educational center has all the up-to-date tips and tricks by which you can easily crack your exam and achieve your desired score.


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