walking canes for men
walking canes for men

Even though many people acknowledge the color of chestnut or ash wood, they are less likely to be aware of its other characteristics. Walking sticks have indeed been fashioned from a variety of woods throughout the centuries, but which is truly the best?

Let’s learn about it before you opt for walking canes for men.


Another Africa export, Zebrano wood, is an example of a one-of-a-kind premium wood style. Zebrano is defined by its rich texture & streaks of deep cocoa to black tones that mix well with the colorful wood. Zebrano is a daring statement item that is ideal for enhancing an outgoing attitude. Zebrano walking canes for men are ideal if you need something to fit your active lifestyle.


Wenge wood is distinguished by its dark color & texture. Wenge is the wood that really is nearest in color to ebony & is often available for around a third of the price. This imported wood is sourced from the African MillettiaLaurentii legume tree & is highly sought after due to its distinct qualities. Wenge is regarded for its unrivaled durability & is a fantastic choice for the walking stick if you want something that is as strong as it is fashionable.


Ash is a typical wood used in the manufacture of baseball bats & is a mainstay of American woodworking. This wood type is distinguished by its prominent black grain & rich tones. Ash is also excellent for staining & may be bought in a variety of bright hues. Ash walking canes for women are ideal if you want a sophisticated look with a bright twist!


Consider ebony to be the Range Rover of the wood realm. Ebony is an exotic wood native to East Africa that is known for its very dark color. Real ebony is the deepest wood obtainable, almost indistinguishable from pure black. The fine, straight grain of ebony gives it’s surface a smooth & beautiful appearance. If you want to show off an excellent walking stick that will draw attention & appreciation wherever you go, ebony is the choice for you!


Before opting for walking canes for women, know that the giant oak is a sign of power & wisdom, & it has been tied to legendary figures like Zeus, the Greek pantheon’s deity of the sky. Oak is favored among American woodworkers since it is natural to the northern hemisphere. This wood’s thick grain frequently shows in tight, forceful bands that provide an appearance of dominance to the deep oak tone. If you want to enhance your regal attitude, an oak walking stick is the right partner for you.


Beechwood is well-known for having a silky& smooth look. Because the pattern of beechwood is so straight & fine, many beechwood things appear to be one uniform color. As a result, beechwood is ideal for lending a neutral accent to any ensemble. Beechwood is traditionally available in solid black & caramel brown hues. A beechwood walking stick is a flexible item that can be used with a variety of outfits.


Cocobolo wood is a South American exotic import. Cocobolo has a unique naturally occurring crimson tone that is not found in any other wood. Cocobolo has a distinct aesthetic appeal because of its scarlet tint, & it is a popular choice among collectors worldwide. If you want to add a touch of sophistication to your everyday style, a cocobolo walking stick is a way to go.


The “ideal” wood for a walking cane is a matter of personal preference. Each variety has a distinct appearance & set of characteristics. We hope this guide is helpful & you will face no further issues while choosing your favorite stick.








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