What is M.Tech for Working Professionals?
M.Tech for Working Professionals?

M Tech for Working Professionals is a master’s degree in technology in which we gain a new ability to improve human life by making it more advanced and convenient. It is a two-year program of four semesters of six months each. We will cover a variety of engineering topics in this program, and you will have the option to select your own subject. Working professionals can choose from a variety of specializations in M Tech for Working Professionals. In addition, the curriculum is designed specifically for aspirants who are engineering graduates who are working professionals and want to improve their skills.

M Tech for Working Professionals is a program that allows you to obtain a degree while continuing to work in your current position. Because of the increased number of engineering graduates, it is necessary to acquire additional skills in order to achieve a higher place and a better future. 

Eligibility Criteria of M.Tech For working Professionals

For online M Tech courses, many universities have different eligibility criteria to participate in the M Tech for Working Professionals program. Here is the list of basic eligibility requirements for this course:

  • The applicant must have a BTech or BE degree from an accredited university.
  • Some universities offer online M Tech for Working Professionals admissions via entrance exams, and others offer direct admissions. GATE is the most popular M Tech for Working Professionals admissions exam. To be admitted into the M Tech program in the bachelor’s degree, 
  • you must have a minimum of 45 percent to 50 percent in your bachelor’s to be eligible for applying. 

M.Tech for working professionals Specializations

M.Tech for working professionals is a research-oriented program in which you study a specific specialized subject in-depth so that you can pursue a Ph.D. after completing the M Tech for Working Professionals program. Following completion of M Tech for Working Professionals, you have the option of continuing your current job or pursuing further education, such as a Ph.D., and conducting research. Here is the list of all the specializations of M.Tech for working professionals: 

  • M Tech Information Technology
  • M Tech in Computer Science 
  • M Tech in Mechanical Engineering
  • M Tech in Mechanical Production Engineering
  • M Tech in Mechanical Design Engineering
  • M Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • M Tech in ECE Embedded System
  • M Tech in Communication Engineering
  • M Tech  in Agriculture Informatics
  • M Tech in Biotechnology Engineering
  • M Tech in Biomedical Engineering
  • M Tech in Bioinformatics Engineering
  • M Tech in Civil Engineering
  • M Tech in Environmental Engineering
  • M Tech in Structural Engineering
  • M Tech in Transportation Engineering
  • M Tech in Constructional Engineering
  • M Tech  in Process Engineering
  • M Tech in Robotics
  • M Tech in Cyber Security
  • M Tech in Power Electronics
  • M Tech in Energy Engineering

Why should I even pursue M.Tech for working professionals?

M.Tech for working professionals is one of the latest courses in the field of engineering and technology. In reality, it is actually a useful alternative for job goers who are willing to pursue their higher studies but unable to do so because of their responsibilities. Hence, they pursue M.Tech for working professionals because this course is flexible and gives enough time to continue the job and fulfill other commitments. 

This course provides evening or weekend classes and the syllabus of the course is extremely vast so that you can gain an in-depth knowledge of subjects. Apart from this, the program consists of a plethora of specializations to pursue and all the degrees of courses are valid and approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC). 

The program M Tech for working professionals helps you to obtain a degree as well as years of experience when continuing your current job. The M Tech for Working Professionals program is not costly in comparison to other master’s programs; the course fee is fair, so aspirants with financial constraints can enroll without hesitation.


This blog has been written with an aim to tell you the importance of M.tech for working professionals and how it can help you in boosting your career. This is an apt course for those who are stuck with jobs and willing to pursue higher studies either to gain a deep understanding of concepts or to get a higher position in the company. 


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