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How CureMD EMR Benefits Healthcare Practices?

CureMD is an EMR Software that automates clinical, financial, and organizational tasks for your healthcare setup. It is easy to use, versatile, and interoperable. As a result, multiple healthcare practitioners from various specialties benefit from CureMD EMR. The software helps them improve their operations’ efficiency, achieve uninterrupted exchange of information, and deliver better patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Large providers have the advantage of being able to file large volumes of claims, whereas small practices can not. CureMD begins with a low annual collection rate and no setup fees. The software is appropriate for small practices, focusing on ones with up to ten physicians, while it will also function for healthcare setups with more than ten providers.

Benefits of Using CureMD EMR Software

CureMD EMR offers various benefits to healthcare providers aimed at streamlining their practice. The top advantages of using CureMD EMR include the following.


CureMD EMR software integrates and communicates with a variety of healthcare institutions, platforms, and technologies. As a result, CureMD EMR Software enables smooth information transmission between hospitals, clinics, research labs, insurance companies, radiology service providers, and other stakeholders.

Specialty-Specific Features

CureMD EMR Software assists various healthcare specialties, thus providing specialty-specific features. The specialty-specific features help you streamline your work as per your needs. You can also benefit from the customized features such as dashboard, billing, and scheduling.

Mobile Application

CureMD’s mobile EMR software is easy to use and streamlines your productivity. On an iPad or iPhone, the software is effortless to use. You can access patient information and conduct specified activities using the app at anytime, anywhere.

You can also quickly check your daily consultations through the app, schedule patients, create medical records, and access patient data. Moreover, you can use the CureMD EMR app to deliver medications, collect payments, and check patients’ insurance eligibility online.

Practice Management System

The CureMD EMR integrates with a web-based Practice Management System to provide clinical, organizational, and financial benefits to your practice. CureMD, with its robust features and customizable interface, is one of the best solutions for automating administrative procedures and eliminating extra overheads.

Medical billing Services

CureMD’s Medical Billing services allow you to maximize profitability and minimize errors. It provides a complete revenue cycle management solution for over 32 different healthcare specialties. The software assists you improve revenue collection by optimizing your whole workflow, from eligibility to check-in, co-pay collection, and the entire back office.

Top Features of CureMD EMR Software

CureMD EMR Software helps you streamline your medical practice with its efficient features. Read our review of the top features below.

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Electronic Prescribing

You can link with over 40,000 pharmacies around the country using the e-Prescribing tool, which offers a variety of benefits. The key benefits include

  • Receiving a current medication knowledge base
  • A comprehensive prescription history from pharmacies,
  • Retail and mail-order pharmacy
  • Dose modification based on age and weight
  • Refill requests are processed through the patient portal and pharmacies.
  • E-prescribing for controlled substances
  • Prescription eligibility and formulary information in real-time

Lab Integration

You can connect to all of your preferred labs, thanks to advanced lab interface technology by CureMD. In addition, most labs now allow you to send orders and receive results through email.

Comparing current and previous outcomes, warning for abnormal results, and advanced reporting are all features of lab integration that can help you provide safer and more dependable care with CureMD EMR Software.

Workflow Automation

CureMD offers an integrated workflow that adjusts to your preferences and practice style, allowing you to customize your operations truly. With sophisticated automation and collaboration tools, the system mirrors your existing processes and revitalizes them.

Patient Portal

CureMD features a patient portal to help you connect with your patients more effectively. Patients may simply schedule appointments through the patient portal, seek prescription refills, obtain accessible test reports, and review their medical information. Overall, the patient portal provides a stress-free and pleasant experience for the patient.

CureMD Pricing

CureMD EMR Software includes expert training and additional support services as part of a monthly subscription package. This EMR has a monthly fee of $295 per provider. The Practice Management System is included in the entire suite, which costs $395 per month per provider.

CureMD Reviews

If you’re curious about what CureMD EMR Software users have to say, don’t worry. We’ve gathered CureMD reviews from various sources to give you a thorough picture of the software.


Cure MD EMR, according to users, saves a significant amount of time and effort while doing organizational and financial duties. The CureMD users also applaud the customer support team, which is available anytime, by phone or email. In addition, the software is simple to use and overall offers good reporting options. You can also use the mobile app, which is very convenient when you’re on the go.


CureMD’s most common limitation is that it charges clearinghouse fees in addition to its monthly price. Practices are charged clearinghouse fees on a monthly or per-transaction basis by the company. The CureMD reviews recommend getting a monthly estimate of clearinghouse costs in the contract before signing up for CureMD’s service so you can compare the overall price of the service to the other medical billing businesses you’re considering.

Do We Recommend CureMD EMR Software?

Overall, CureMD EMR gives your practice the flexibility it needs to flourish, whether it’s raising reimbursements, optimizing patient value, or just staying ahead of the technology curve. As a result, many medical professionals use CureMD EMR Software to improve their medical practices, establish smooth communication with stakeholders, and improve patient care and experience.

The finest EMR for your medical practice is one that has all of the features and functionality you require. We recommend making a list of your EMR requirements before diving deeper into CureMD’s capabilities. You can also arrange for a CureMD demonstration to acquire a better understanding of the software. if you want to try Demo visit FindEMR.

All in all, we hope whatever decision you make proves to be the best for your healthcare setup. All the best!


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