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JEE Mains is one of the most compound entry trials out there. Thousands of students across the country wish to take this test and begin their engineering careers by enrolling in IITs. This year alone, about 11,000 IIT seats are available for engineering and construction students, and another 25,000 seats are available for admission to NIT, IIITs, combined.

As more and more students try to land on these limited seats, a situation may arise where you give them a bit of better luck but somehow fail to get the required schooling. However, that does not mean the end of your ambitions in engineering, and there are many open options to choose from. 

A Successful Career Beforehand.

1. Just wait for the result

The exam preparation was in your hands. The main effect of JEE is missing. Expect a great JEE effect. You will receive your AIR (All India Rank). From your AIR, you will have a negative guess of your school. Eligible for a JEE degree, you are eligible for admission to senior IITs, NITs, and other public colleges.

2. Weigh other options as well

If you cannot clear JEE but still feel that engineering is your real calling, you should look at other engineering options besides IIT and NIT. Although JEE may be a difficult test to complete, there are many state engineering tests, such as UPJEEE, WBJEE, COMEDK, MHTCET, etc., which are very simple, and should be on your list of tests to be written. In addition to public colleges, you can also look at private institutions. 

3. Look out for the cutoff

After the result, the candidate should check the appropriate termination. Authority releases response key. They announced the cut to set the bar. A person who has experienced these shortcuts is considered eligible for admission.

Those who fail to meet the cutoff are not eligible for admission to higher education. Also, it means the termination of JEE Advanced for you.

The candidate that does not meet the shortcut is not eligible for JEE Advanced Testing. Although eligible for admission to NITs, IIITs, and other public colleges. So prepare for counselling. Other NIT colleges you can target include:

NIT Durgapur

NIT Warangal

NIT Allahabad

MNIT Jaipur

NIT Surathkal

NIT Rourkela

NIT Kurukshetra

NIT Calicut

4. Go for a state-level examination

Apart from the private colleges, a candidate can go to various state examinations. Candidate can go to WBJEE, KEAM, KCET, AP EAMCET etc.

A candidate needs to cancel a provincial entrance examination to gain admission to a tertiary college of any kind. A candidate may also apply for a reservation for a state examination. These can be your backup system. Some of these are:

AP EAMCET – Andhra Pradesh

Assam CEE – Assam

BCECE – Bihar

CG PET – Chhattisgarh

GUJCET – Gujarat

HPSET – Himachal Pradesh

JEECE – Jharkhand

JKCET – Jammu and Kashmir

KEAM – Kerala

KCET – Karnataka

MHT CET – Maharashtra

TS EAMCET JNTU) – Hyderabad

TJEE – Tripura

UPSEE – Uttar Pradesh

WBJEE – West Bengal

5. Keep these things in your mind while picking up a college:

Curriculum: The college curriculum should comply with current industry demands and norms. And it must be approved by a recognized university.

Faculty: Apart from the curriculum, do not forget to check the faculty who will be responsible for sharing information about your interest. Go through their qualifications, and level of experience and look at students’ previous performance.

College Infrastructure: If you think ‘Infrastructure’ means a well-built building on a large campus, you are wrong. Check out if the college has state-of-the-art equipment in the research facilities, a state-of-the-art computer lab with proper systems, classrooms that can accommodate all students, recent journals and library books and much more.

6. Take a year off if you’re that passionate about it

If you still feel that engineering is in your blood and soul, and there is no other job you could want, consider taking a year off.

However, your arguments should be realistic and strong. Just because you feel you can cancel a test does not mean you will. Many students take a break without seeing it and waste another year of their lives. Evaluate your chances of getting a JEE exam if you try again.

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Many students go to JEE Mains. Not everyone is starting this challenging test. The candidate needs to do the impossible to be allowed to join the IIT. The person to be enrolled feels nervous during the exam and after the test.

Questions such as what to do after the main results of JEE, and what to do during counselling concern everyone who gets baptized. The answer to what will happen to the result will be clear only after releasing the main JEE result. Once the result is released, it should be ready for any situation.

If you encounter a suggestion, pat your back and prepare for the Advanced JEE test. Even if you do not experience it, there is no need to worry. You just missed the chance to appear at JEE Advanced. It is not the end. You may still want to join NITS, IIITs, and other institutions.


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