smd screens
smd screens

The dynamic display has many advantages. We mainly think of the gain of invisibility, the possibility of multiplying the displays, and the use of animated formats.

The advertising sector has also taken advantage of this tool. We see it all the more outdoors to modernize existing display solutions. The outdoor dynamic display has therefore become an increasingly present communication tool and the presence of advertising screens is growing.

However, it is interesting why bet on these solutions. Above all, who are the professionals concerned by the advantages of outdoor advertising dynamic display?


Outdoor advertising includes many tools including advertising screens. We are also thinking of 4/3 stand panels, illuminated newspapers, or street furniture. An advertising sector that has continued to grow for years. Indeed in 2019 according to the latest unified barometer of the advertising market, the advertising display sector still grew by 3.6%.

It is also one of the only advertising sectors to experience growth of more than 2. This is due in particular to the boom in dynamic display advertising, which increased by 20.5%. Mainly, because outdoor communication attracts all sectors, including the big digital ones. Indeed, it is common to see external advertising for Google, Netflix, or Amazon.

Outdoor advertising is attractive to advertisers because the messages are visible to everyone. It allows a single location to reach a very large number of people. Moreover, it cannot be avoided.

Indeed, on the outside, there is no adblocker or the ability to zap. In addition, outdoor communication above all makes it possible to play a very effective relay in a multi-channel communication strategy. Indeed, a study conducted by Nielsen and found that 46% of respondents searched online after seeing an outdoor advertisement.

Similarly, the study conducted by Russ Outdoor and Ikea had also demonstrated a 124% increase in new visitors. (i.e. more than double) following a campaign on the advertising screen. Outdoor advertising, therefore, has many advantages in terms of communication. Visibility to the greatest number translates into concrete actions on the commercial level.


Outdoor advertising has therefore proven itself in terms of communication. This is all the more true with advertising screens. Indeed, thanks to their brighter colors and dynamism, they better capture the eye. Tools which are also better appreciated by passers-by and which therefore overshadow the static display.

An advertising SMD Screens allows the business to seek out the customer further. Thus, we can create a first contact with the person from the public highway. In addition, thanks to the animated and video format, it allows businesses to communicate differently and with more complex messages.

So many elements that allow businesses to make their offers more visible and more attractive. Indeed, the viewer tends to transpose his attraction to the screen on the brand presented. Thus, commerce can benefit from the positive image and modernity of the screen.


On the other side of the screen, on the management side, this attraction for dynamic advertising displays is also beneficial. Indeed, if on paper the investment for a screen is more substantial, it is above all much more profitable.

This is mainly explained by the possibility of multiplication of advertisers. Indeed on a screen, it is possible to display 6 – 8 – 10 advertisers whereas in static, it is limited to 1 or even 3 for a drop-down panel. In addition, in general, the sale of communication space on-screen generally costs more.

Thus, for a digital signage solution that is more expensive to purchase, it is not uncommon for it to pay for itself from the first month. Indeed, in general, advertising screens are financed through financial leasing.

This means the screen owner pays rent every month to benefit from their screen. In return, he also receives rent from his advertisers for appearing on the screen. Generally depending on the geographic sector, from 3 or 4 advertisers, the screen is profitable and generates profits for the owner.

Dynamic display advertising a win-win relationship

A street is therefore a favorite place for communication. Outdoor advertising displays can reach a very large number of people. It is one of the most buoyant advertising sectors for both advertisers and managers.

This is all the more true for advertising screens which, in addition to offering better visibility, ensure better profitability. The advantage is that any natural or legal person can manage an advertising screen. Admittedly, there are professional boards that are dedicated to this business, but traders or freelancers can also invest in a screen.

At Winlight, we are experts in digital signage and carry out giant screen projects for professionals. We support professionals in setting up their outdoor dynamic display projects on advertising screens.

For this, we produce and install the giant LED screen dedicated to outdoor communication. We also provide the piloting software to manage several displays and therefore several advertisers. Finally, we advise the professional in setting up his space marketing project.

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