Ovum Pickup Procedure

Just heard of ovum pickup procedure and wonder what it is and what you need to really know about it? This article can help.

This article briefly discusses ovum pickup procedure, when should a woman consider it, common myths linked with it, and possible complications that it may develop. 

What is The Ovum Pickup?

Ovum pickup also known as transvaginal oocyte retrieval or egg retrieval is a non-invasive surgical procedure that involves collecting mature eggs from the woman’s ovaries for further clinical pregnancy procedures. Commonly, an ultrasound transducer (probe) is inserted into the vagina to spot the follicles containing mature eggs and once spotted, a needle connected with a suction device is inserted into the vagina where the suction device collects (retrieves) the identified mature eggs one after one.

Well, now the question is, why would a woman prefer to retrieve her eggs? When is it actually good to consider the ovum pickup procedure (egg retrieval)?

When to Consider The Ovum Pickup Procedure?

There are a few times when a woman may wish to consider ovum pickup procedure to retrieve her eggs. These times include:

Undergoing IVF

The most common reason why a woman may wish to undergo ovum pickup procedure and retrieve her eggs is because she is supposed to undergo an IVF cycle. When a couple undergoes an IVF cycle, the first process in the treatment is to stimulate the ovaries with injectable fertility drugs for producing multiple eggs, and then retrieving those eggs for further fertilisation and implantation as embryos in the laboratory. When a woman starts with an IVF cycle, it is very obvious that she will have to undergo the ovum pickup procedure as well.

Considering egg or embryo freezing

Other than IVF, a woman may also want to consider ovum pickup procedure if she wishes to get pregnant at a later point of time while making sure that decline in egg health due to aging does not affect her chances of conception. For egg freezing, the fertility doctor first performs the ovum pickup procedure to collect the mature eggs and then those eggs are frozen and stored. Similarly as egg freezing, the ovum pickup procedure is performed to collect the eggs for embryo freezing as well, but those eggs are first fertilised with the intended father’s sperm and then frozen and stored for use at a later time.

Ovum Pickup Myths and Facts

Ovum pickup is surrounded with some myths that people perceive to be facts. Since we are talking about everything you need to know about ovum pickup procedure, it is important that you are also aware of these myths and the actual facts.

Myth 1: Ovum pickup is an invasive surgery

Many couples believe ovum pickup or egg retrieval to be an invasive surgery, but it is not. Ovum pickup is a non-invasive surgical procedure that is very safe, comfortable and less likely to develop any post surgery complications.

Myth 2: Ovum pickup is the only option for conceiving with fertility issues

Many couples also believe that ovum pickup for IVF is the only available option they have for conceiving when they are suffering from fertility issues. Well, it is not the only option they have. Other effective clinical pregnancy treatments such as IUI treatment can also help infertile couples conceive successfully. You can always consider Grace Fertility, one of the best fertility clinics in India for IUI or other assisted conception treatments. 

Myth 3: Ovum pickup is only good for infertile couples

No, it is not. Even couples who do not want to have a baby in near future but are also aware of fertility decline with aging can also consider ovum pickup for reserving their eggs or embryos frozen for conceiving at a later time. Such couples can consider ovum pickup procedure to get multiple eggs retrieved, frozen and stored either as eggs or as embryos after fertilisation by intended father’s sperm; the way they prefer. 

Common Ovum Pickup Complications

Though it is very uncommon to develop complications after ovum pickup procedure, it is possible to develop some postsurgery complications in a few cases. These complications eventually go on their own in some time after the surgery but if they do not, the woman may need to seek medical help. These common ovum pickup complications are:

  • Severe vaginal pain and bleeding
  • Infection in the ovaries, and
  • Damage to the uterus or ovaries

Now, since you are aware of these ovum pickup complications and considering undergoing the procedure, it is important that you choose the IVF centre in Gurgaon. It is important because an experienced, qualified and reputed fertility doctor will always be proficient in performing the procedure and your risk of developing such complications will eventually decline.


Either you are about to undergo IVF or planning to freeze your eggs or embryos to reserve them to get pregnant at a later time, ovum pickup procedure is exactly what you need to go for. Just do not fall for the myths, discuss possible complications it may develop with your IVF doctor in Jammu first and you are good to go.


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