Custom Cigar Boxes Wholesale
There are many different and unique designs for custom cigar boxes. Depending upon the type of cigar, you need to opt for the perfect packaging that will maintain their quality and flavor. Few options of the versatile design cigar boxes are:
Cellophane Cigar Boxes
Aluminum Foil Bundle Cigar Packaging
Pine flip Humidor cigar box
Wooden sliding lid cigar packaging box
Cardboard cigar boxes
898 tin Cigar boxes
Moisturizing Cigar Packaging box
Ceramic Jar Cigar Packaging
In a cellophane Custom Cigar Boxes Wholesale, around 25 cigars are wrap in a cellophane. This type of packaging is usually consider for short core handmade cigars and in some cases machine made cigars too. The Aluminum foil bundle cigar packaging is very rare now. This type of packaging is preferred for relatively strong and oily cigars. It is best to delay the fermentation process of the cigars so it can retain the flavor for longer duration. Pine flip humidor cigar boxes are the most commonly use cigar boxes. They can accommodate unto 25 cigars in a box and box surface is usually close with a label or sticker that indicates the brand of the cigar.

Article that is in your native tongue

The wooden sliding lid cigar boxes can accommodate up to 50 cigars. The cigars are supposed to be wrap in ribbons and are then place inside the box. The sliding lid adds a fancy touch while opening and closing the box. The cardboard custom cigar box is an ideal option for branding as they are perfect for digital and image-printing. These boxes are environmentally friendly and durable with a large number of densities. The 898 tin cigar boxes are similar to the pine clamshell boxes. The cigars are placed at a fixe position in this box and three layers accommodating 8 cigars in the first layer, 9 in the second layer and again 8 in the third layer. The Moisturizing Cigar packaging box is basically a humidifier that is use when the cigars are relatively large in size. The ceramic jar cigar packaging have a flip cover and they usually accommodate around 20 cigars or eventually they have 50 cigars in special packaging.

Material that speaks your language

It is a material of the product that decides its durability and reliability. While talking about custom cigar boxes, commonly used materials may include Cardboard and Kraft materials that are of different thickness and densities. All kinds of Eco-Friendly Kraft, Flute Corrugated material can also be use for cigar box packaging. Once your custom cigar box material is decide, you can add finishing with the glossy coating, matte coating, Aqueous Coating or Spot UV coating. You can further look into additional options that may include Custom Die-cut window, Gold foiling, Silver Foiling, Debossing, Embossing, Ribbon, PVC Sheet, Perforation, Raised Ink and even inserts.

Customization shows your hard-work

It is your product that makes your identity. With customize Cigarette Box packaging, you have a big margin to display your brand and brand identity. With customization, you can add logos on your cigar boxes, use your brand colors to reflect your brand. Not only the outside of the cigar boxes, you can also use the inside of the cigar boxes where you can get the instructions print and incase of cigars, you can also get the health hazardous warnings print. You can also add-on stickers or labels that show the warning, your brand name or even your logo.

Let the show begin

Once you have decide the design, Material, dimension, add-ons and color scheme for your cigar boxes, ring us for the sample preparation as per your need and wants. You can also have a free consultation with our designers if you want suggestions or ideas with your cigar box packaging’s. So what are you waiting for ??
Pick up your phone and call us and let the show begin !! let the sales spike and hit the market .


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