CBDV Flower For Sale
CBDV Flower For Sale

CBDV, like all cannabinoids, is derived from hemp flower. Until recently, however, CBDV could only be synthesised from other cannabinoids; naturally CBDV-rich hemp strains did not exist.

MACON ACRES now offers CBDV Flower that was unthinkable just a year ago. The CBDV industry is rapidly evolving, so keep up by learning what CBDV Flower For Sale is and the effects it provides.

What exactly is CBDV? Quick Review

Cannabidivarin (CBDV) is a CBD variant that has been on the radar of cannabis researchers for several decades. CBDV, on the other hand, has only recently received significant attention, and researchers now believe that this previously unknown cannabinoid may be useful in a variety of different medicinal applications.

CBDV is similar to CBD in that it:

Is it intoxicating?

Has generally calming effects.

Is hemp included in the 2018 Farm Bill?

CBDV is NOT the same as CBD in that it:

  • Has slightly different felt effects
  • It could be useful in a variety of situations.
  • Its chemical structure is slightly different.

CBDV is currently derived from CBD or CBG, but CBDV-rich hemp flower strains are becoming available. We’re on the verge of a CBDV quality and accessibility revolution that will put this cannabinoid on the map like never before.

CBDV Flower — The Origin of Everything

Why does the availability of CBDV Flower matter? Because hemp flower is the only natural source of cannabinoids, CBDV should be obtained from the flower.

Hemp users now understand a lot more about the cannabinoids they use than they did previously. However, there is still a widespread lack of knowledge about the various types of hemp extracts and their relative efficacy and safety.

Isolating individual hemp molecules and reducing them to crystalline or powdered forms is undoubtedly the most direct and cost-effective method of producing cannabinoid products. The quick and easy route, however, leads to the dark side, and cannabinoid isolate should be used sparingly.

Isolating cannabinoids does not make them dangerous. It’s just that you’re missing out on so much — hemp flower extract is packed with hundreds of different beneficial compounds that all work in synergy to deliver enhanced effects.

The distinction is comparable to that between a dry, arid wasteland and a lush tropical jungle teeming with life. Distillate, the purified form of hemp flower extract, resembles a well-kept garden, but it is still very “alive.”

Many hemp industry players appear to be content with the fact that CBDV can be synthesised from other cannabinoids. MACON ACRES, on the other hand, is not easily satisfied. Our insatiable desire to be the best drove us to acquire the first-ever CBDV genetics as soon as they hit the market, and our first crop simply *dinged* at us to let us know it was finished.

Which CBDV flower strains are the best?

Right now, we only know of two CBDV hemp flower strains that anyone would recommend:

  • Walker, Pine
  • V forbidden

We settled on these two strains for our CBDV lineup. We carefully selected the best phenos along the way to provide an optimised CBD smoking or vaping experience.

Any other strains of CBDV Flower For Sale available online or in stores, as far as we know, consist of CBD or CBG flower that has been sprayed with isolate CBDV. There’s a big difference between sprayed and natural hemp flower, so make sure you know what you’re smoking before you start.

We’re on the verge of seeing the CBDV industry take off. Many more CBDV strains will be available in a few years.

Is CBDV flower psychoactive?

CBDV flower will not make you high if it contains less than 0.3% THC. The products of CBDV flower, as industrial hemp, must contain less than the federally mandated delta 9 THC threshold.

CBDV and CBD are distinct, but not sufficiently so for CBDV to suddenly exhibit intoxicating properties while CBD does not. After all, the only difference between CBD and CBDV is a few fewer carbon atoms; otherwise, these cannabinoids are structurally identical.

Will CBDV flower make me high?

There are a few other questions you might have about CBDV flower, what it is, and how it works:

1. What exactly is CBDV oil?

Some CBD oil manufacturers have begun to include CBDV in their tinctures in recent years. This oral CBDV, which is available in isolated form, is marketed as enhancing the effects of CBD or providing additional benefits.

However, the vast majority of CBDV tinctures contain harmful ingredients or inferior forms of extract. We are not aware of any CBDV oil products that we would recommend at this time, and we believe that CBDV flower is the better option.

2. What is the purpose of CBDV?

CBDV is primarily used for the same conditions that CBD is used for. However, there is a growing movement in the United States and around the world of autistic adults and parents of autistic children seeking help from CBDV Flower For Sale.

The research on CBDV and autism is still in its early stages, but there is plenty of promising anecdotal evidence to keep us busy in the meantime. CBDV has also been studied for epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, HIV-related pain, and a few other conditions.

3. What is the distinction between CBD and CBDV?

CBD and CBD are more similar than they are dissimilar, but these cannabinoids are clearly distinct compounds. The CBD and CBDV differ primarily in their chemical structures, with varin cannabinoids like CBDV having two fewer carbon atoms.

CBD and CBDV appear to have markedly different effects, both in terms of sensation and bioactivity. CBDV, not CBD, is currently the focus of intensive autism research. However, CBDV is now being investigated as a potential treatment for a number of conditions for which CBD has been studied.

The differences between CBD and CBDV are very likely to be overshadowed by their similarities. CBD and CBDV, like all Cannabis sativa constituents, work better together than separately.

4. Is CBDV comparable to THCV?

CBDV and THCV are only related by having two fewer carbon atoms than other cannabinoids. Cannabidivarin (CBDV) and delta 9-tetrahydrocannabidivarin (THCV) are “varin” cannabinoids that differ slightly from CBD and THC.

This coincidental similarity, however, does not bring THCV and CBDV any closer than a taxonomic resemblance. That is, CBD with a “V” at the end is no more intoxicating than CBD without it.

5. What is the distinction between CBDV and CBG?

CBDV and CBG are similar in some ways, but they also have significant differences. While CBDV is a “varin” cannabinoid (it has two fewer carbon atoms than regular CBD), CBG is a “normal” cannabinoid, which means it has the standard number of carbon atoms in its tail.

CBG and CBD are otherwise very similar, regardless of the variant form in which they may appear. Both cannabinoids, for example, are non-intoxicating and appear to have significant therapeutic potential without posing many risks.

CBDV Flower For Sale and cannabigivarin (CBGV) are more similar, but comparing them is like comparing a question mark to a complete unknown. The conventional CBG market is still in its early stages, so it will be some time before demand drives the formulation of any hemp products containing CBGV.


6. How many cannabinoids have been discovered?

To date, scientists have identified (discovered) over 100 cannabinoids. CBN was the first cannabinoid discovered in the 1930s, and THC quickly followed.

The international cannabis market has recently shifted toward non-intoxicating cannabinoids like CBD, and similar substances like CBG and CBC are quickly following suit. Semi-intoxicating cannabinoids like CBN are now widely available, and delta 8 THC, a THC analogue, has recently taken the internet by storm.

Each cannabinoid has multiple forms, and additional forms can be separated using enzymatic processes. With fully synthesised, artificial cannabinoids in the mix, it wouldn’t be surprising to see 1,000 or more cannabinoids within a couple of decades.

7. Where can I purchase CBDV?

CBDV is still difficult to come by. If you’re willing to trade by the kilo, there’s plenty of CBDV available, but high-quality, consumer-grade CBDV products are scarce.

MACON ACRES is the first hemp company to offer smokable hemp flower that is high in CBDV. These genetics were only recently discovered, and as soon as we found out, we began cultivating the world’s first CBDV Flower For Sale.



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