What is JEDI for Programs?

What is JEDI & How to use JEDI for Programs? JEDI stands for “justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion” in this context. Read more information at Mysteriousofscience.com.

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Quantum Computing: a technology of game changing in future!

You may have heard about the phenomena of quantum computing in recent times, and wondering what is happening around, why is there a race going on in the field of research about quantum computing by different governments and companies across the world, and why people are spending billions of dollars for further development and research…

Therapies and Implications

Regenerative Medicine: Recent Therapies and Implications

Regenerative Medicine entails replacing tissue or organs that sustained damage through disease, trauma, or even congenital issues, instead of various types of current medical practices that entail treating the symptoms. The tools utilized within this field are as follows: • Tissue Engineering;• Cellular Therapies;• Medical Devices;• Artificial Organs, et al. Combining the different medical approaches…

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