Which are the 10 best Microsoft Azure Cloud Certifications?

Which are the 10 best Microsoft Azure Cloud Certifications?

Cloud computing technology is growing faster and creating heaps of opportunities for aspirants. Many companies are moving ahead to take advantage of the cloud technology and adopt it to store their websites, data and run their businesses. Among many big names that have created their own cloud services for the public, Microsoft Azure is one of the well-known and leading cloud service providers, which has been assisting companies in acquiring the powerful realm of the cloud computing world.

If you wish to become a certified cloud developer, Microsoft Azure does have something for you. It has created a few certifications that will prepare individuals to form a stable and growing career in the field of cloud computing technology.

In 2022, the following are the top ten Microsoft Azure certifications.

Here is a list of some of the best Microsoft Azure certifications that are meant for developers, system administrators, and DevOps engineers, etc. Have a look at them and make a fine choice.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals:

Exam AZ-900 is the certification exam meant for beginners who are unaware of the Microsoft Azure services and would like to learn about the cloud concepts from the very basics.

Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals:

This is the exam AI-900 that is meant to teach you about the AI concepts and how to apply the AI solutions to get better results.

Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals:

It is termed as exam DP-900, and it is designed to teach the applicants the fundamentals of knowledge of managing databases and data analytics inside Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure Administrator:

This is taken as exam AZ-104 and is meant for intermediate people who own basic knowledge about the PowerShell command. This certification is designed to teach aspirants how to manage cloud services, including storage, security, and networking.

Microsoft Azure for developing solutions.

This certification is designed to teach aspirants how to design, build, and develop enterprise solutions on Azure cloud services.

Microsoft Azure Security Technologies:

This certification exam is called Exam AZ-500 and is meant to teach you security at the cloud level. In this certification, you will learn to implement security solutions and threat protection against the security vulnerabilities in applications.

Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate:

This exam is termed as Exam AI-100 and is known to train an individual to learn how to build an artificial intelligence solution for enterprises using the latest technological solutions such as machine learning and NLP applications.

Microsoft Azure Administering Relational Databases:

This DP-300 exam teaches the applicants the management and designing of relational databases using Microsoft SQL services as well as data services.

Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert:

This is an advanced certification named AZ-303 and is meant for people who are aware of the designing and implementation of a solution that runs on Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure implementation on Azure Data Solution:

This course named DP-200 is meant for the individuals who know how to implement data solutions using Azure SQL database and Synapse analytics. Check here for Azure Course in Delhi


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