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It is a fact that hair loss has become a rising trend from the past numerous years. But now, in the 21st century, medical science invented the modern method to rebuild bald hair. So, the Hair transplant in Punjab will not win your hair fall in this fight. By using new procedures, they make thousands of people feel happy. You can also check on the internet how the masses resolve their hair loss issue at the Hair transplant in Ludhiana.

Why does hair fall happen?

Well, there are different phenomena such as hormonal change, heredity, aging, medical situations, etcetera, that create a lot of obstacles in hair growth. Apart from this, nowadays, air pollution is one of the most rising factors that negatively impact hair growth. Due to this, several chemicals of dust particles stuck into the hair and stopped the hair follicles from producing healthy hair, leading to constant hair fall.

What are the significant roles that become hair restoration surgery successful?

  • Hair follicle: A hair follicle refers to the hair’s internal root surrounded by two sheaths and a germinative bulb. The strand has three layers:

  • The infundibulum: It comes from the skin’s surface and combines with the sebaceous gland duct.

  • Isthmus: Isthmus commences from the sebaceous duct and ends at the arrector pili muscles.

  • Inferior segment: This layer begins from the muscle insertion and is the base of the matrix.

  • Bulb: the profound chunk of the hair follicle which creates the hair shaft (called hair matrix), regulates growth (dermal papilla), and produces color (melanocytes).

  • Terminal hair: Terminal hair is androgen-sensitive that grows at the top of the scalp, axillary, pubic regions, and beard. An androgen-independent inch produces on the other body parts, called the parietal and occipital scalp.

  • Vellus hair: Vellus hair grows on the adult’s body with short, soft, delicate, and non-pigmented hairs.

  • Follicular Unit: It is a natural process that consists of one to four hair together on the scalp with numerous terminal hairs. The surrounding side of FU is also famous as perifollicular.

Explain Scalp Hair Growth cycle?

  • Exogen: It is the routine shedding phase of the hair follicle in which 25 to 100 telogen hairs destroy rapidly and grow new hair in the form of anagen.

  • Anagen: It is a stage when your hair follicle usually grows for two to six years. It reports that 90 to 95% of scalp hairs fall under the anagen stage.

  • Telogen: A resting phase of the hair follicle stops all hair growth activities. It takes two to three months, and 5 to 10% of hair falls under the telogen category.

  • Catagen: Catagen is an involutional phase of the hair follicle that extends within two to three weeks and causes acute follicular regression. There is only one percent of hair lying under this category.

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