what an nft?


NFTs- Non-fungible tokens,

Fungible means replaceable, tokens mean proof of ownership (digital contract)

Blockchain-A new technology that is not in control by any government or company., Is free to control blockchain is a public ledger that stores data such as the transfer of money

NFT is built on a blockchain with the smart contract after being created there is a name and token known as nonfungible tokens. Like I have a selfie-and I will ask blockchain to give me a token of ownership for it. Once data is stored in the blockchain cannot be changed, you cannot change the name of the NFT owner. While creating the smart contract, I can add a clause to gain royalties from it being the creator and owner so the NFT world is an advantage for the artist and they can protect their art.


1- Celebrity – Amitabh Bachchan would buy his NFTs or any NFT associated with a big growing brand.

2- Due to the popularity of NFT, people are buying out of fear of missing out on any opportunity.

3- People generally have a habit of collecting stuff such as NFTs

4- Flipping of NFT is a major reason NFTs have assumed value.



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