Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had someone with CA experience helping you through the process and advising you on how to best schedule your studies? Every CA student’s ambition is to find the proper CA Coaching Center that would guide them through each step, but you can make it a reality.


This post will inform you about the best CA Foundation Coaching Classes, CA Intermediate Coaching Classes, and CA Final Coaching Classes available.


Each of the students at KS Academy receives individual attention. One of the reasons KS ACADEMY is the best alternative for CA Coaching Classes in India is this. Find out what else you may receive by enrolling in KS ACADEMY training in Chennai.


Why Should You Enroll in KS ACADEMY’s CA Coaching Classes?

Current and former CA students see KS Academy as the most reliable institute. This institute has everything you’ll need to prepare for the CA exam. There are numerous reasons why joining KS ACADEMY is the finest decision you can make.


Best Faculties at KS ACADEMY

Some of the greatest CA faculty members teach at KS ACADEMY CA Coaching. You will have a subject specialist faculty for all of the CA Course papers. You can understand the topics well if you have the best faculties. Instead of simply memorizing the words, you develop mental clarity.


Teaches with ICAI Study Material

You will learn how to apply the ICAI study material and comprehend the rationale behind each topic in KS ACADEMY CA Coaching Classes. Most CA students find it difficult to grasp and learn ICAI study modules because they are written in a difficult language. KS ACADEMY lessons, on the other hand, make learning ICAI subjects easier for you. They don’t supply short notes prepared from ICAI material; instead, they show how to learn effectively from the ICAI material.


Continuous Record of Making Rank Holders

Many KS ACADEMY students score in the top 50 percentile on the CA tests. For the past many years, KS ACADEMY has provided the CA fraternity with a large number of toppers. KS ACADEMY pupils have risen to the top three spots in the rankings and have set new high-score records. Getting the appropriate advice will also help you perform at your best.


Although several CA Coaching Institutes administer mock tests, their test series are not particularly valuable to pupils. KS ACADEMY mock test papers, on the other hand, are really useful. For each batch of students, KS ACADEMY organizes six mock test series. Their test papers contain new questions ranging in difficulty from moderate to difficult and are based on the most recent exam pattern. How effectively you prepare for the tests will be determined by how well you perform on their papers.


Batch Size

Because the professors’ attention is divided, the size of the coaching class counts a lot. With a big batch size, you will have fewer opportunities to speak with faculty and clear your doubts, particularly in face-to-face classes. However, in online CA Coaching classes, this is not a huge issue.


Personalized guidance

The best part about KS ACADEMY is that it offers more than just CA Coaching Classes and Mock Exams. They provide each of their students with individualized guidance. It is a direct one-on-one conversation because individualized coaching is offered over the phone. Someone from the KS ACADEMY CA Coaching Centres will assist you in developing the best study plan and setting realistic goals.

Very Reasonable Fees

For many students, the cost of coaching classes is a critical consideration. The majority of CA Coaching centers charge exorbitant rates for their classes. However, in this case, KS Academy is the ideal option for you. Their fees are quite low and well worth the classes and coaching they provide in order to best prepare you for the CA exam.


Coaching Classes for all Levels

All three levels of the CA Course are covered by KS Academy’s coaching classes: Foundation, Intermediate, and Final. There are separate classes for students who speak English and Hindi. The classes are available in a variety of formats. In Chennai, there are face-to-face CA Coaching Classes.

If you don’t reside in Chennai and can’t get KS ACADEMY CA Coaching Classes in your area, you can receive them online or on Google drive. Their online classes are just as good as their in-person classes. They offer a separate platform for online classes, so you won’t have to worry about how the classes will be run or how you’ll contact the professors.



  1. How can I join KS ACADEMY Institute?

To learn more about the enrolling process, fill out the inquiry form on the KS Academy website (KS AcademyChennai.com) or call the number listed on their website.

  1. What is the CA Coaching Classes fees structure at KS ACADEMY?

Here is the fee structure:

CA Foundation Rs. 25,000

CA Intermediate Rs. 60,000 (both groups)

CA Final Rs. 85,000 (both groups)

  1. When are the next batches starting at KS Academy?

For details on the new batches, go to their website- ksacademy.com


In all aspects, KS Academy can be said to deliver the best CA coaching sessions for all levels. They satisfy all of the crucial criteria that you should examine before enrolling in a Course. You can pick and choose from the classes to suit your needs. Join KS Academy for the best supervision and to realize your full potential as a Chartered Accountant. Visit the KS ACADEMY website for additional information on how to get started at KS ACADEMY.


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