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Know the What Kind Of A Traveler Are You? Have you ever questioned who you are as a traveller? The photo enthusiast who wants to see every place through the lens of his new camera, or the fashionable Direct flights to Amritsar from USA traveller who wants to establish recent vacation trends? Every visitor has a priority in mind while looking for a vacation spot, and each one sees various areas through different lenses.

While the stunning background of a Himalayan mountain may inspire a nature lover, a luxury tourist may be more interested in Hampi’s regal legacy. While the party atmosphere of Goa may entice a partygoer, the budget-friendly streets of Wayanad would do the same for a budget visitor. Each location corresponds to the kind of vacation you desire to have.

There are many sorts of travellers, and there is no right or wrong way to travel.

They like taking vacations to visit or work in different countries, and they recently had the opportunity to travel throughout Europe for five weeks.

They had a few minutes to reflect on why they travel and the many types of passengers out there during lengthy bus rides between countries.

When they did a 12-country European “taster” holiday, the scenery was so spectacular or surprising that it was easy to understand why they love to travel.

Being among a crowd of people doing the same thing, all taking a picture in front of the same tourist site, made me think about numerous topics. If you had to choose one, what kind of traveller would you be and why?

Lover of the outdoors

If you seek out crystal clear lakes, majestic mountains, lush forests, and peaceful beaches, you know nature is unique in your heart. You enjoy spending your days walking in the woods, exploring the countryside, or admiring nature. Rather than driving to the most popular city, you would arrive at a unique, unexplored place with lush green or spotless white surroundings.

The Thrill Seekers are a group of people that are looking for thrills

You’re adrenaline or a daredevil if you go on vacation and don’t get an adrenaline rush. These people are not on the beaches of Goa infinity pool of a hotel. They travel the globe searching for the world’s highest bungee jump, the world’s tallest mountain (which they subsequently climb), the sensation of freefall, and anything else extreme and possibly previously unheard of.

Travellers on their own

The solitary traveller yearns for freedom on each trip and tries to discover new depths. You are a single traveller if you like walking alone in the Himalayas or wandering the colourful alleyways of Gangtok.

Some individuals see the value of travelling alone and opt to travel just by themselves. There’s nothing like the freedom of finding a new ‘you’ at every turn when your Flights from Mexico City to Miami travel on your terms. There is no responsibility and no control. You see a lesser-known city and wonder how a place so wonderful has yet to be recognised by the masses.

Check out these spots to channel your lone inner wolf as you embark on your solo trip this year.

Travellers on a Budget

If you are the most frugal of these three types of travellers, you may be the super saver. The super-savers want to eat delicious street food and perform DIY crafts while others plan lavish meals and activities. They are unconcerned about saving a few dollars on vacation while enjoying the most significant experiences.


If you belong to this category, you already know that you wish to unwind and enjoy the fantastic culture of each place. Warm people, cheap thrills, breathtaking beauty, and unique cultures await you in destinations like Kanyakumari and Darjeeling.

They move far while being light. You refused to be bound by conventions and regulations, taking advantage of any chance that came your way. Backpacking is not only cost-effective, but it is also handy. Instead of travelling with what you desire, you learn to travel with what you need.

Food Adventurer

When it comes to vacation planning, local food plays a huge role in decision-making. The setting is essential, but so is the delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner prepared with fresh local ingredients.

The Animal of the Party

Tourists who want to let loose and be in the middle of things are party animals. A party animal is someone who appreciates locating the perfect party spot and partying till dawn. They’re looking for areas where there’s a lively party atmosphere. The party animals seek loud music and clubs everywhere they go.

Photographer with a lot of passion

You are always ready to record every minute of the vacation, no matter where you are going or who your company is. Whether it’s landscapes, scenery, people, or cuisine, dedicated photographers never fail to capture the most remarkable images. Their primary motivation for taking a trip is to take stunning photographs that will make others envious.

Traveller in Style

You have lovely taste in everything. And just because you’re going on vacation doesn’t mean you’re giving up your opulent lifestyle. Luxury travel includes boutique hotels, gourmet dining restaurants, mimosa bars, and VIP access. You are well-versed in all of the region’s best experiences, regardless of where you travel. The trendiest nightclubs, fancy restaurants, and high-end shopping complexes are on the to-do lists when vacationing in a given location.

Traveller in Search of Relaxation

You like unwinding and getting away from the daily grind beach, by the pool, or in a beautiful park. Your ideal trip includes sleeping late, drinking drinks, reading a good book, and having unhurried meals.

The Passenger

They believe a traveller appreciates a certain level of independence and spends time leisurely travelling from place to place, looking for hidden, lesser-known gems, avoiding tourist traps, and maybe accomplishing things more difficult since they are on the road longer.

As a traveller, you spend more time in slow motion, relaxing and absorbing a location’s heart and feel.

You spend time talking to other travellers and locals, constantly asking questions about the best methods to get to your next trip and the most fantastic locations to stay on a budget. You are curious about how places reverberate in every aspect.

Sleep in a home with dubious plumbing but a stunning view. Some friendships endure a lifetime, while others fade away, and you’ll remember those in your life for a reason. You’ll return home, but the travel bug will have bit you, and you’ll start saving for your next excursion.


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