WhatsApp Tracking App: How To Track WhatsApp Chats
WhatsApp Tracking App: How To Track WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp tracking App: WhatsApp is a social media networking application and this is a very famous application in the world, and that has millions of active users and gives free services to WhatsApp users. Instant Messenger is a freeware, powerful Facebook-owned, end-to-end encrypted and cross-platform messaging and voiceover service. Users can use the platform to share media such as text messages, chat conversations, audio and video conversations, as well as photos, videos, and user locations.

The service requires a standard mobile number, whether the user is using this on Android, iOS, and other operating systems. Users can access the service individually as well as as a group. Since last year, social media apps have been announcing business platforms that enable businesses to provide customer service that can be used at scale.

Why Need To Track WhatsApp Messenger?

Well! The popularity of social messaging apps has reached the masses, but over the years social networking apps have been allowed to be used, although their use has allowed young children and even employers to use company-owned devices such as cell phones. With gadgets and PCs, is put at serious risk. Like Windows and Mac.

As a result, young children and teens who have their own cell phones use them all day and are often stalked and bullies online by cyberbullying. So, parents are very concerned about the safety of their kids and teens and want to know who kids and teens are talking to on Android devices with WhatsApp installed.

However, employers want to keep track of employee activity in WhatsApp Instant Messenger using company-owned tools to avoid any risk or hassle for the employees.

How To Monitor WhatsApp Messenger?

You need a only WhatsApp tracking app, which name is the AddSpy Android monitoring application, that can monitor a target mobile phone and WhatsApp Messenger. So, before doing this you should have proper knowledge of target mobile phone OS like Android and subscribe to the AddSpy android monitoring app. When users sign up for a subscription, if they are agreeable with the Android Monitoring app, then they will get an email with credentials such as a password and User ID. And getting your email then you have to activate this. After activating you can monitor your kid’s WhatsApp chats.

The user has to choose an option before activating this. They either want to monitor on WhatsApp messenger privately or they don’t. So, select the best choice and activate this on the target phone. Now put your password and ID to reach the AddSpy control panel which is only for android mobile phones.

AddSpy WhatsApp Tracking Features

The AddSpy Android monitoring app comes with a lot of features that you will definitely use.


Get notified when your kid is online on WhatsApp Messenger. And did not he respond to your message? Did your kid see WhatsApp messenger at 3 am? Are they awake yet? Get notifications and pay attention.

Check Your WhatsApp Tracking Online History

How much time do kids waste on WhatsApp? Scroll by the whole timeline to track what was last seen on WhatsApp Messenger and track when your kid is online on WhatsApp.

Chat Possibility

See the probability of two contacts chatting with each other. Just pick two numbers from your contact list. The AddSpy Android monitoring app will track you if your kid’s WhatsApp chat activity is online at the same time or not.


When did the kids wake up the next day? How much time do you waste all day on WhatsApp chats and how many times a day do you go online? And AddSpy Android monitoring can do everything that you want to track WhatsApp.

When Can WhatsApp Tracking App Be Useful?

If you are concerned about your family or you doubt that your workers are hurting your profits, then the WhatsApp tracking app can assist reveal the truth. In fact, several people who want to know how to track WhatsApp chats for their kids’ conversations often utilize WhatsApp for multiple purposes.

What Are Your Kids Doing On WhatsApp?

What is your kid doing on WhatsApp? Find out by tracking WhatsApp chats. Then you will be shocked when you see what your kid’s Whatsapp chats have. And parents using AddSpy for WhatsApp Tracking have found all types of data and got valuable insights to help make their kids’ lives safer.

We are speaking about uncovering messages that describe examples of cyberbullying. And we are talking about frank chats with a potential stalker in an inappropriate conversation. If you are waiting for even an ounce, that’s time to set up WhatsApp Tracking and figure this out.

Find Out About Inappropriate Conversations

Do you think they are protecting an inappropriate relationship from you? One of the first places you can go to gather evidence is in a text chat. And while that’s always a good place to start, if you discover out that what you are doing is illegal. And you will do your best to hide this, like using another chat channel. So your monitoring resolution must include a WhatsApp tracking app. This permits you to see who they are chatting with on WhatsApp. With WhatsApp Tracking App installed. Then you can scroll through the messages to see out the truth.

What Can Your Employees Do On WhatsApp?

Are you sharing trade secrets with competitors? When you pay them to work for you, are they working for other clients during business hours? WhatsApp tracking will let you know. From the dashboard, you can see who and what they’re talking to on their work phone.

What AddSpy Can Help You With

The AddSpy Whatsapp tracking app is probably heavily using. Assume, tracking kids WhatsApp chatting all night before a big exam, and coworkers wasting too much time on WhatsApp than you to must think, or family and friends doing other things. So if you seriously want to know, then we are here to support you.

Get Peace Of Mind

If you don’t know about someone’s chatting habits, check what was last seen on WhatsApp. For example, if you feel that your child is cheating on you, there is nothing worse than living in doubt and panic whenever you see your child taking out his phone.

Accurate Result

We have secured the ridiculous power of AI to develop a system that can show people everything and when they wake up the next morning. Then inform them how their chat model relates to other people, that is, common people. Live chat during the day. The previous online WhatsApp tracking we have seen gathers this data and then creates advanced algorithms that predict everything so you know what’s next in your WhatsApp feed.

Powerful Functionality

  • Online History Tracking:- Find out how much time kids are wasting chatting on WhatsApp.
  • Chat Probability Prediction:- Predict the probability that two contacts will talk to each other.
  • See Usage Rules:- WhatsApp tracking app monitors everything about one’s smartphone usage and sleeping habits.
  • Receive online notifications: – Track when someone signs up for WhatsApp and get real-time notifications about them.


AddSpy is an Android monitoring application that is specially created for parents and employers. This monitoring app helps you track the WhatsApp activities of your employees or kids in real-time. The AddSpy android monitoring app permits you to monitor several features, such as being fully hidden.


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