When you think of an island nation or floating city, you probably picture a peaceful, breathtakingly gorgeous utopia where inhabitants relax in hammocks while sipping ice cocktails. However, real-life man-made islands and floating villages, from dilapidated, abandoned oil industry communities in the middle of the ocean to a fort-turned-floating-hotel suitable for a Bond villain, are far more interesting. Then, of course, there’s also luxury, such as multimillion-dollar oceanfront villas that double as tax havens.


On the other hand, Dubai is the United Arab Emirates’ most populated city and the emirate. The islands were built to provide more beachfront real estate for the city, which is a popular tourist destination for the wealthy. 

The attractions of a man-made island are remarkable.

Man-made islands are not only land redevelopment with a twist, but they have luxury hotels with a magnificent sight. 

  1. The landscapes are out of the world

The best thing about living on an island is the beautiful and diverse scenery. Depending on the island you choose to reside on, you will most likely find magnificent beaches, lagoons, hills, waterfalls, or volcanoes to explore. If you appreciate exploring new places and uncovering hidden gems, you will enjoy it. You’ll always feel like you’re on vacation. After work, simply stroll down to the beach and sip a glass while watching the sunset.


Boat cruises or short flights are also available to see the other little islands nearby.

  1. The weather is perfect

If you despise winter and are constantly seeking to get away from it all to get some sun, island life is certainly intended for you! The year-round temperature is around 20°, and even January feels like spring! You can swim even in the winter because the water is still warm. In addition, the sun shines virtually throughout the entire year. So put your boots, coats, and scarves away.

  1. The activities to participate in are amazing

The activities available on an island are incredible. Snorkeling and diving are both available in beautiful locations. If you enjoy the ocean and marine animals, spending your weekend exploring turtles, sharks, and rays will be a blast! You may also go skydiving over lagoons, ULM, kitesurf, paddle, and other water sports while appreciating the lovely beaches. But keep in mind that these activities are costly! It’s an actual financial plan.


Many people who desire to relocate to an island seek a “simple existence” away from the stress of big cities. However, getting closer to nature is also a good thing to do. People appear to be more relaxed and less anxious in New Caledonia, in my opinion. On islands, time moves more slowly.


Let’s just take a look at one of the amazing man-made islands of Dubai

List of amazing man-made islands of Dubai

These are some amazing man-made islands of Dubai.

  1. Palm Jumeirah 

The Palm Jumeirah was designed to seem like a palm tree. The palm is surrounded by a crescent that serves as a breakwater structure. To allow for water circulation, two slots were cut into the crescent. The palm’s 17 fronds include rows of luxurious residences, and the crescent has various hotels and resorts. The palm’s trunk is home to a mix of shops, apartments, and hotels.


The Atlantis is the largest hotel erected on Palm Jumeirah thus far (shown in the accompanying photo). At the apex of the crescent, the hotel and associated water park span over 113 acres of land. The hotel, which opened in 2008, includes a 65,000-gallon aquarium, a bay and lagoon where guests may interact with dolphins, over 20 restaurants and bars, high-end boutiques, a large spa, and “underwater rooms,” among other amenities.


On the Palm Jumeirah, almost 10,000 people live. It is now one of the largest man-made islands on the planet. The Palm Jumeirah and other artificial islands in the Persian Gulf are best viewed from above, and aerial and astronaut photography are popular subjects.

            You can also check some apartments in the Jumeirah village triangle.

  1. The world island 

The World is a 300-island archipelago constructed to seem like a map of the Earth’s continents. According to the plan, each of these islands will be styled to correlate to a distinct country or area.


These islands have been developed to some extent. For example, an island in Greenland that was given to racing driver Michael Schumacher in 2006 was the first to be renovated.


 Since then, Lebanon Island has been commercialized, and it is now used for business parties and celebrations. The islands that make up the “Heart of Europe” include Sweden, Monaco, the Netherlands, St. Petersburg, and Honeymoon Island. Several “Floating Seahorse” villas have also been constructed and are for sale.

  1. The Palm Jebel Ali

As a result of the recession, the real estate market collapsed, and developers like Nakheel (the business behind the Palm Islands and The World archipelago) were unable to continue developing.


According to Nakheel’s CEO, the Palm Jebel Ali is a “long-term” project, which started in 2018 that it would be reconsidered in the future.

  1. Deira island

When construction on the Deira Islands was halted in 2008, it was still in its early stages. The original plan for Palm Deira was to create a new group of artificial islands in the shape of a palm tree. The Palm Jumeirah was supposed to be the largest of the three palms, almost eight times the size of this one.


Although land reclamation and palm construction have been halted, the southwestern portion of the base structure is being developed to house the world’s largest night souk, a marketplace or bazaar Food, spices, apparel, textiles, crafts, jewelry, housewares, and practically anything else can be found here.


Near the Deira Islands, there are several other man-made islands. The Deira Islands are the four major islands in the right-hand portion of the accompanying photograph. Port Rashid, Maritime City, Pearl Jumeirah, and the beginning stages of La Mer are among the man-made structures visible to the left.

  1. Bluewaters island

Another man-made island in Dubai is Bluewaters Island. Hotels, residential structures, restaurants, retail, entertainment, and more can all be found on the island.


The “Dubai Eye,” or Ain Dubai, is the most recognizable landmark of Bluewaters Island. It is the world’s tallest and largest Ferris wheel, standing at 210 meters. It features 48 observation pods from which guests can take in Dubai’s skyline and beach sights. The public can visit Bluewaters Island. However, the Dubai Eye is not expected to open until 2021.


The difference between vacationing on an island and living there is vast. You will only see the positive aspects of living on an island when you are on vacation because it has the Best community in Dubai. However, you will undoubtedly learn the disadvantages after a few months. Everyone is different, and it depends on the type of life you want to live! If you want a simple life and to be near nature, island life may be perfect for you.



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