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A Predicament That Requires a Remedy

Here, we discuss the wondrous aspects of VF Tech in detail. But while we get into that, it’s important to clarify precisely what the problem is that they’re trying to solve. Since time immemorial, there has been a problem with livestock contributing to soil structure. This results in a lower dry matter yield from grasses. Additionally, there is a worry about the impact that the rising mass and “footprint” of farming equipment will have. We store a huge inventory of Michelin Tyres Taunton. Feel free to visit us today.

To look at it another way, the earth underneath us is not merely compact dirt in its natural state. It’s a fine mixture of air and dirt. This is because several of the bacteria that are responsible for releasing soil nutrients need air to survive. When you press it in, not only do you reduce the soil’s capacity to retain water, but you also prevent the discharge of the chemicals that it contains. The resultant dense pack is resistant to root infiltration as well. This, in the end, puts a limit on the soil’s ability to develop and maintain its vitality atop the ground.

Tyre size

Adding to the problem is a lack of roadway access as well as the narrow size of farm entrances. It results in a rise in mass. Due to these constraints, it is not possible to simply make tyres larger to balance out the weight and disperse it more evenly. This indicates that standard tyres function within the limitations of a diameter restriction. Tires, on the other hand, conventionally possess no other option except to provide a greater degree of force to the ground below them. They can’t possibly be broad enough to support the weights without compacting the ground under them. It’s just not possible.

Because there are no statistics available, it is difficult to evaluate the problem. This isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison, however, the UK estimates that soil erosion costs the country roughly GBP1 bn every year. The utilisation of the large gear accounts for half of those costs. Contrary to livestock, which may likewise contribute to the compacting of soil, this will not happen.

It doesn’t matter how you look at it; operating big gear on soft soils is problematic. There are a variety of factors contributing to the growing concern around fodder. With water shortages in the north to heavy snowfall in the south throughout the hatching season. We do not want there to be any more obstacles in the way of plant development. Here come the astute tyre makers and a bit of a change in the rubber industry.

VF Tyre Design

The technique used by VF Tyre is not exactly cutting edge. Globally, it has been available since approximately the year 2003. Even though it has only been present on our shores for a very short amount of time. When it concerns the rapid development of tyres, this is not an uncommon occurrence at all. The phrase “Very High Flexion” is what “VF” in “VF Tyres” refers to. It provides a fairly clear indication of what the system is capable of doing.

It denotes that the tyre has a greater capacity to bend. Due to the unique composition of the substance, the edges can bend. Or curve. They may stretch in almost any direction. To be able to achieve this, VF tyres require very robust casings. Because of this, they can stretch in the appropriate spot. It is near the tread of the tyre instead of the beading of the tyre. It results in a protrusion that may be on the sidewalls, which is fairly indicative.

The expansion of the tyre tread is one of the many benefits of this little amount of flexibility.

This essentially distributes the weight out across a broader region, which lowers the likelihood that the soil getting compact. However, this is not just an instance of the tyres bending slightly; there is something more at play here. Because of the unique design of VF tyres, you may drive them on at far lesser temperatures than are typically advisable.

When it comes to VF tyres, the general guideline is that you can keep the same weight while running a 40 per cent lower tyre level. Even if you keep the same tyre level, you may load up the vehicle by an additional 40 per cent. That is a very amazing accomplishment. It indicates that you maintain a ground level that is nearer to the ideal of 1 kg / square cm.

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