Struggling with an alcohol or substance addiction is like walking through quicksand. Your life seems to be closing in around you with no help in sight. Millions of people struggle with a dependency on drugs or alcohol and other additions, but the truth is there is help to end the vicious cycle of addiction.

Understanding Addiction

The first step toward ending an addiction is realizing and coming to terms with your chemical or alcohol addiction. Admitting that you have a problem is often the most challenging step.

Like most addicts, you don’t want to admit that you have a problem and that your substance abuse has grown out of your control. But the key to addiction recovery is knowing when your life is falling apart and understanding that you can’t overcome drug or alcohol dependency without help. Once you admit that you have a problem, you need to begin the recovery process.

What Goes Into the Recovery Process?

There are many types of drug and alcohol recovery programs. Some programs specialize in a 12-step program, while others may use a Christain or spiritual-based approach to sobriety. There are also treatment facilities specializing in teen addictions and treating the underlying causes of addiction, such as abuse, neglect, broken families, and other life-changing traumatic events.

There is no single approach to recovery that works for everyone. However, one key element of successful addiction recovery is getting help and support from professionals, family, and friends. Entering a substance abuse treatment center is never easy and choosing the best facility that fits your needs is crucial to getting and remaining sober. You should choose a facility where you can receive counseling, attend group meetings, and receive a diet and exercise routine to promote better physical and mental health.

How Long Does Addiction Recovery Take?

Most people with a drug or alcohol dependency want to know how long recovery takes, but the truth is that recovery is different for everyone. For a good start in recovery, you should remain in a treatment facility for at least three months. After leaving the treatment facility, you should attend an aftercare program that offers counseling and groups and have a sponsor. A good sponsor should be someone who has overcome addiction and has at least five years of sobriety. Find a sponsor you can relate to and one you trust and admire for their years of sobriety.

Recovering from addiction is a lifestyle change and commitment that you’ll constantly have to face on a daily basis. It will get easier to meet life on life’s terms without turning to drugs or alcohol as time passes. If you want to be clean and sober, you must first have a strong desire to live free from drugs and alcohol and be willing to give up old behaviors, friends, and places that can act as triggers for relapse.


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